Thursday, November 29, 2018

Shooting Guns and Lake Isabella

Hello from the other side of Cyber Monday! What did you splurge on? I have been shopping for a watch. I saw one that I had been looking for in the store for a while, they were out. Turns out, they have it online. Now that I know they have it, I didn't buy it. Weird. Right? I should treat myself for Xmas. Do you buy yourself gifts for special occasions? I do! Always! Case in point!

Thanks for your feedback on the previous blog, which was a hard one for me to put to paper. I'm not being sarcastic, some of you did reach out to me on other social media avenues.

Day II in the desert started off on a much higher note, well, not really! Considering I cleaned the fridge first thing in the morning. What is it with me and cleaning all these men's houses? Maybe a better question to ask is, why am I with people who don't maid services? Anywho, nobody forces me and they usually make up for it, one way or another. The one person who didn't give a flying rat's ass if I cleaned up his place or not was Daddy! Remember him?

We headed out to the great Lake Isabella on day II. It was a nice drive of a little more than an hour with gorgeous views!
Some of the Trip to Lake Isabella. 

The lake goes on for miles and miles. It winds with the road. Check it our if you're ever in Kern County for whatever reason.

lake isabella
Lake Isabella
We hung out by the lake. There were maybe two other groups of people camping out there or there on day trips. Calv had a beer or so. We had a photo shoot. I felt skinny. It was a good day all around. 

Lake Isabella. Press Play

From there, we kept going to the Kern river as you do: lake to river. Right? He took a swim. I gave a swim! Just kidding. I took a few selfies as he was enjoying the cold water. 

kern river.
Kern River Graffiti 
From here, we went and found a bar. They were all packed to the brim! We could hardly find one with parking, so we settled with the first one that had a spot for us to park, bought a big bottle of beer that they made themselves and headed back to Ridgecrest.

We had lunch, then headed out shooting. Watch me kick ass with my left hand. I'm right handed.

Night was nice. He had already apologised profusely for his behaviour earlier in the day. I forgave because that's what you do. Unless, of course, you want round Deuce. Just kidding! Or am I?

Dinner, then nice fire outside. We always make a fire when we're out there. Something you can't really do here in LA. 


There's always dishes to do and laundry to be done, cos Mr changes three times a day, everyday. It's not a train smash, he's not an invalid. He throws some clothes in the washer every now and again, it's just that he then forgets them in there. When he remembers, he re-rinses them and forgets them in there again, haha! I always have to make a mental not if I see him do something, cos I know he'll forget, then it's be Brook to the rescue! 

Fun tomboy shot
An old friend's husband gave me the hoodie in the picture. I value it so much cos the friendship has since dissolved. 

She works hard for the money
Pushing a pellet jack! No, that's not a photo op. I was really doing that. This was a job that I had for several weeks, that paid insanely well. I worked with the most funnest people too! We were putting together subscription boxes. At the end of the event, the boss would give us a gift, as if the pay wasn't gift enough. We got good wine and one time; the entire subscription box. He was so cool about how he did that the last day. He made us pull out one random box from the ones we put together. We put them together from setting up the box to the whole thing. Once you had picked it, open it up and see if you put everything the way you should've. If you're pleased with it, That's your box. I jokingly said, err, can I pick another box?

Off to clean a house
As you well know, There's no game in my shame.... or however that saying goes! I work really hard, so I deserve nice things. No?

designer bag collection
Some of my handbags. 
All these bags and more were paid for with my own money, thank you very much! Don't let them tell you otherwise! 

My Christian Louboutins 
Labor of love. A meal I made for him. Cos low carbs for me.

He tried teaching me how to eat with Chopsticks, I still don't know how. Do you?

I won't let the door hit me on my way out. Chat soon!

@BabalwaBrook on all Social media including Youtube. Get at me!

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