Saturday, February 13, 2016

FAB Life

One week, I was in Beverly Hills minding my own business, Calvin called, he asked what I was doing that evening. I didn't have any plans, other than, watch reality TV, as usual, before bed. He asked to take me to dinner in his neck of the woods. I was down! I love spontaneous stuff like that! I got ready and headed to the east side. We drove to a couple of his favorite sushi spots, they were closed already. It was late but not too late. We found one spot that was open, a nice sushi place, big with two levels. There was only one other couple there and us.

They sat us at a nice table, facing the counter where they prepare the sushi.The entire set up was cool, the lighting was dim and the tables were big with parts where you can cook your own food. There must be names for that kind of stuff, I don't know what they are called. Feel free to leave me a comment with the name. Calvin loves sushi, I am not a big fan of cold foods. I am becoming more and more my mother's child. She always would complain how a real meal to her is a cooked meal. I get it now. I try to keep an open mind though, you don't want to miss out just because you are you mother's child. I told Calvin, as I always had to order whatever he things is going to be great and I will love it. He had always ordered my food, he knows way more about different cuisines than I do. I always tell him what I feel like, which is usually meat, and he would order something amazing for me. I hardly ever order chicken because I eat a lot of that at home.

Calvin ordered eel sushi, I had never had that kind before. I had previously seen an eel in an aquarium, when we went on our fishing trip. We took pictures and videos, I will upload them for you when I have a minute. It was interesting how we were now eating poor eel, awwww :( It was good though, probably the best sushi I have ever eaten! Plus it was kinda warm. We had three different kinds of sushi that night and scallops. We also had desert, regular and green tee cremebrulee. Everything was just so delicious. I was in cloud nine, sitting in this dimly lit restaurant with a guy  I adore and eating this uber delicious food. What planet am I in? It was awesome! After dinner, we headed back to his place and hung out for about another hour, then I headed back to my place. We both had work the following day. I must have arrived home at midnight but it was all so worth it. I drove home thinking, what just happened? Is this real life? I was having the time of my life! I was in an awesome mood! The stars were aligned!

Speaking of star alignment, one day, I was outside Culver Studios, waiting to go to the FABLife, the new show hosted by Tyra Banks. Now, Tyra, is my girl! She's my crazy sister from another mother! I was super psyched to be going to her show, I used to watch her previous talk show religiously, and am a fan of Top Model. There's another show she did, Inside Beauty, where she teamed up with my celebrity crus, Ashton Kutcher, I watched that too. Anyway, I went to bed excited the previous night knowing I was finally going to see my girl in person. Sadly, they had too many people and I didn't make the cut. Boo hoo! If I can only get the opportunity to go again!

I remember going through my Instagram and seeing posts I might be interested in according to whoever from Insta, I checked them. One of them was John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen, one of FABLife co-hosts. One of her recent posts, back then was of John Legend, naked. It was of his behind, what's the opposite of full frontal? Anyway, I thought it was distasteful, but for each his own. I just didn't see John as that kind of guy, you know? Someone who posts nude pictures of himself? Anyways, two days or so after seeing that picture, I got another chance to go to FABLife, Yass! You know  I was hella early that time! I wasn't going to miss seeing Tyra for sht! When They let me go in, I had the biggest smile you can ever see on a person in line! I was about to see Ty Ty, whoot! I was next to a friend of mine that  I met at one of the shows in Manhattan Beach studios. We had good times, the show we were at was 8-9 hours long, I mean, the finished product was probably going to be an hour but filming took the entire day. Which meant we had enough time to bond. We talked a lot about the Law of Attraction and what we had manifested into our lives through it. It was a nice day. I also saw a girl I had worked with previously in a sitcom, she recognized me and showed me the episode we did. I had great camera time in that episode because I interacted with the principal actors. It was a great day. I will pot a clip as soon as I find it again. Anyway, I digress. The girl from the 8 hr show and I always touch on the law of attraction when we see each other, which is very seldom. We were both in high spirits that day, at least I was. They sat us next to each other, thankfully.She's a former model, gorgeous girl! She dated all kinds of Hollywood people, some of her exes who are not Hollywood, dated supermodels, very interesting life!

The audience warm up guy, who I adore,made some jokes, we laughed and had a fun time before filming began. He asked if anyone wanted to perform. I offered to sing. First, I asked what I was getting, I just wanted a memento from the Tyra Banks show! He had FABLife T-shirts. It doesn't matter if you're good or not, if you're willing to put yourself out there, your ass is getting a t-shirt. I went to the stage and sang an African Song with a hell of a lot of clicks and got me a T-shirt. The day was going my way already! The t-shirt he gave me was a medium, you know I am no medium! I was lucky a bunch of girls behind us had been crazy like me, they got t-shirts for that reason. They gave me standing ovation and bowed down and called me Queen when I walked past them to my seat. They were too sweet to do that. Anyway, a friend of mine, who had also sang for a t-shirt,  asked what size shirt I got. I thought that was perfect, I had an M, she had a L, I was like, great! Let's swap! She suddenly had a change of mind. Not that he large was going to fit anyway but it was better than a medium. She was like, 'oh, no! What if it's too small' Girl Bye! I don't want to even want to have the energy to discuss that nonsense. I was too excited about seeing Tyra. My peeps from behind us, were like, 'Queen, what size t-shirt do you want?' I told them an XL or bigger. There were 4 of them, one of them had an XL, they gladly gave it to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was so touched by the kindness more than anything else. I told the girl,'I love you! Do you wanna get married of something!' Ok, I may have gone overboard! But you would be too if you knew Tyra was about to walk out the door, sht! The lady surprised me with her answer to my marriage proposal, She was like, 'Uhm, I have a girlfriend. Well, she's out of town, so I guess, sure! Yeah, I'll marry you!' LMAO. Best response ever! Not only did I get the right size t-shirt, I left the show engaged that day. To a woman!
Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Tyra Banks!  She said her few lines, then the double doors opened and she came out, looking as fine as ever!
Here I am at FABLife, guess, who the guest was? John freaking Legend! Now, how do I look at this guy without totally imagining his butt crack? It was hard! That's what she said! Haha! I had seen John previously in person, not that close! I went to his concert in Johannesburg forever ago. Anyway, It was a nice episode where they had a chef named John and John Legend. They both made deep fried chicken. The hosts all tasted it, I tell yeah, my girl Tyra loves the hell out of chicken wings, she kept going back for some more! The hosts had to decide which John was the winner. In case, you want to watch the episode, I won't tell you who won.

After the show, they have audience go down to dance with the hosts. I was like fck it, excuse me! Excuse me! Sorry, excuse me, pardon me! I was going to the stage! I needed to get close to Ms Tyra! And I did! I was so excited, I think she may have felt my energy, I was doing my 1980's signature dance moves, not a care in the world! At one point, I turned 360 degrees and then Tyra and I locked eyes! That moment right there was one of my favorite moments in life! I tell yeah, small miracles! Tyra's eyes are gorgeous, you know she has those light colored eyes, they looked charcoal grey that day from the smokey eye make up she had on. After the show, I ran back to my seat as the ushers were ushering us out the studio. My friend was like, 'girl! Tyra looked at you!' I? was like, you saw that? I'm glad I have a witness!

It was a great day!


Unknown said...

I can even feel the excitement out of reading the blog so I can just imagine how exciting a day it was for you.

Brook said...

Thanks Tembisa!

Anonymous said...

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