Friday, February 19, 2016

Favorite Food

Speaking of perfumes, my mom doesn't wear any! She doesn't even wear deodorant (roll-on). She doesn't need to, lucky fish! When she goes away, like traveling, she will take along some speed stick. She says she doesn't want people looking at her funny when she doesn't put any deodorant on haha.

Missing home, I decided to make a 'full meal'. If I had beets (beetroot), I would've made beetroot salad to go with my Sunday Lunch. I bought cabbage for the first time in years! I hardly ever eat cabbage, I'm not trying to get bloated, even if I'm home alone! Calvin is a great cook, I don't even try to cook when at his place. What for? He enjoys to cook and he's great at it. The plan was to cook for him one day when he's at my place. We'll see!

Cooking up a storm 
The food turned out great, if I must say so myself. I enjoyed it!

I made a peas and baked beans with mayo salad. I love me some mayonnaise!

I hardly ever have serious groceries at home. It's been a while now. I don't know what happened. I used to cook, when I lived in Salt Lake City, I used to really have a balanced life. I worked a regular job, had a regular place to stay and used to do real grocery shopping and cook. I also lost about 30lb when I decided to lose weight in Salt Lake. I need to go back to those regular eating habits. I have real breakfast, eat fruit...
Pitaya or Dragon Fruit. Isn't this fruit pretty? My first time eating it at Calvin's
...and yogurts and all that but then, somewhere down the line, I gobble down a lot of junk food.

At Cold Stone. I was too full, I just posed and took this home, froze it for later
Calvin had just taken us to an Indian restaurant for lunch, we both love Indian cuisine. It's my  personal favorite. I was in heaven, they happened to have buffet going when we got there. I was like, I'm having buffet, babe! I need to try everything on there.

Plate 1 of Indian Buffet. Just Meats haha
I love me some meat. I make no secret of that fact. It's gonna be a minute or six before I become vegetarian. In fact, I think I can already call myself vegetarian because some folks out there consider themselves vegetarians when they 'only eat chicken and fish'. Uhm, those are not vegetables, though? Shoutout to all vegetarians out there, even the ones who eat meat! 

Plate 2 of Indian Buffet. 
I was already full by the time I had the second plate. I just sampled everything and left the rest on the table. Oops! 

Leave room for dessert!
Gulab Jamun. Indian Donuts. so good! They remind me of Koeksisters. South African Donuts 
If you ate all this at the Indian, would you have room for that big ass ice cream tub from Coldstone? We had to go there because I hadn't been since Connecticut. I just spent like ten minutes going through my blog entries, trying to find one about my trips to New York. Oddly enough, I can't find them. I am almost certain I posted them. Very strange! If you've been following my blog for a while, do you recall stories about my time in New York City, Jay-Z's club, statue of Liberty, etc? This is very strange, I remember writing about those!
My first time at Coldstone was in New York City, we had to go there with Cal, for old time's sake, on my part.

In our first conversation online, with Calvin, he mentioned that his favorite cuisine is Indonesian. He told me that he would like to take me to an Indonesian restaurant some day. I had never eaten Indonesian food, that was something to look forward to.

He finally took me, months into the relationship.
Indonesian cuisine
Everything on that plate was delicious! Especially the rice! Funny because it looks like good ole fashioned white rice but it didn't taste that way at all.  The restaurant is nice and cosy and dimly lit. We found parking in the back and walked in from the back, which was weird for me. I kept asking, babe, are you sure we should be coming in from the back? They have a main entrance but you're allowed to go in through the back door as well, no pun intended haha. 

I might have to do a flashback Friday blog about my time in New York. 

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Unknown said...

I love the look of that Indonesian plate. I love well plated food. True that we eat with our eyes.
Your sister mentioned in her food blog that she loves Indian cuisine. Speaking of which, I got a book of Indian cuisine yesterday as a gift. The food looks divine.
I don't remember a blog about New York at all. Especially because I know you would have posted a picture over the Statute of Liberty. I don't even remember you mentioning Jay-Z 's club. Nothing comes to mind at all.