Thursday, January 24, 2019

Secret Cameras in New Home!

Waking up in a strange home day after my anniversary wasn't something I had ever dreamed of. Thankfully the bed was comfy. I had always fantasized of being away from my home and sleeping for at least 2 days straight, to
make up for all the sleep I had been missing out on. When I had a chance to do so, my focus had shifted. My priority was to keep moving and to waste no time worrying about what could have been. I had errands to run and job to submit myself for.

Day 1 of freedom?

Luxuriating in my Louis Vuitton Bag
What better way to make you feel nice inside than to carry your most expensive purse? The Air BnB bathroom had full length mirror. A plus in my book! By the time I left, I was already home along. Everyone had gone somewhere or another.

First meal away from home

The above meal was an easy one, avocado, canned refried beans and eggs I made in their kitchen. Healthy enough for someone who is camping, right? 

Fitting into a smaller shirt size for first time
I stumbled upon one of my fave stores and decided to check it out. I tried this shirt in a Large for the first time and it fit! That was a milestone and something to celebrate in the midst of a storm.

A little house tour of the home I wasn't in and my walk in closet. Press play!

I was about to start living off a suitcase. Nothing new in my world but it had been a while since I was a vagabond

Carpool Karaoke en route The OC

I got a gig here and there, thankfully! I was out and about, looking for an apartment in between. When you do what I do for a living, you have to have a stack of pay stubs to prove employment because every job is a new contract. And each job is a day long, for the most part. That's a lot of pay stubs, if you're lucky! I was driving around with a big stack of paperwork as I was in search for accommodation

One of the jobs was in a gay couple's home. It was so uniquely cool! My favorite part of cleaning houses was getting a sneak peak into how other people live. People who can afford my services cos I don't come cheap! This home was in a high rise, downtown Los Angeles. It was a converted space, turned into a giant hall that was a kitchen in one corner, a living room in another, office, studio; basically, it was a ginormous studio apartment! Views all around! Their bathroom had a check in register. Naturally, I checked in as well! And I broke their statue that was on top of the toilet tank. When they got home, I explained and apologized. They told me it was on top of their wedding cake. IMAGINE THE GUILT! They were laughing, trying to make me feel better that it cost less than a certain amount of money. They still gave me a tip. Poor souls! 

Oh and! Their hallway and bathroom was full of dick pic art, naked pics of themselves and those of their people, I guess. They all had interesting captions. The whole thing was different, but also, tastefully done, if you can imagine that. 

Echo Park Shoot. Press Play

I booked an acting gig that filmed for only a few hours in Echo Park. This is somewhere between downtown LA and Hollywood. Very busy neighborhood.

Getting F*cked over by client

I got a job in Los Feliz where the client was a heck of a nightmare! I ended up walking out on her. WAtch the clip above for more.

Juggling jobs and full time apartment hunting turned out to be exhausting. It didn't help that my hosts got comfortable too fast with me as a paying guest. The house turned into a dump ASAP. There was literally not a clean square inch space. 

First! I found out that they had cameras in the common areas of the house as well as outside. Nobody had warmed me about this. In the times, I thought I as home alone, I would bend to my heart's content, even when I had a short dress on. You know I love my revealing clothes! Not enough to flash people though! When I found out that there was a camera just in front of my fridge that was low on the floor, where I would bend in front of without thinking. That still creeps me out! I wasn't impressed by that, so I called Air BnB to report that. As someone who used to host Air bnB guests, I know the rules. Plus, it doesn't take a rocket scientist! 

A few days later, I had to call in again and tell them, the house was uninhabitable. For someone who cleans houses for a living, it felt like an insult that I was paying someone to stay in their pig sty. I'm taking clothes soaked in buckets next to the kitchen sink, leftovers from forever ago, all over the kitchen, fresh fruit and veggies, fresh grilled chicken, left open on the counter top. The list goes on. 

I really didn't wish to pack up and move from that house to another one. I wanted them to at least clean the toilet after use, and not poop on the toilet seat (true story!). The more I talked abut this, I realized, yeah, this is crazy! I should move out. 

Air BnB handled my case very well. The host dad didn't! Of course he didn't! If he had any iota of courtesy, they would've picked up after themselves. At least while I was still there.

I had to go back to my favorite library and search for somewhere else to move to, last minute. Whew!

Set Life

With the help of their staff, I was lucky to find a place where they were so hospitable, I started to feel guilty. Have you ever experienced that? So much kindness, it almost feels fake? 

Set Life, wardrobe and Lunch

I so eat with my eyes. And I get hungry quickly, so I always dish up more than the stomach can stomach. 

Vegan lunch courtesy of my #1 Client

The above vegan meal was OK. I like to explore whenever I can, so I decided to go vegan that day.

My new place had more traffic. They had more guests. My bedroom had like three or four beds. All mine, though, because I was paying for the entire room. 

This is the place where I took a break and caught up on my sleep and TV. The tiredness had caught up and I felt at home enough to do so.

Finding a new apartment was proving to be harder than I had anticipated.

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