Tuesday, May 23, 2017

San Diego! I'm Back!

Calvin had taken the car in for service in Pasadena before our trip to San Diego.

Picking up Calv in Pasadena

Press play on above video, if you like. 

We also went to the shooting range downtown LA one night. Here's that trip below. Click below. 

LA by night!

We enjoyed our walk downtown San Diego. Back to our hotel, to enjoy the amenities before we go to bed.

Finally, made it to SD!

Calvin wanted to go for a swim. Lucky fish! I can't wait till I can swim, so I can swim! We changed and went to the pool. It was nice and warm outside. The pool is on the top floor, so, nice view of SD from up there. Calvin jumped in. I watched. He was doing all kind of things in that water, including upside down jumping jacks, if you can imagine that! 

                  There I am relaxing on the beach chairs with towels on my feet. 

After pool, we went to the gym. Calvin lifted some weights, I got on a couple of machines for the first time in years!

The gym
It was an all round nice evening. Back to our room!

We were both pooped from such an action packed day, we went straight to sleep. The following morning, Calvin had to be at the place very early. We went downstairs for breakfast. It was a nice morning, not hot yet. We had buffet style breakfast in the balcony. From there, Calvin took his luggage with him because we would have had to have checked out by the time he got out.

When we went for our walk the previous day, I did spot one of my favorite stores, so I had to check it out before leaving SD. I rushed over there after breakfast.

shopping san diego
Going Shopping
I had already set up a meeting time with Daniel, so I didn't want to be late for that. I got myself a nice pair of sandals and decided to wear them the same day with my new blue dress.

aldo sandals, blue shoes
New Aldo Sandals
My shoes were nice and comfy, just like I love em. The hat's story is in one of the videos in the previous post. Daniel didn't like my shoes. Apparently, he loves stilettos. Good thing we weren't on a date. I wasn't trying to impress anybody.

Am I losing weight? Hope So!
I could have used a 30minute nap but sleeping's for the dead, so I took a nice, long bath and got ready for my meeting with Daniel. I had to move it for about 30 minutes. I didn't want to rush too much. I was also going to take my luggage with me to his car and check out once and for all, so focus was important. I got ready and headed downstairs. It was nice to be the one waiting. You can't be all sweaty every time you meet someone cos you're always late! (points at self). 

Daniel looked much older this time around. It had been two years since I last saw him. A lot can happen in two years, I know! Look at what's happened in my life since I last saw him! Moved to Vegas, back to LA and in with Calvin.Wow! All that happened in two years? Wait! This was the third year since we met. Whew! 

We sat at the hotel foyer for a little, figuring out how much time we had and what we were going to do with ourselves. Daniel suggested Hotel Del Coronado. I had never heard of this place. Daniel was surprised of that fact, considered I had lived in SD. Oh well! Daniel drove us in his super clean car. He had a situation in his eye that I suggested he got something from the pharmacy for, so we started there. Nice drive to the beach! We got lucky and found free street parking along the bay. We walked to the hotel/resort. This place is massive! It's a landmark. I hear, it's the second largest wooden structure, something something in America. It was the largest resort hotel in the world when it opened in the 1800s. We walked around. It was packed! So early in the morning! 

Hotel Del Coronado

We found a couple of couches, some kind of a lounge, sat there and caught up with each other. We talked about everything under the sun as we always do. I really appreciate Daniel for his wit and his  open mindedness. He told me about his dating life. He's still looking for a much younger girlfriend. He congratulated me on my engagement and told me that he, for a split second considered settling down with a girl. Unfortunately, she turned out to be what he thought she wasn't and she had to go. He was still getting over that when we met up. After talking for hours, we went to lunch around the corner. Mexican. Daniel's treat. The food was nice. I mean, it's Mexican food in San Diego, pretty much, an hour or so from Mexico. Of course it's going to be great! 

After lunch, we cruised back to the hotel. I knew what time Calvin was expecting to be back to the hotel. We tried to make sure I was back on his return. 

We promised not to let that much time pass before we saw each other again; Daniel and I, and parted ways. Unfortunately, D and C didn't get to meet that trip. 

I sat in the foyer and awaited Calvin's return. Not long after I got back, he pulled up. Good thing I was already there, he hates valet, and that's the only parking they have at the hotel we stayed in.

Back to LA, we go! 

PS: Here's a tour of our hotel room.

I will fix these photos later, gotta run. don't know why they are all sideways

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