Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fall Festival

My AirBnB Guest, Brian was getting comfortable, he was getting comfortable. This could be a good and a bad thing. I want all my guests to feel at home. I also want to feel at home in my own home. If their feeling home is going to infringe on my peace of mind, we have a bit of a problem! Brian never cooked so he never used the kitchen. He only used the living room, where he slept and the bathroom. He had long-ish hair that was falling off. I love his undercut hairstyle, it looked good on him. I just didn't like how the hair was clogging the bath tub and I didn't enjoy sweeping it off the bathroom floor. He took good care of himself. He shopped on Rodeo Drive and wore nothing by designer clothing and a bunch of Jordans. Good for him! Remember I mentioned that Brian used to book for a day, two, even three at a time? That story is here. He still did that, but his credit card was getting rejected after I accepted the booking. What would happen was that he would make a reservation, I would accept, he would pay, AirBnB would confirm payment, 24 hours later, Brian's card would be rejected. What on earth? I would take a screenshot of the notification about the rejected card and send it to Brian. He would then follow up on it 'with his dad'. That became a trend. I wasn't into that trend though, go get viral over there! I'm busy!

Brian was still buying new designer clothes, he would always show me his new Louis Vuitton Murses (man's purse) and all kinds of new stuff he was buying. But you owe me rent money, boo? He told me that his dad was in the hospital. I empathised with him but that story wasn't going to cut it when it was time for me to pay rent with the apartment management, was it? I still needed money in my bank account. Plus, you have a job, can you pay me with the money in your account and then have your dad reimburse you? Like why should this solution come from me? You're the one with a problem? You're the one shopping 24/7. What I liked about Brian was that he never brought guests over to my place. He would tell me that he will never tell women where he lives, 'you know how you guys are!' he would say. I'm like, listen, don't compare me to your women, I am in a league of my own. For example, between you and I now, I wouldn't date a guy who is sleeping on someone's floor. Especially a guy who can afford designer wear but doesn't prioritise his sht. Heck Nah!

Calvin is a churchgoing person. He is one of those guys! I haven't been to church since Vegas. I go sporadically. Well, I went sporadically when I did. I hadn't been for months. When you're in Vegas and find out there's a church right on the strip, not a wedding chapel but a full on church, you go! You check it out. Calvin had asked me to go to church with him. Not in an annoying, 'I would like to invite me to my church' type of way. I was honored he wanted to go to church with me, so of course, I went! Just an hour in and you're done! My kinda church! No offense to anyone who spends all day at church, I've done that too in Salt Lake. I told you all about it here. Day before church, Calvin and I were out and about. He had a few clients he needed to touch base with. I tagged along. We used his amazing 1965 truck. How could I say no? We ended up going to shop for a dress for me. Calvin paid for it. Yay me!

I wore my new dress and Calvin coincidentally wore a green shirt and black pants. We became that couple at church that day. You can spot a bit of that green and black dress in this post. After church, Calv bought us snacks at church. They sell goodies to raise funds which I think is a brilliant idea.

We have been to church a number of times together, we went to two different ones in Calvin's neighborhood and we went to the Cathedral downtown. That one is gorgeous. Whenever I am at church, it takes me back to boarding school where we went to church 7 days a week. I was there for 5 years. My uncle, may his beautiful soul rest in peace was a Bishop, so we grew up in church. I always think about him when I go to church. I literally have the service done by him in my head.

One weekend, there was a festival at the church, the entire weekend! I remember thinking to myself, it would be nice to go for a walk around the block with Calvin one of these days. Be it his block or mine, it doesn't matter! I arrived in the evening at Cal's, he suggested we walk to the festival. I couldn't believe it. We had been driving wherever we went. We had driven to that church on numerous occasions, all of a sudden, he wanted us to walk. Be careful what you wish for!

It was a nice walk. We walked around the church yard, it was packed! I didn't see that coming! I hadn't foreseen it being that big a carnival. There were rides and all kinds of things. We went on a ride, a very interesting ride. You stand against the wall, they turn it on, it speeds around and around, somehow it pushes people off the floor, so you end up in the sky, but against the wall. I tell ya, it's a trip! There is no gravity! You can stretch your arm out, it won't fall. Until the ride is over. I really enjoyed it.

Food Stalls at church
We had Vietnamese for dinner from the Festival, I tell you it was elaborate. They had different cuisines!

Vietnamese dinner

I couldn't tell you how long we were there for. We had such a nice time! On our way out, Calvin bought a painting of The Last Supper. I haggled the seller and won. It wasn't a real painting, the blown picture type. Calvin felt bad because it's church people. I was like, come on! This is what you do with street vendors, you negotiate! Plus, we saw one for the price I had asked for, that's where it all started for me. I just didn't want to pay more than I should. By I, I mean Calvin, cos I wasn't paying for sht.

We walked back to the house. It was already late.

The following day, we went to the Festival again. This time, Cal's friend had dropped by, we took him along. I drove. I had wedges on, so I took them off to drive. We struggled to find parking because everyone was at the festival. Finally, we found a spot where someone had just left. Cal was so sweet, he got out of the car to help me parallel park. After that, I got out of the car, as I was trying to buckle my sandals, Calvin went down on his knees just like on our first date and was like, I got it, babe! Ugh, how can you not melt?

Filipino food at the Carnival 
I wanted something different, as I always do, for day two, so I had Filipino food. Looks similar to the Vietnamese dish, doesn't it?
Halo-Halo... Filipino desert
Enjoying Halo-Halo
Calvin invited his friends over to his house, while at the Carnival, he bought some food for everyone.
$80 worth of assorted meats
The picture doesn't do the meat justice. That's a heck of a lot of meat. If it's $80 at a church event, you know it costs even more in real life. It was so good too! While waiting for our meat, we had some more dessert. Well, Calvin and his friend, I was too full.

Funnel Cake
I did taste the cake though. I had never seen or heard of it before. It tastes good. If like me, you have never heard of it, that is not ketchup/tomato sauce on top, it's strawberry topping. 
at the festival

While eating funnel cake, waiting for our large meat order, we were approached by Bingo people. They offered us free Bingo tickets. We went into the hall and payed Bingo. It was the first time for all of us. None of us won anything but we enjoyed it.


After Bingo, we picked up our meet and sides. The owners of the stall were so chuffed, they asked to pose with us for their websites. We obliged, Calvin's friend was like, I'll pass. 

Back home, we headed! 

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