Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Birthdays and Anniversaries

I hope those who celebrate had a nice 4th of July!
        Quick! Before today ends, I would like to make an announcement: It's my sister Puma Brook-Thomae's Birthday! Happy birthday, sis! I have sent her messages all over the technology globe because I love her so. I can't wait to call her tomorrow and ask her all about it. She's probably asleep now. Time difference. It should be 3am where she is now. I don't think she will appreciate being called at this hour for birthday details, haha!

It's also my nephew's birthday today. You know what's also cool? They're both in the culinary world. My sister literally wrote a cook book! My nephew is a great chef in Johannesburg. He's on Facebook, check him out, his also single and cute as all get out. Who doesn't love a man that can cook? I know I do, and mine can and does.

Guess what else? Today's my 2 year anniversary with Calvin. I should be in bed, naked, with my legs in the sky; instead, I'm over here, blogging. Don't you just feel bad for him? Don't! He's the luckiest man on earth. He has me! Haha! I could tell you about today, but you know how it goes...chronological order! So, I'll tell you about my sister who's birthdaying today. This was towards the end of last year, 2016. What? Last year? Are we really that behind? It depends who's asking and if you wanna hear the truth or not! I am working on all kinds of projects and I do my best to touch base on all my social media, including this blog. Other than my eBay Store, that I am going HAM on, my YouTube Channel that you already know about (By the way, please subscribe on there and here! To receive notification when I post new content. Likes and Comments go a long way, so feel free to be generous with those.) There are other major projects in the pipeline.

When my sister told me that she was thinking of visiting the West Coast as she has never been, I was almost too nervous to be excited. I didn't want to have my bubble burst later on. She had been in The US not that long before that but we weren't able to meet up. This time, she was going to come straight to LA to visit with me and hubby. Cool! She travels a lot! Every year, she goes to a ton of trips. This is not the story of her life, so I will let her tell you all about that herself. Her ticket was bought! Easy! No need for an invite/invitation from me or anything like that. So, to all those people who have been DM'ing me on social media, asking for invited to come to The US. You don't need one. There are a lot of tourists that come to The US daily. All those people don't have connections here that have invited them. Go ahead and make you wish or visiting The States a reality. Apply for the visa, get hotel accommodation or Air BnB and go to town! If you're in LA, let me know, I would like to say "hi"

The months leading to my sister's visit, I was floating. Whenever I was on the freeway, which is where I do most of my visualization, because LA is so beautiful and my favorite city, ever, I can't help but be inspired when I'm out there in the streets. I would always imagine myself driving my sister there, doing things, laughing so hard, our stomachs hurt. We always laugh when together, be it over the phone or in person. You should hear her partner mimic us when we are on the phone with other. Even if we're chatting via texts, laughter is bound to explode. She's my best friend. In the whole wide world!

I re-washed the bedding in the spare bedroom that I nickname 'My Room' because I love it, my husband calls it the office. Whatever! By the way, I am in that very room right now doing officy things haha. First, I did shipping for the eBay sales I made today, then YouTube, now this! Maybe he's right! Maybe this is the office! It's a very cosy room with Calvin's old bed that's super comfy, my memory foam rug from my old friend Tortoise in Vegas. Remember him? Click on the different colored text to go to the different blogs about those stories.  AND the massage chair is this same room, to name a few. How can you not love? I sent Pru, my sister's aka, a photo of the room and told her it was ready for her.

Calvin was so excited to finally meet my family in person, not just Skype and all that. Pru was so excited to see her room. It made everything real. I had given her a Skype tour of the house but by then, no one knew that she was going to pay us a visit.

She was looking forward to water our garden, she's into that kind of stuff. That's my daily routine, watering the front and the backyard. I was looking forward to getting a break from watering. Granted, whenever I am out there, with nature, literally, watering, I always imagine myself somewhere I can't reveal yet. It will materialize and when it does! You'll be the first to know! Maybe I'll link to this blog when I tell you about it.

Now, let's go back to when I was buying myself wedding gifts. Remember I saw the Coach bag and seriously considered buying it for myself, even though I had already gotten all those pairs of shoes. See previous post for some of those shoes. Side note: Do you see how close to the wedding Prudence (another aka for my sister), came to visit? I know what you're thinking: Why didn't I just wait a few more days to get married? Because when opportunity knows, you open! You don't wait a couple more days now, do you?

I was going to go pick up Pru at the airport. This was going to be my first time at LAX (LA Airport). The only other time I had been in the premises, Calvin and I were getting lost. Story for another day!

I took my recording device along. This one was going to be for the books! I left the house early enough. Somehow Google had kept updating me on my sister's flight details. I was happy about that! I saw that there was a 2 hour or so delay. That helped a whole lot, because it gave me time to go have a look at that Coach bag again. I did and it was still there, so I did any self respecting, red blooded American would... I bought it! Yay, me!

I walked out even more excited because not only was my sister going to be in town but I just treated myself to a designer bag. Hashtag Cloud 9. I hopped in the car, transferred my stuff from old, Steve Madden bag . I've shown you that bag in this blog. Any who! Off to the airport we go!

We're getting closer! I tell ya, when I could see the airport and the planes were flying lower, sht got real! I got emotional. If you squint in the video I'm going to link to, you may be able to see a tear. I couldn't believe that after so may years of being away from my family, I was about to see not only my sister, but my best friend too. Wait, did I manifest this into my life?

in 300ft, turn right, said the GPS lady. Thank you, lady! I got into the airport remembering all the airports I had been to in my short life.Sht! She's here, right now! This is it! It can't be undone. Nobody is going to tell me she's not here. She is! Google told me her flight has landed. If Google says it, then it is so!

I found parking, see the video for all this! It was a beautiful sunny day too. Around 1 or 2pm, so we had the rest of the day to catch up. Oops! Time Difference! Jet lag! Crap!

I walked with recording device in hand, because, again, I didn't want to ever forget this experience! I made my way to her terminal and she called. Just as I was about to enter the terminal, I saw her name Pru, on my phone screen. OMG I can't believe she's here! I walked in and there she was! My heart, my soul, my life, my reason for breathing, my everything! Welcome to the City of Angels! You should feel right at home here as you are one yourself. OMG, what a cheesy line! That would make a good cheesy pick up line.
pumla brook-Thomae, Babalwa Brook
My Twin: Pumla

Happiness! I'll tell you more soon, hubs just got home.

Coach Bag
Coach Bag inside

In the Meantime, said video, enjoy! Comments are greatly appreciated!
Press Play!

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