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Trucking and Dating - my story

 Derrick, my new beau and I are good. I’ve been introduced to his brother. I spend a week at my place in LA, hustling and weekends with Derrick, chilling. This is what usually happens at his place...

I cross my fingers that I’ll find street parking outside his place; which I always do! This is after knocking on wood that I don’t spend too long in traffic cos Friday evenings! I usually share my location with him when I head out so that he has an idea how far I am without him having to keep asking. He cooks during the hour that it takes me to drive to his. Park, look myself in the mirror one last time, no boogers? Nothing stuck in between my teeth? Good as gold! Walk up the stairs, try to ding dong, half the time, It doesn’t work cos I don’t push hard enough. Hey babe! Let’s eat, I’m starving!  Is what he usually says. Eat! Something freaking delicious.

This was actually the day I got dumped in the parking lot
Check out two blogs back or so for that story. 

Yummy dinner, I do the dishes after. Derrick prefers, to rinse them and then throw in the dishwasher. I just wash them and Put the away. What’s a couple of dishes? He usually uses the grill, so, no pots for the most part. 

Typical dinner. Great quality meat and veggies. I’m neither here nor there with vegetables lately, so I’ll have a bit but I’m here for the meat!

Immediately, after dinner, couch and pass out in front of the TV. He’ll wake me up when it’s time for bed, of course he’d have woken up from passing out too first. Wake up in the morning, TV, breakfast. 

His Breakfast: crispy bacon, runny egg and pancakes drenched in syrup. 

I always sample his food cos it looks so darn good next to mine AND he almost always leaves leftovers. 
My breakfast and just to show you how runny the eggs are. 

After breakfast, dishes, couch and pass put in front of TV, shower, errands, lunch, pass out, rinse, repeat. I love every minute of it! 

How do you like your eggs? 

All my stuff was ready for me to apply to trucking companies. I opted for ones that offer commercial driver license classes. Also known as CDL. or class A. The application process is depicted in the video below. Press play! 
I’m smiling in the thumbnail but the process was nothing to smile about!

Having fallen asleep on Derrick’s couch, I happened to have woken up long enough to go online and fill out the application. It was a long one. That’s what SHE said! D was out! Like a light! Next step was for the company to give me a call. I selected the option for them to call me in 48 hours as I was a guest in someone’s home for the weekend. 

I heard back from them. The lady recruiter was nice but It was only the beginning of an arduous process. I pretty much was never to get hold of her again. Only when she called me. Even though she had given me her direct number In case I had any questions. Good luck with that! Is what she should’ve told me! 

My Immigration status played a bit of a role in the process. 
More on that in this video. Press play!
Nice and tired after a walk around South Pasadena

Lots of patience were required in the beginning stages. Luckily, I have them in truck loads. Pun intended. 

My new friend from one of the gigs I did and I would talk daily on the phone. Turns out, her ex husband used to be a truck driver and she lived on the road with him. That was very exciting for me to hear as I don’t know any truckers in person. I mean, my former tenant’s husband was a long haul trucker, South Africa to Zimbabwe route but I never met them! 

My then friend tried to explain how they managed surviving without an apartment and how they would crash at family’s homes when on her husband’s off days. I couldn’t wrap this concept around my head. Probably because I’ve no family here in The States? I mean! I can’t exactly fly to South Africa whenever I’m off for a few days! 

I was excited about trucking, I started setting aside things I Thought I’d need on the road or over the road as they say: OTR. I made a long checklist as well and stuck it on the fridge. 

Recruiting told me that I had an option to stay in a hotel close to the driving school for the few weeks it would take or I could drive to the school from home. The company has a shuttle that delivers students from the hotel and back. I’d have female roommate. 

Here’s more on my trucking journey. Here, I was figuring out whether to stay at the company hotel or travel from home. Again, friends! Press play!

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