Friday, November 20, 2020

Becoming a Long Haul Trucker

A lot to think about regarding this new
career in trucking! Should I move into the hotel? My apartment being an hour's drive from the school and the hotel, only ten minutes, was somewhat of a deciding factor. Sharing a room, period, let alone with a stranger, didn’t seem that exciting. Don’t get me wrong,
I’ve had roommates before and even a whole husband. I’ve also gone through the same experience of rooming with a stranger in a hotel when I first arrived in Eastern Europe, Georgia, to each English. My boo, Derrick, when I brought this issue up with him; mentioned that Seeing as I’d already paid rent for that month, why not stay at my apartment and get my money’s worth. Great point! By the way, Derrick lives ten minutes drive from the Trucking school! That was an interesting dynamic that made me think a little, you know? About he and I as a couple. I feel like someone else may have offered I stay a night or two or five over at his place while at the school. But what do I know? I’m just a girl trying to figure this whole life thing out. 

I wasn’t going ask him, wouldn’t dare! We all know what happened last time I asked for something! As well as his terms and conditions since the parking long break up! This is not that kind of a relationship and THAT is one of the reasons I’m considering being an over the road truck driver. 

I loved my apartment, with it’s good lighting and dressing room with a full length mirror. Haha! Vain, I know! I opted to make the two hour round trip daily commute to school and back. I got word from the company I’d applied with, that we had a bit of a situation with my immigration status and driver license. That was a bit of a stressor but I breathed through it..... for days and made several phone calls. 

Eventually, that was sorted out. 

I knew that I was going to live in my truck. I’d to figure out what my long term plans were for the apartment. Would I sub lease? Not really allowed! Air BnB? Not quite allowed either. Clearly, lots more to think about! But we can cross that bridge when we get to it. One day at a time! 

I still didn’t tell anyone about my trucking plans but the girl I was friendly with. It was nice to have that one person to share my excitement with. All of a sudden, I blinked and school was to start the following day. I’d been browsing through my permit book, to familiarize mySelf with all the trucking terminology etc.   

I was still working out, since I’d joined the gym as my new year’s resolution. Who else did that? Did you stick to it? I know what’s going on with the world now but you can still go for walks, work out at home or in the yard if you have one. 

I kept checking how long the drive would take at certain hours of the day, to make sure I didn’t miscalculate my duration. 
Night before, I packed a bag with all that I’d need and buckled up. 

Please check out next blog for more on trucking school. 

Gotta bounce!

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  1. I really don’t like Derrick for you, after the sock post I’d have cut him off tbh but a great placeholder

    1. You’re not alone!
      This is one guy nobody liked for me!
      He has his moments, but he’s just a polarizing person. Even to me