Thursday, July 16, 2020

When We Kiss Ooh, Fire!

The Jury is back! Clearly, Mr Film came across as a decent guy to you guys than he did to me! My bad! I don't claim to know everything, especially when it comes to relationships. That's one field I could definitely use some education in. All kind of relationships: Friendships  included.

Now, to continue with the other guy, the 'normal' one. We settled on Derrick as his name, right? I think so! We had not spoken on the phone yet  but because we were about to meet up,  I asked to Facetime. Rick  (short for Derrick) luckily, had an iPhone too, so we got on Facetime before our meeting. He looked better on video. I literally blurted out, 'you're so pretty!' Haha! To which, he replied,
 "Thanks!" He was sitting on a grey couch in his living room, by a large window, so, good lighting was in his favor. I asked for a tour, seeing as he was at home. He immediately got up and flipped the camera over. The place looked so clean for someone who was doing an impromptu tour. I don't know if I would've been that welcoming in his shoes! Even his bed was made! He told me that that wasn't always the case, I got lucky. He was about an hour's drive away from me. He asked if I had a preference of where I wanted to do dinner. I was so glad he asked. I had talked to a guy online, nothing came of that, he did all the talking about himself, the whole time. Nothing to blog about. In his monologue, he mentioned Irish dishes that he liked. It was around St Patrick's day (Irish holiday). I had never had Irish food, so I looked up the dishes and made a mental note that I'd like to try the cuisine. When Derrick asked where I wanted to eat, I, without hesitation, told him, I wanted Irish food. There was an Irish restaurant / pub up the street from my place. He told me he was gonna get ready and come out. Rick's job was halfway between my place and his. I was surprised he went home after work, knowing we were going to meet up that evening. When I brought it up, he told me that he needed to freshen up. OK! You're still wearing the same clothes you wore all day at work, but sure! I don't know this guy! I don't know what freshening up means to him!

At least, he was willing to drive all the way and didn't ask me to meet him halfway, like our Filmmaker friend. I was only a few blocks away from the restaurant, so I figured, I could afford to take a 30 minute nap. I overslept! Rick calls me from the restaurant and that's what woke me up! I guess I slept right through my alarm! You know when you get a call and you're not supposed to be sleeping, so you try to sound wide awake? That was me! It didn't work! I told him I'd right there! He had never been in that area, so he had to figure out where in the heck to park and staff like that. I got up, brushed teeth, freshened up! My kind of freshening up! Not Ricks! Then, sped off a few blocks up Fremont Avenue.

I get there, lots of no parking, unless permit, exception, blah blah blah! Bunch of street signs stacked up. I usually avoid those, cos, it's a trap! I found a spot, parallel parked and semi-ran towards the restaurant. He came out to meet me. Thank goodness, cos I was about to walk into the wrong place. This is the story of my life! Getting lost, is.

He looked nice in all blue. He had glasses on. Something about his energy, that immediately made me comfortable. I apologized profusely for being so late. He told me it was fine, he was busy with work on the phone. We walked into the restaurant. It was different. Wood and dimly lit. Live Irish music performance. Rick was not feeling the music, I didn't mind it. It was something different. He ordered a beer. To me, it sounded like he was saying 'A Salad'. When, in fact, he was saying, 'a Stella'. You know me, I'm not well versed in alcohol. I probably had a water (that's American for water, we, British English folks don't do the 'a'). I had salmon dish, he had corn beef sliders. Turns out he grew up salmon fishing and he's all salmoned out. It you can imagine that! I liked when he said, "You should try my food, you'd like it" He didn't have to ask me twice! And I did like it. When he said that, it was as if he knows me and my taste.

This guy, Derrick, is different from my usual type, as I may have mentioned before. He's not as tall, he's eyes are light, but not blue. They're hazel, so they change color with whatever he has on. They were blue that night. He has a normal job as a manager some place. He seemed good, on paper. He was divorced, had been married for a while. He was several years older than me. Not that much, cos, mama ain't a spring chicken either! I feel like at my age, a lot of us are divorces. I had a jumpsuit on, first time wearing it. And new gladiator sandals. Pictures will follow. The sandals were flat, cos I wasn't gonna show up, all taller than nobody on a first date. People aren't super honest about their height and other details. I wanted to see for myself in person, and take it from there. No pun intended.

