Sunday, November 01, 2020

Meeting Simon Cowell in Person

On the set of The Real. Fun show to be at! 

America’s got talent. This filmed very close to my place. I went there a few times. 

My first time at America’s got talent, I Was sitting in the back. We were booked last minute. I remember I sat next to a lady who was eating almond flour bread that she had made her self. It looked like real white bread  Nuff about that! 
While we were settling in, getting ready for show time, in walks Simon Cowell! Whoa! Stop the presses! First thing on my mind, I gotta meet him! I gotta talk to him! My sister, Pumla of Pumlasfood loves her some Simon Cowell. I had to tell him that. For HER! This is a big deal! It needs to get done. TONIGHT! But! But but but! Simon came out with security. They weren’t trying to let anybody near him. Like that’s ever stopped me before, haha! I remember being in an event where the Parlotones, a South African Rock Band, was performing. I was so obsessed with them (still am!). At the end of their performance, I was going to get them Kahn, the lead, sign my CD. The stage was blocked and they had security. security made a mistake of blinking, I ran past them in a dress and heels like you won’t believe. Glen Hodgson, one of the band members was still on stage, I hollered at him. He was Nice enough to pay me attention. He took my cd to the back and got Kahn to sign it for me. Big deal! Day made!  
Now back to AGT, as they fondly call Simon’s show! 

Simon was so nice, he had come out to greet us all and to welcome us to the show. Not ever host does that. Trust me, I’ve worked on these shows for years! I’m sitting in the back thinking, how can I worm myself to him undetected? That’s all that was on my mind. Eventually, he was about to go through the curtains back to the stage. Oh man! My heart started pounding. Simon shook hands with a few folks that were right where he stood. This is your chance, Brookie! I flew from where I stood, which was in between peopleC in between rows, just not the easiest spot. Yup! I was that annoying person! I had forewarned the Almond bread lady that I was going to try this whole thing out. 
Simon! Hi! I’m Brook from South Africa. My sister is in love with you! Simon stood there like he had come out specifically to talk to me! This man has the best aura! He gave me his undivided attention like there was nobody else in the room! He had TV make up on and his hand was so soft when he shook mine. 
I tell you, I couldn’t wait to tell My sister, Pru, about this. I called her in the middle of the night, South African time. 
I’m like, this is urgent. I know you’re asleep but don’t worry. This’ll wake you up! 
Those little incidents really make my day and keep life exciting for me. 

Have you met any celebrities? If so, whom? Tell me about it in the comments section. I’d love to hear about it. 

Me, in Uniform from the tailgating gig. Uniform because they wanted us in all black but it’s my clothes. Thanks to my eBay store, I could always find whatever wardrobe was needed for whichever gig. 

When I got famous on Snapchat. Thanks to my serving / waitressing job at Rose Bowl. Press play above. 

One of my fave pics. I was off to the gym. I’d started as a new year’s resolution. I must’ve gone every single day. I this pic, I had fun plum tights that are see through on the sides and new Nike sneakers. 

Date night! Feeling super confident and showing skin in tights and Puma sports bra. Off to Derrick’s for the weekend. I thought I looked great. I don’t know what he thought. He never pays me compliments. 

The above goofy photo was taken just after I had dental work done. My mouth was numb, haha! That’s what it looked like tightly closed. 
Press play below for that trip. 
More on the dentist below. 


One of my new year’s resolutions was finding a permanent part time job to supplement my acting income. I applied everywhere! For months! And I even had a temp agency. 

  Below is how that went press play! 
Thanks for making those earrings for me, sis! 

I even applied for a job at the 99 cents store! It was in the next suburb over. No more than a 5 minute walk. They were hiring, I was looking. This could be a great marriage! I filled out the forms, dropped my resume, the whole shebang. The manager called me for an interview. I was excited. Why wouldn’t the 99 cents store hire me! Come on! It’s the ninety nine freaking store! We talked about schedule, I was flexible (still am! Wink wink). They had night duty and all that. I just needed 3 days per week there and the rest to pursue the Entertainment industry. Things were looking up! 

I dresses for the interview, put on perfume. I always wear perfume. Even at home! I drove the one or two minutes there. Of course this was before we talked about all the things I mentioned above. Manager told me that it’s pretty much a done deal. What they care about is staff who is reliable. They have a problem of people not showing up etc. I was like you don’t have to worry about me. I live around the corner and I’m grown. He told me to await the contract, sign it and I will get started. 

The contract never came!

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