Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Who the fuck is Babe?

 Ohio dude  texts me as I’m at work. I was also on cloud nine since my successful date with our new friend, Derrick. It was the last person I expected to hear from after six months of no contact. I’d even been on other dates AND non dates  Ohio, aka Martin had a nickname for me. Eye roll please! He used that nickname and In the text,  asked how I had been. I might have thrown up in my mouth...
even just a little! 

I remember telling the story of Mr. Toe Sucker to a coworker, bringing her up to speed with how we got to the text. Coworker was like, that’s how men are! They can smell when you’ve moved on with someone else! Do you agree? 

Back to work! Still in black at The Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena. Sometimes I’d head straight to Hollywood from Rose Bowl to work on a TV show. Quick change in the trunk of my car. Once, I went from Rose Bowl to do the same serving job in a different location, by Exhibition park? Same tailgating gig, different Universities, same boss. 

Oh, the life of a hustler!

Derrick came by for date 2. We went to a wing place. I wasn’t hungry. He wasn’t hungry. I remember, I was booked for a show at Universal studios. I got all done up and rushed to their crazy parking. They didn’t need all of us, so, I got paid the minimum, made a U-turn and headed back to My place. You don’t wanna be standing there overthinking these things, lest you end up stuck in traffic on your way home. Funny thing about that day was at while we were waiting in line for the show, there was a lady they weren’t going to let in because she didn’t follow the dress code. She asked a random guy if she could borrow his jacket. He was kind enough to let her. I could see the hesitation in his body language but he succumbed. Few minutes later, they picked him to get into the show. The lady with his sweater didn’t get in. She ended up leaving with his sweater. The plan was just to pass the ‘dress code police’ and then take off his sweater and hand it back to him. Alas! That was not to be. I thought to myself, wherever that guy is, he’s kicking himself for not following his heart. Cos I could tell his first instinct was not to give the lady the sweater. Good thing, that was not my problem. 

I beat traffic and changed over to my around the house outfit. Derrick contacted me. He ended up asking to take me Out. When we were at the wing place and he sat strategically facing the TV, I knew why ‘we’ picked that spot. I Had a glass of water. He had wings, a beer and a phone call from work. He was showing me something on his phone when I saw someone listed as BABE on his phone next to Brook. I was like, who the fck is babe? I was half kidding and half not. You know how it goes! He told me that was his ex wife. He immediately changed her from Babe to her first name. 

I wanna say that was awkward as I didn’t want to know her first name but I may have already known it! You meet online, you do a background check. Thank you very much! You’re welcome! 

We made out. It felt nice. He drove home. 

I saw him again the following weekend. The wing night was during the week. We went to the movies Over the weekend. The Movie date was his idea. I narrowed it down to two movies: Freddy Mercury vs The Star is Born. The former won. Have you guys seen it? How did you like it? I know it was a minute ago. Bear with me. I’m trying to catch u up with what’s been going on. 

We pretty much spent every weekend together, Derrick and I. He’s hilarious, like, laugh out loud funny, intelligent, one of the smartest men I’ve met, And a great cook. If you’ve followed my story, you know I’m very lucky to Meet men who are great cooks. Rick was no different. Thank you stars!

We met in October, Holiday season was looming. I did not know how to feel about that. May have been too soon to expect to spend the holidays together. December was our  Second  month dating, now what? Derrick has a group of friends, they are about a dozen of them. They don’t hang out often, but every once a month or once in two months they will go do manly things out of town. They take their campers, or RVs with them. I remember FaceTime in with Derrick  when he was on one of these trips. He may have been a little tipsy. Or a little more than a little! He was telling me how I should’ve been there with him. I’m not gonna lie, it was nice to hear. It feels good to be wanted. He went on several trips with his guys thereafter and didn’t invite me. These aren’t guy’s trips, all the other guys take their wives with them. Rick would tell me. He would also send me photos during the trips. Then again, probably too soon for me to be invited. I don’t know. I was OK either way. 

Sidebar: Derek had bought a bunch of candy for Halloween. Apparently no children knocked on his door on that night. Guess who ate all that candy over the next year? There goes my diet! Sidebar: Derek had bought a bunch of candy for Halloween. Apparently no children knocked on his door on that night. Guess who ate all that candy over time? There goes my diet! 

Christmas time! Rick‘s family lives in the next state over. He packed his shit and he told me that he was going to spend Christmas with his parents. I love that he loves his family. Especially his parents. I told him to bring me something from where his parents live. One of the funniest things he ever said was when He called me from his parents house. I remember asking him what he was going to bring me. He told me He was staying at his parents. Did I want him to steal something from his mom? What do you want, he has asked. A fork? A knife? I said, a coffee mug, duh! The thing about that was that, it was hilarious but not really cos. He didn’t stay in the house the whole time  He did a bunch of activities in town. I like gifts. I like to receive sht. I guess u could say receiving  AND giving gifts is my love language. I can’t be that person who never gets sht. That would make me resentful. 

Granted, I had planned to be with Rick for no more than a year. I needed a place holder. I kinda didn’t wanna be alone but I wasn’t really ready for my forever guy. He was the perfect guy To have a temporary relationship with. This is why I was ok going for someone who wasn’t physically my type. He wasn’t going to be my husband, so, no tripping. 

This wasn’t a conversation we sat down and had but I’ve a feeling there was a mutual understanding. 

I remember being in my feelings while he was out of town. I told him that that was my first Christmas I was alone in a long time. I found his response insensitive when he told me that he spent many holidays alone! As if to toughen up  i thought to myself. This guy would never be the love of my love with this mean streak! 

Because he was out of town for xmas, I didn’t bother getting him anything. Thank goodness. He was in town for New year’s. We spent that holiday together. That was nice. He also gave me a very thoughtful Christmas gift. I was like oh sht. I didn’t you anything! He told me not to worry. I had to worry though. I got him Reebok flip flops. Those things are still sitting in his closet with price tags on. He never wore them once. When I asked why, he told me that they’re not comfy. Haha. But he also didn’t want me to return them! Go figure!

I enjoyed hanging out with this guy. It was much like my time with Charlie from Vegas. Both guys can just sit and watch TV and hang in the house forever. I’m into that. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and doing sht too. But I can appreciate someone who doesn’t always need a lot going on around them. Feel me? 

Cut to: Valentine’s day! Again, we didn’t sit down and plan what we were going to do together or apart. I got a box of See’s lollipops that weekend before valentine’s. I didn’t put two and two together. But I put the lollipops in my mouth. No pun intended. Those things are addictive! Some of the best candy I’ve ever had! I’m thinking of getting myself a box for Christmas this year. Let me know if you’ve had them and what you think of them. We also went out to a nice restaurant and ate really expensive sht that weekend. I only realized when I was telling my sister what I’d bn up to that that was a valentine’s dinner. I’m like no sht! I’d no idea! Also I don’t know holiday dates! I felt a little special when my sister put two and two together. 

Not long after Valentine’s day, all hell broke loose....

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