How was the date? It was great! I wish I could pin point my favorite thing about my first date with Rick that made me want to see him again, but I couldn't. The vibe was great. He stuttered a little in the beginning, which was so endearing, cos it showed that he was nervous. Couple of those Stella Salads and he was good to go! Also, I don't know if it was nerves, but I sat next to the window and he came and sat on my side of the table. Nobody had ever did that on a date before but I liked it. I'm here for anything different! I've been on so many first dates, it's hard to surprise me! Just kidding! It's not! These mutha fckers will shock the fck outta ya, out here in these streets!

We talked about all kinds of things. One of my take aways was that, he loves his family. Calvin, my ex husband, was the same way. I can appreciate that as someone who has no family around. AT ALL! And I happen to love mine as well. We kissed. It was electric! One of the better kisses I've ever had! I wanted more! And more! And more! And then he kissed me in the forehead! He gently pulled my with two fingers by the chin and gave me a peck on the forehead. So heartwarming. I am all smiles just re-living those moments. One of my favorite memories!

He turned out to be laugh-out-loud funny! After dinner, he walked me to my car, well, we walked to his car, hung out a little bit there, cos, I don't know! I wanted some gum and he kept it in his car? Or something haha! Luckily, my car had recently gotten a wash. My car can be busted, yall! It looked great that night! Good night, good night! More kisses! Text me when you get home!

He drove off and I followed. I literally drove behind him until I got home. Kinda! He drove much faster than me. I texted him, that he just passed my house! Anywho! a few minutes later, he was at home. He must've flown there!

One of the many jobs I held at the time was as a server in a sporting event at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. This was only a ten minute drive from my place. A friend had hooked me up with this job. Something, I am very grateful for! It was an easy gig, show up in black, they give you a hat and apron. You pick a stall and serve people who form a line toward you. You don't have to go to the table and kiss ass.

I know most of the folks I worked with from the TV Shoots I worked in. It was a super chill environment. USC vs UCLA. Two of the biggest colleges, especially in Los Angeles. Football, which I know nothing about. Alumni of these colleges from forever ago, would show up in their gear and watch the games. The fun atmosphere was contagious. Always a live band. We got free lunch. Typical Superbowl food: Burgers, sausages, chicken pieces, snacks, the works.

Booze was flowing, so, people were extra friendly, for the most part. We did this job like SAturdays, I think.They had regulars. I remember this one guy, with really great hair. He used to flirt with me. I was just like, here we go! These obviously educated folks flirting with me. Bring it on! I mean, they went to these colleges, so! I enjoyed seeing them meet up for the first time since 1978. I be like, gosh! this is so awesome! This guy, I've no idea what is name is, would find me! It wasn't hard, we only had two settings! One time, he hadn't seen me for a while and he grabbed me and picked me all the way up! I was just like, Whoa! First of all, you're strong! It felt nice, I'm not gonna lie!

On our first day with Derrick, in Pasadena,  there were a bunch of guys at the bar, drinking. The place was dark, and I don't know anyone, in life, so, I'm not walking around thinking, what if I saw someone I know?

I may have gone to the restroom once or twice! One of those times, I found my price tag still attached to my jumpsuit! Great! I say all this to say! I'm back at the Rose Bowl Stadium gig. My silver fox shows up. I hadn't seen him in forever. I was so excited. I signaled for my coworker to tell him to look my way. He did and gave me the coldest shoulder. I was so confused! What? During my break, I saw him with his friends, I went over there and was like, what's going on? You're mad at me? He told me he was mad at me cos I was kissing other men! He went on and on! The only man I had kissed was Derrick. I wonder if he were one of the man at the bar that night. All this is happening within the city of Pasadena, maybe he lives there. Who knows? Anyway, I felt bad that my flirt buddy was jealous and mad at me, but I mean, we didn't even know each other's names.

Around the same time, while at the stadium, I got a text from... drum roll please! The one who sucked my toes! Freaking Ohio dude! The prodigal son! Martin! This was like 6 months after my week with him in Ohio. He sends me a text like we just chatted that morning. What would you have done? Would you have replied? If so, what would you have said?

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