Monday, May 15, 2017

The Proposal

After the story about the missing ring money, I was despondent. I didn't want to be in a funk, so I had to find positive things to think about. I knew what kind of ring I wanted. I had a ring on my vision board as you may know that I put pictures of my desires up there to encourage the process of them manifesting in my life. After Calvin's trip to the jewelry, where he almost brought home I didn't like, I started saving photos of my ideal ring from the internet. I narrowed it down and made a collage which I subsequently saved as the screensaver on my phone

I had been imagining a wedding ring on my ring finger for more than a year at this point. On and off.

One afternoon, Calvin got home from work and asked if I wanted to tag along downtown. He had an errand to run. Sure! I wasn't doing anything. I left in  what I had on around the house, didn't change outfits.  I am not big on driving downtown LA because of lack of parking. Free parking, that is. I don't want to pay $3 every 20 minutes for parking. Like, who goes anywhere that long? This was my opportunity to go to one of my favorite stores downtown without the added stress of parking. I told Calvin to do his thing and give me a call when he was done.

We parked the car and parted ways. I did my window shopping. Nothing I liked, so off to Grand Central Market to wait for Calv. While there, I called Tebo, my South African friend. After we had talked for an hour, I realized that, wait a minute! Where is Calvin? If I had a dime every time I said that! I hung up with Tebo and just as I did, Calvin called. He asked me to meet him upstairs Angels Flight. This is  right at the back of Grand central Market. I had mentioned to Calv how I had never been up those stairs. Angels Flight is a landmark downtown Los Angeles that happens to be a block away from Carly's where I had stayed for 2 months. This was a great opportunity to finally, get up there!  There are more than 150 steep stairs to get to the top! Normally, I run to the top pf a staircase, and get it over and done with. But this! People were so encouraging on my way up there. "You're almost there!" They were on their way down, so not out of breath like me.  Calvin told me that the view is amazing from the top. I couldn't wait to finally see for myself!
That's me just before the hike up the stairs.
Angel Flight downtown los angeles
Zoom in to the orange to see stairs

Whew! I made it! Calvin was up there waiting. He gave me a hug and we enjoyed the view. It was evening, so the lights were on and that ended to the beauty of it.

As we were holding each other's hands looking at the view, Calvin turned and looked at me. He strarted proclaiming his love for me. From the day we met. How he had never been in love like he is with me. He looked serious! And nervous. His bottom lip was shaking and His big blue eyes, looked moist. I held his hand even firmer to reassure him I felt the same way. Before I knew it, boom! Down on his knee! WHAT! My heart beat fast! He took out a box from hos pocket that so didn't even realize was there and... This was the moment when I told myself. This is happening. It's really happening. Something that you have always wanted is happening. Take it all in. Don't miss a second of it. You want to remember this forever exactly, the way it happened! I paid attention! He said my full name. I didn't even realize he knew my official first name that I never use until that day! "Will you marry me?" My heart skipped a bit, as if it wasn't beating fast as it was! Yes! I whispered. It's the best I could muster (the whisper). I was shaking. He was shaking. He took out just the ring I wanted and told me he exceeded the diamond carats I wanted by a bit. I was floored! Could this moment be more perfect? He tried to slip the ring in my middle finger, I tucked the middle finger in and lead him towards the ring finger.

platinum ring, diamond ring, diamond platinum
My engagement ring!

It was happening! My dream was coming true! It was the perfect time! The perfect moment. The night was young, the view was gorgeous. I was in my favorite city in the whole world. A place I had always wanted to be and didn't know I would ever be. It happened! And now, one of my biggest dreams was coming true before my very eyes! I had just got engaged to my dream guy. A guy I literally dreamed up.  I wrote a list of things I wanted in a man and he fulfilled every one of them. My wildest dreams are coming true one at a time, before my very eyes!

We went for a walk to Pershing Square. They had a liquid shard ( horizontal artwork) that was going to be removed in a day or so of us being there. It was floating in the sky above Pershing Square. We took pictures there.
The long thing above my head
 On our way there, We met a couple of ladies. They were the first people I told about my engagement. They congratulated us. Lo and behold, we bumped into them at Pershing Square again. They remembered us. I didn't remember them until they said something about the engagement. They also took photos of us with our phones.
The Liquid Shard. 15 000ft2 (14002)

We then went to Grand Central market to grab Some tacos and head home. . .

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