Thursday, June 08, 2017

Lamb Shank

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On our way to The OC from San Diego

On our way back to Los Angeles from San Diego, Calvin took me to a German shopping center type place in Orange County. Apparently, he used to go there with his ex, so, needless to say, I needed to know that he had to take me there as well. The funniest thing was how some lady stared at him as we were approaching the restaurant. The ex lives in The OC, So, that lady could've been her. I half jokingly mentioned to him that the lady was staring at him, is that the ex? He missed the stare and was so curious to see the lady, it almost made me uncomfortable. Like, dude, why are you so interested?

The shopping center is really neat and unique. It's one of those places, you're so glad you've been to. I was starving, so I wanted the biggest plate I could get. Usually, I go for platters, so I can sample as much of what the restaurant has to offer as possible. Calvin had something more normal and simple, haha. I had lamb shank. My goodness, that thing was big! (that's what she said)  The German restaurant we went to was very old school diner. The staff seemed friendly by the place wasn't very clean. I'm sorry, you're serving food out here, somebody wipe the place up, or down, whatever, just wipe it!

The food was divine! My mom always used to say people who don't cook clean, are the best cooks!

lamb shank, german cuisine
Lamb Shank meal
Did I mention that the food was to die for? I could only eat not even half of this meal. I tried to stay clear of the German potatoes and Potato salad. Too much potato! Calvin had some of that for me (or himself?) .

Here I am attacking that shank...

In 3...3...1... ATTACK!
After dinner, back home with my left overs. The following day, I had some of that shank for breakfast. Believe it or not, there was still more left over.

Lamb Stew in progress
Calvin had a grand idea to make a Stew with the leftover shank and that big bone. What you see in the photo, is just a portion of it. Life was good. Eat and be merry!

old town huntington beach
At Old Town, Huntington Beach
This was after the questionable woman who was staring at my fiance. Back on the road again! 

Look out for the next blog, it's gonna be a good one! xoxo

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