Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pure Poison

One day, this feeling suddenly took over me. I was running out of fragrance and I felt that I needed to get a few, not just one. I still had a gift card from a cosmetic store but they didn't have the perfume I wanted. I wanted Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison. I have always loved it but have been stingy to spend $100-$120 on it. I had enough money in my gift card but they didn't have the perfume I wanted and having had the gift card for almost two years, I didn't want to settle. One day, I went on their website and saw that they had the perfume. I couldn't believe it! I immediately tried to buy it but alas! The card was only for in store purchases! I then went to The Beverly Centre, seeing that they finally had the size I wanted online, to buy it there. They  had always had Hypnotic Poison just not the big bottle. Why spend $75 on a 50ml (1.7oz), when you can get double that size for 100 bucks? Plus I never buy small bottles of fragrance. 100ml (3.oz) or nothing! 

Unfortunately, they didn't have the bigger size in the store. They lady tried to do the same thing they have always done when I have gone to look for this darn perfume, check in the back, and in other stores. I was like, lady, if you don't have it here and have never seen the big bottle since you've worked here, nobody will have it. I have been to more of this store than you can imagine, mainly just collecting free samples of perfumes I am too stingy to buy. Tacky, I know! I like Hermes perfumes, the ones in round bottles, Eau des Merveilles, check it out if you haven't and let me know what you thing. My favorite is the one with gold around it. So good! I have had both samples of my favorite Hermes and Hypnotic poison, Poison lasts longer and smells better on me. Just as well cos that's my favorite! 

I called the store and asked them what if I bought the perfume with my own money online, returned it and then bought it with my in store card, would they let me. They told me they couldn't say no if what I wanted was in the store. Perfect! I went online to buy the perfume and SOLD OUT was all I could see across the big bottle I so desperately wanted. So close but so far! Becasue I wanted to get  myself a few perfumes, I thought of all time faves, that I had always used back in Africa and decided to revisit them. I bought Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman online. It arrived in no time, thankfully! The one I used to buy back in the day used to have a purple-ish side. I noticed that this one didn't.

Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman

While waiting for the Provocative Woman, I went to the mall and bought my other all time favorite. Also by Elizabeth Arden: Red Door. This will never get old with me. I just love this old lady's perfume so much! It makes my heart smile! I got a nice deal on this one! I couldn't believe how cheap it was. The bottle is also different to the one I'm used to but I had already read reviews online and saw that people were happy with it, so I didn't think it was going to smell differently because of the new and improved bottle. Plus I love the new bottle. It's fancier.

As luck would have it, I went to Calvin's for the weekend, I told him the story of my unrequited love with Hypnotic Poison. We went to the mall one day before a day at the beach and guess what? He bought me the perfume! I walked out of that mall with a pep in my step, I was so happy! He really made my day! He was surprised how happy I was about that. Keep buying me stuff and you will be amazed at how happy I can be! Haha!

He wanted to buy himself a pair of Jordan's while at the mall, we found a pair we both liked for him and the lady took more than five minutes in the back looking for the mate. It was the last pair. Calvin is nothing if not impatient. I am amazed at how he can wait for me without saying a word while I get ready, way after he is already ready to walk out the door, but cannot wait more than a few seconds for anything or anyone else. We left the store without the Nike Jordans. They were Black with a little bit of red and white sole. Hi tops. 

One weekend, while at Calv's we went to Pasadena to play Shuffleboard, I game I had never heard of before. I enjoyed it. Calvin wants to buy one and put it in his office/spare bedroom. I would buy him one and surprise him if it weren't $700.

Me, playing shuffleboard in Pasadena
I don't know if I told you this but Calvin's dad is such an amazing cook! I guess Calvin takes after him. He is always making something. Calvin's fam live close by so when his dad makes something, he will call and find out if Cal and I want some and bring us some or Cal will go get it. It's a very small town type of lifestyle, in the middle of a big city like LA,  I like it, in a way. Cal's dad makes things from scratch people don't make from scratch. He also cooks things like sauerkraut. I don't know anyone who makes sauerkraut. It's awesome. I feel really special when he sends over two plates, one for Cal and one for me. Wouldn't you? Cal's dad is cool people, he comes over, hangs for a little, not too much, just enough. He likes to joke around, he has a silly side. We all call him by his first name. By we, I mean Calvin's friends and I.

The first bouquet of flowers I got from Cal. He bought them for me just cos

I loved the flowers, they look wild, it's a very interesting combination. I'm into it! 

Later,Cal picked some from his front yard and added to the combination, it was interesting. He has the nicest smelling pink roses in his yard. He usually picks one or two and put them in an old vase he got from his late grandma and put them on the dining table. I like that, it's so romantic!

I always take a moment and stop to smell the roses. 


  1. Mom would love you for the Red Door. She looooves it. You can get it as a gift for mothers day and her birthday and Christmas. All in one year. She won't complain.

    I still have a bottle of provocative woman to this day. It's empty but I am keeping just coz;).

    Aren't you just a lucky one. I love that he is patient with you. And just you.

    1. Your mom would love me, period! What's not to love? Haha,just kidding! She's my kind of girl!
      I guess, the best would be to get her a gift set, open it up and keep gifting her one piece at a time.
      I know, right? those bottles are pretty. Which perform do you wear now?
      I do feel special, I won't lie.

  2. I absolutely agree. What's there not to love. She loves your sister up to today and you are twinning,so;). Just add Red Door and you'll be perfect. Hahaha. She hinted at one time that she is running out and the fragrance that came with the bag would be a perfect gift lol.

    I wear Carolina Herrera's CH and 212, Issey Miyaki and Jlow Glo.