Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Creepy Photographer

Outdoors photo shoot

The rest of our time in the desert was nice and peaceful. I don't know if I was kidding about never going there again, though.

Back in town, I communicated with a guy who had taken my photos before for my acting portfolios, aka my head shots. Not This photo shoot, lol. This guy lives a little ways away from Calv's. He was willing to come to me for the photoshoot, which was nice. I told Calv about it. He didn't like the idea of someone coming to the house. He has never been that way inclined. Lighting was better outside anyways, so I walked around looking for a spot where we would have nice solid background that wouldn't require a lot of editing post shoot. I had already done my own shoot at home, using the iPad. I'd asked Calvin but he wasn't took keen. Bro-in-law saw me smiling at self timed camera of iPad and felt sorry for me. He offered to help. The photos I was taking were coming out not too bad, so I passed on the offer.

Below is a vlog of when I went to register with a casting company and then some. Check it out.

Photog showed up as planned, Calv said I could let him in. Which, I didn't see coming. I introduced them. Calv offered the guy drinks and snacks. It turned out quite nice. Calvin is a very charming guy, very easy to befriend. His friends have been in his life all his life. I am not surprised when I watch him make fast friends with someone new.

Part II or I of above video

We went to an alley up the street and I stripped, haha No kidding! Click below for that strip tease! The more weight I lose, the braver I am getting about showing of skin. Would you do this type of photo shoot in public? And then film it and post that all over the internet?

Some of the photos from the shoot:

The grunge look on the right was all Calvin's clothes. You know he likes some loose fitting clothes. Those pants were loose on me and he's skinny!

weight loss progress photo
Speaking of skinny!
I was stunned to fit into the above skinny jeans from my eBay store, so I requested Calvin take a quick photo! Then I was thrilled to see how skinny my back looks in the photo!

It took the guy forever to send me these photos back. I tell ya, I had to fight tooth and nail! Things weren't this way back in the day when he took my photos. I don't know if he loved that I was naked in them so much that he decided to be possessive. It's like, dude! You can keep copies, what are you talking about? also, the edits were really poor. It was like I was dealing with a completely different person. In our first photoshoot, he changed the background to white. Not much editing of the photos themselves but his camera takes good photos and the model is pretty much perfect. Wink wink! This time, he tried to cut the background out but then ended up pasting the right ear on the left side of the face in some photos. It was a complete WTF. I deleted most of them and couldn't use most of them really. Good thing I had already had my own photos. Also, most of the photos are of inappropriate areas of my body. I guess he was in way over her head. 

Quick clip of my first Subscription box

I wanted to be part of the movement, so I signed up for a Walmart subscription box. It's only $5 and they send them to you quarterly. You never know what you're getting, so it's a nice surprise gift to yourself. Or is it?

Second subscription box, press play above. What do you think? Worth it for $5, including shipping? That's R70 (South African).Let me know.

Random grocery shot
New easy to use dustpan, which is a life saver by the way.

Another shot of our feet because LOVE
You're welcome to all you foot fetish, toe fetish folks!

Off to a fitting for a TV Show shoot
You may recognize the above dress from my birthday trip in Vegas back in the day. The one after which I put in a notice in my apartment and moved to Vegas! Oh, the life of a vagabond! Spoiler alert: This dress no longer fits me. It's to loose. Yay!

Speaking of weight loss, I leave you with a weight loss video where I discuss my cheating escapades. I never said I was perfect!

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time!

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P.S. I just captioned this blog post and wonder if that makes me part of the great #MeToo Movement? Gosh forbid!

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