Wednesday, October 28, 2020

All Hell Broke loose!

I feel drained just thinking about this incident. I’m like should I even tell this story... Here goes nothing !

Let’s see! Where do I begin? Derrick and I run errands together a lot! He has his regular grocery store that he goes to. And I going there with him, because they sell everything from clothes to food and I recently find out that they sell cars as well. When we can we were in the store. He grabbed a bunch of random things and threw them in the cart. It was all things that he was buying for himself. I threw in a pack of socks for him to buy for me. That sucks could not have been more than $10 for an entire pack of perhaps 405. He told me that I didn’t need socks and took them out of the cards. That was awkward! He continued to be his playful, fun, jovial self. Of course he was! He was not the one that was weird it out. And also, the fact that he just did something underhanded like that and was able to shift to being fun and funny weirded me out even more. I wanted to be that easy-going, fun girl. But at the same time, I wanted to address the weirdness. So that you don’t take me for granted, and treat me like a complete idiot!As we are wondering about in the isles, I brought up the socks issue with him. I told him actually really one of the socks. He told me that I have everything I need I definitely do not need my socks. Just don’t know me like that! It’s just convenient for him for me not to need anything else so that he doesn’t spend eight dollars on me. God for bid, right? He would always tell me when he has had one or two drinks, that he’s very tightly wound. Meaning, that he’s stingy. who likes a stingy guy?

To cut a long story short, we eventually left the store not haven’t gotten the socks for me. Where I come from with regards to this whole thing is that, when you’re out shopping with your guy, or your girl, and you’re  buying a bunch of things, you ask them out, of courtesy if they need anything. Or you grab something small for them. Nobody wants to be treated like they don’t exist. It’s even worse when the person is trying to teach you how to treat them and you take that lesson right out of the cart can you put it back in the shelf! What are we doing here folks?

Rick and I joke around a lot there’s a lot of laughter. There’s also a lot of sarcasm and I are rolling right in front of the other person. We spent the rest of the weekend at his place. Every chance I got I would bring up the socks incident in a sarcastic manner. This may sound like overkill, maybe it was. Oh well! 

At some point Rick in his garage and he found something that he needed to return to the sock store. He asked me if I wanted to go along. I always do! When we got inside the store he took me straight to the sock aisle and he told me to take the goddamn socks! That’s not how you what it is, but I can’t imagine that’s how he felt inside. Understand, $10 is not even the minimum wage in California. I could’ve totally afford of those socks myself. But that was not the point. Instead of going to the same socks  That has bad juju from previously. I decided to take something even better; a two pair pack of yummy tummy opaque stockings. Yummy tummy is a brand by the lady named Heather Thompson who is a former reality TV show star. She was on the real housewives of New York. I was excited to see some thing from her that was so affordable and some thing that I needed. Of course, when I did grab those, Rick was like, I TOLD YOU, you didn’t really want those socks! I laughed out loud. He was so happy to have been proven right by me not buying the same pack as previous. Whatevz! He paid for the yummies! Everyone waa happy. 

I say all this as a precursor to what happens after Valentine’s Day. All these incidences are not happening week after week mind you! A lot of fun stuff happens in between. One time I mentioned that I love a good pen.  I’m a bit of a collector of pens. Rick told me that they have company pens at his job. He promised to bring me some from his office. Please note! I did not ask him for a pen. One weekend I’m at his place. We’re going to run errands. I was parked next to his car. We get into his car, I see a few pens where there were no pens before. I utter, oh cool, u remembered to bring me pens fro work! (Or something to that effect). Dude! I should not have even! Rick lost his fucking shit! He was just like! REALLY? You are relentless! You always want something! Blah blah blah! I was like, I never asked u for pens. You are the one who promised me out of the blue. He denied that. I was like, listen if you wanna take that promise back, it’s fine with me. Like, we don’t need to have a blow up over pens. I have more than a hundred pens. I’m good! He was so angry, I felt like I was back in my nightmare of a marriage. Getting yelled at for no apparent reason and being trapped in a small space where you can’t get out. I tell ya, I was shooken! So to speak! I was just like I’m Kinda bothered that you’re going off over this and you’re the one who promised and now you’re denying it. I‘Ve a real problem with you denying something you said because I know you have a very good memory. Rick is not just intelligent, he pretty much has a photographic memory. 

He went on to tell me that If I think I’m gonna keep making him buy me stuff, I’ve got the wrong guy. I was like, dude! It costs more for me in gas money to drive to your place to spend the weekend with you than it does for you to buy me a pair of socks one in 4 months! I offered to give him back his fcking ten dollars. Like, don’t insult me! Are you really telling me that we’re going to be in a relationship and you will never do anything for me? What the fck is that? What are you really angry about? 

He had started the car at this point. We had left the parking lot   . We only got to the light by the parking lot and this N word had worked himself up so much, he made a quick turn right back into the parking lot. It was such a Calvin moment, I couldn’t believe my luck. This guy just got mad all by himself and worked his own self all the way up to the point where I was getting kicked out of the car. The thing with me, I have a bit of  delayed reaction. So, when someone springs a fight upon me out of nowhere, I get completely thrown off. I’m not quick on my feet when it comes to arguing. I’d rather not argue at all. For freaking what? This dude was telling me, “you know what? It’s done! I’m done”  I was like, are you breaking up with me right now? What is going on? Are you really dumping me in a parking lot like trash over pens? I said, do you see how this is proving my point? I had told him that for me, someone treating me every now and then, shows that they care about me. I wasn’t really sure if he did or how much, that’s why I went as far as I did. With $10 socks, mind u. It was kinda like a test. For him to dump me over that goes to show what he thinks of me. He told me that I was wrong. He cared about me blah blah blah. I’m like then why r u kicking me out of your car in a fcking parking lot. He had gone as far as to say that I should get my shit from his apartment blah blah blah. Like, that’s not shit? Why u so mad? Dude! I was so confused! This guy’s personality is so mellow! He’s so easy going. A little passive aggressive here and there but this was like whoa! 

I told him that I was going to get out of his car and he would never hear from me again but I would appreciate if he would tell me what exactly got him so worked up! It can’t be the pens or socks. I was like if you’re sure that breaking up at this point is what you want, sure! Your wish is my command!

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  1. Omg! This guy clearly this isn’t about socks. He sounds like he’s got demons from the past. There’s got to be more to his drama than meet’s the eye.

    1. Has to be!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one with feeling! It’s really important not to take our past issues with us to the next relationship, lest we lose something with great potential. Then again, easier said...
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I can't believe that he just worked himself over $10 socks really

    1. I found that hard to believe too. It seemed like there was more to it that he had been bottling up.
      Thanks for reading