Friday, February 08, 2019

I'm Going, Going, Back, Back!

Following my date with my husband, Calvin on the previous blog, I had a lot to think about when I got back to my accommodation. I decided to move back in with hubs. My clothes were still in suitcases, so not much packing to do. Everything fit into my SUV just like it did when I moved out. Calvin was home when I arrived  that morning. He was ecstatic! I put all my stuff in the spare bedroom where my closet had always been.
My Closet. Press Play


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Home! Where the grass is always greener

The picture above was taken as I got back. I didn't unpack everything and dive in feet first because you've always got to be careful. 

Just as well, because I had things to do around the house...

It's like I never left!

Gloves because I was picking ghost chilies. You can't wash that heat off your hands, trust me, I learned this the hard way

The first day back home was nice. In fact, it seemed like nothing happened.  But because something did happen, we agreed that we would baby step our way back into our full fledged relationship. That conversation went much better than I anticipated. What a relief! 

What Calvin and I ate at our Test Date (refer previous blog

The following day, life went so back to normal, I felt like it hit me upside the head! Friends were outside, chilling, hello, reality! The down side to when friends aren't over is that chances of the yelling are almost 100%. 

To make sure that we were all feeling OK with everything, I paid Calvin my share of rent as soon as I got back. I didn't want anyone to be yelling by the street corner that they are owed money by some third class citizen. Cover the bases, right? 

I don't know what happened, but boom! Our friend Calvy, yelled at the top of his voice, hurling all kinds of threats! "What if I did this? Hu? Huh? What if I did that to you? What are you going to do if I do this to you with this, Brook? Get the fck out of my house? Take your sht and get the fck out!"
 I'm like, but you have my rent money, you can't just kick me out with immediate notice. 
"I don't give a fck! I'll give you your rent money back! blah blah blah" 
I told him that if he were serious, I'd go, but I wanted him to really think about what he was saying because next time I left would be for good! 

That sobered him up a bit. Like a flip had been switched, he apologized and told me he wanted nothing more than to stay with him forever. 

One day, he told me that he wanted to take me to the jeweler to get my wedding ring adjusted for size. I told him to hold off on that, let's first see how things go between the two of us. Ring or no ring, I want to feel secure in my marriage more than I want a ring. 

There were some great days where I was like, of course, he's great! He's my Calvin. That's why I married this guy! He's freaking awesome, man! 


Unknown said...

You brave brave girl. Accompany this with a shocked emoji

Brook said...

Your mean for going back?