Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wedding Gifts

Not yet. Calvin has always wanted a big wedding, I've always just wanted to be married in name. I have ever cared for big weddings, wedding gowns, gifts, the whole shebang! Our compromise was that we will do both. We have done mine, his will be in a while, then the honeymoon. I say, why postpone fun? Let's go honeymooning now! In fact, let's honeymoon after both weddings. Why not?Calvin has a desire to visit South East Asia. That would be a nice honeymoon location. He is infatuated with Hawaii, we could do a destination wedding there. South Africa is also an option, you know, to do something with the family. Speaking of which!

Wedding Gift from Calvin's mom. Bedding

Mind you, Calvin's mom was pretty much the only person who knew about the wedding. She knew before I did that I was getting married the following day. Which means, 100% of people who were invited to the wedding brought us gifts, haha! It was a nice gift too because it was something we needed. Come to think of it, it's time to wash our linen and I have yet to use these. I forgot about them. I washed them and put them away! Oops! So much for needing them!

More Wedding gifts!
We also received a ton of goodies from Omaha Steaks from Mom in Law. She addressed me as Mrs...... Which was the first time I had seen that in writing. She also sent us a card, separately congratulating us on our wedding. She went above and beyond and I truly appreciate her efforts. 

I like to treat myself period for special occasions. I wanted a nice watch, a handbag and a nice pair of shoes. Either of these would have done the trick, depending on price. There I went and found a ton of shoes I liked all at once in a shop! What's a girl to do?

Wedding Gift from me to me.
There's a pair missing here! From left to right, or top to bottom? Kate spade Heels, BCBG Sandals, Jessica Simpson Heels and Calvin Klein Sandals. The missing Pair is by Tommy Hilfiger. I literally bought all these shoes at once in the same store! I walked out of there smiling. I wear the BCBG the most, easy to put on, they have zipper in the back, so no need to tie the front. I know they are not clear, you will probably see them in photos in the future. 

A few days later, I was minding my own business and boom! Different store, same deal! Uh oh! I guess I have to stock up here as well. I bought three pairs of shoes there; a denim Toms wedge, croc pumps, which I use for watering the front yard, I already have an older pair that I use to water the back. It's a tough life, but someone's gotta live it! And I got a pair of Steve Madden sandals, similar to the Jessica Simpsons up top. 

OK, now that I have bought so many shoes, maybe I am set. Or am  I? When you're celebrating something you have wanted for a long time, is there really a limit to how far you should go? Should there be one?

Press Play, it's a video!

In the above video, I was driving around, in high spirits, newly married, always with something to say!

I may have gone window shopping and seen a bag I liked. Should I buy it? 

Coach Bag
Maybe that will be my ONE THING, I splurged on for my wedding. Calvin doesn't have to know. Even though, I would be using my own money to pay for the bag. Should I, shouldn't I, should I shouldn't I?


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