Thursday, January 31, 2019

Girl on Girl Date

I didn't know what to expect, seeing my husband, Calvin for the first time since I moved out a couple of weeks prior. It had been a hell of a time being away from what had been home for so long. One time, I was at a random library and realized it was so close to his house. He happened to text me while I was there. I told him he was in luck, he could come meet me there. Nice and public. He got so
 paranoid, he didn't want to. He was like, 'just like that?' "Why so easy?" He wasn't having it I'm like, but dude! You said you wanted to see me! I'm giving you an opportunity to do so. He said, that's the problem! Why are you agreeing to see me, Brook? Haha! I still find this funny! It went on for a while.

He came up with a different location. A Mexican restaurant nearby his house. I refused. It was too close and familiar to him. At least the library, wasn't familiar to either of us. Well, he has done work there and all that but still! I ended up doing a drive by as we were on the phone. I told him to come outside. He was like, "You're here, my Brook?"
He came out, looking ever so handsome! The Calv I fell in love with. I sighed a sigh of relief! A feeling I hadn't felt in a minute... that of home. I still remember what he had on: ($250 / R3500) work boots, blue wrangler jeans and very green LaCoste T-Shirt. He usually wears hats, he didn't have one on this day, so I could see the vulnerability in his big blue eyes. He stood outside the driver's side of my car, I sat inside. We awkwardly hugged through the window. We talked, nothing deep. He seemed concerned that he had failed his little Brook and pushed me so much that I didn't feel safe enough at home that I left. He apoligized for that. He had been apologizing everyday over the phone as we had never stopped talking.

I wasn't out there that long and luckily, the conversation was nice and light. It didn't get weird.

I headed back to my Air BnB feeling so much lighter. Much more hopeful than I had in weeks.

By The way, I was at The Real on Monday

(A Facebook Friend spotted me on Monday's Episode of  The Real  (1/28/2019) and let me know. I'd already checked this episode out on Youtube that same day and spotted myself. The Real is a live show.)

I had my pre-prepped dinner aka Buffet left overs, went to bed, streamed some TV Shows and called it a day. At this point, they had moved me to a much nicer room because mine, with 4 beds had been preiously booked by a group of people. The one I was moved in to, was occupied when I first checked in. Even the move from one room to another, went so well, it was nothing. These people know how to host! I loved my new room, I loved the day I had just had. 

While staying at this house, I also went out with a girl I know from doing background work. She had an idea what I was going through, and was going through her own stuff, so she was like, let's do lunch! 

My plates from seafood Buffet Spot

Of Course, I didn't eat all this! My favorite was the left plate, sadly, I saw that when I was almost full from sampling everything on the right two plates, including the half a chicken foot on the right plate. The left plate has cooked and fried food. The rest is a bunch of sushi and other stuff I'm not a huge fan of. The restaurant is literally up the road from Calvin's house.  I took him here once as a treat. He loved it. It would've been interesting bumping into each other there.

The girl I was out with, drives my fantasy car: a Porsche, so, as any self respecting, red blooded American, I made her give me a ride to my car which was on the other side of the same parking lot. She obliged! Thanks girla! We took a couple of selfies and headed off.

I had just had such a nice time out with a friend that I didn't feel like heading to the house yet. I texted a 'friend' and asked what she was up to. She was told me they were chilling at her house; I was welcome to join them with my husband the following day. Every since I met Calvin, this 'friend', who has never met Calv, will never arrange to hang out with just me, like we did a few times before (at my place and went out, the second time.) She strictly wanted to hang out with my husband and I. but you don't even know him, boo? What is this? Anyway, I just said, I didn't think we would make it. Enter Eye Roll emoji here. 

I decided to make use of a movie ticket that I got as a gift to go see a movie. I saw Girl's Trip. It was just what I needed to see. Something lighthearted.

After our drive by meeting, Calvin and I arranged to meet up again. He picked the place. A well known steakhouse.  I had never eaten there before. The servings are ginormous, so are the prices! I got full just by looking at the plate. We drove back to the house, because the date went so well. We hung out and just bummed at the house. 

Before we knew it, it was the following day? We had fallen asleep in our bed through the night. Whew! California King! How I missed thee! 

Now! Back to my Air BnB that I have paid for!

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