Monday, December 31, 2018

The Night I drank Poison

Vintage look for The TV Show; Shut Eye

Happy New year, everybody! I trust that you went very far in your 2018 Resolution list and that 20019 will blow you away! Thanks for consistently readying my blogs and viewing my videos. Thanks to those of you who have inspired me right back with your weight loss stories; you know who you are!
August 2017
Another amazing Barbecue by hubs! Veggies and meat.
Husbands who grill!
Do your significant others cook? Do you take turns or are you the sole cook of the household?

Complete looks of the above head shots. The scenes were based in the 1980s

I loved my costumes! The pink dress is mine. I always love it when the wardrobe department is happy with my own clothes and puts me in them. this show features David Zayas, the guy who played Batista on Dexter. Dexter is one of my all time favorite shows, so I was so looking forward to seeing Angel Batista. Alas! Didn't happen! I met a wonderful lady from Honduras, who, actually just messaged to wish me a happy 2019. We have worked several times together ever since. 

Pink dress was day one. Call time was around 5/5:3am. 13 hour shoot. Day 2, about 14 hours long in a different location. I remember getting home after day 2, exhausted and sitting at the table with husband, Calvin. Just before that, I had just soaked my water bottle with dish soap and bleach. 
We sat down to eat. The mood got weird. You could cut it with a knife. The fact that I worked a lot came up. I either don't work at all or I  work a lot. There's no winning! I am very good with my words but I don't do well with confrontation. I become a mute. I can't defend myself to save my life! When he brought the subject up and tried to get me to take an entire week off because he was off at the time, I knew what he was doing but couldn't voice my opinion. Not only because I was dumb but also because, you could tell this was something he had been thinking about all day long. He had his bullet points in his head. I was out there busting my behind trying to make that money, so I am not prepared for this. Another thing is, if you want to fight, I am not going to take that moment away from you, however, I will not participate in that mess. Calv doesn't like. If he's angry and wants to have a back and forth with words, he wants  a willing participant. That ain't me. So he gets more mad and feels ignored. I feel attacked. Now what?

     I got up and grabbed my water bottle and had a few giant gulps of my soapy, bleachy water. As I swallowed the last gulp, I thought it tasted funny! I didn't really recognize the taste because, well, who is familiar with that cocktail? I soon realized what I had just ingested and rushed to the bathroom. I was in the kitchen, when I thought, who cares? Just drink more clean water and dilute what you have inside of you, instead of trying to bring it up and have it go past your throat and mouth again! I mentioned to Calv what I had done. He was so concerned and wanted to help me. It was hard for me not to blame him for upsetting my already so drained self to the point that I drank poison unaware. I'm a pretty alert person, in general. He suggested throwing up. I wasn't going to do that, my mind was made up, and I felt good about my decision. He even asked if I wanted him to take me to The ER. Nah thanks. Just be nice to me, that's all!

Calv went out of town the following day or so. 

Our Cambodian Neighbors bought us gift from the other side Press PLAY

Those neighors are the sweetest! They always invite us to their events. Being as anti-social as I am, I couldn't say no. Calv and I would make an appearance, stuff our stomachs silly with Asian food (they would do a combination of random Asian cuisines) and go home. They would even insist we took some food home. One time, Calvin took home a bowl of snails in shells. Imagine that!

Driving to a gig in East LA in Land Rover. Press PLAY


Set food. 

Whenever I see pineapple on set, I will have some! Even though, I am not big on fruit and never used to like pineapple when I was young.

Carpool Karaoke / Lip sync battle to Elvis Presley

I love this Chuck Berry song, both the original and Elvis' version. 

Taking dress measurements for eBay

Sometimes eBay buyers buyers need to know if the dress is not too short or short enough, or whatever the case may be. In this case, they needed to know how long it was from shoulder to hem. She ended up buying the dress. 
Poor Calv got bitten
Calvin gets beaten by some bug almost every time he goes to the desert. Up here, was by an ant

Another great Barbecue by Hubs. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture.

Calvin called a few times while in the desert and then another fight ensued. It was around 7am. I was too tired for that, I didn't entertain it. I then ignored his calls thereafter. I remember getting home from a job and walking from parking my car in the street. Calv's brother and his good friend who used to live with Calvin were outside the mom's place. I remember approaching them, telling them I had a bad feeling about that night. So bad that I was secretly considering going to a hotel that night. That's not a thought that had ever crossed my mind before. I felt anxious. Afraid, almost. The friend had just moved into his new place. He had rented a U-haul truck and had been drinking. I remember telling the friend to come spend the night by us, considering he was too inebriated to drive. He laughed and said something along the lines of, so that he could save me from being yelled at. Something about that response still stings. The fact that people knew the madness in my marriage and the fact that he wasn't friend enough to want to be there for me. He had spent many nights over when he had been drinking, which is all the time. The fact that he pretty much said no when I asked him, after telling them both that I had a weird feeling about that night, makes me a little sad. As I was walking away, I told bro in law to listen out for any drama and to come to my rescue if he ever heard anything going on. I slowly walked towards the lion's den. Calvin was on his way home from his trip and had called and told everyone but me. That's one of the reasons I knew it was on that night. He had never done that before.

He got home, I ran to the door and said hi, he didn't reply........... 
I slept in my car that night.

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