Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vegas Bound With My Sister

Vegas, it is!
Now, to find accommodation and transportation at such short notice! We both jumped on our phones and got to getting! We didn't want to stay too far from The Strip, so we searched for something along those lines. or Strips?
We found a room on the Vegas Strip with
two queen size beds for the queens that we are. Perfect! Transportation!  Bus! It's going to be a five hour ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Not bad! Thank goodness I don't live in the East Coast! we'd have had to fly! Quick parking and we're ready to hit the road, Jack!

So excited! I hadn't been to Vegas in forever! I'd been meaning to go but wouldn't follow through. Finally! A chance to finally do it and do it with my other other half!
sisters in vegas, vegas twins
Spoiler Alert! We're in Vegas!

By the way, have you seen my sister Plumla's show: KFC Taste Kitchen? It only airs in South Africa for now, Channel 161, Mzansi Magic Fridays at 7pm. Here's a clip of the Show's highlights for ya! Press Play!

My Sister, Pumla - Orange Jacket

Why is my sister's jaw on the floor? Watch and see! So happy for her! I had to watch this numerous times because, well, plot twist! 

Any who! Our bus departed at midnight. We were at the station quite early because my husband had work the following morning. 

black and white luggage handbag
Let's GO!
I bought the bigger bag for myself for Christmas because you have to buy yourself the gifts you know you want and not hope other people will do it for you, lest they don't! I hadn't used it since The Palm Springs Trip. Pru (my sis) only brought big suitcases with her, so I let her use my other carry on piece. Those are good for short trips.

rocawear watch
That's the royal blue strap of the Rocawear watch I had on with a beige strap in a previous blog.

We fell asleep on the bus. That's what I like about traveling overnight. You don't waste precious daylight on traveling, unless the route is scenic and is part of the vacation. We're going to the desert, we're better off catching up on our sleep. 

vegas at 5am
5AM in Las Vegas
Vegas! We have arrived! Good Morning Fremont! Did you miss me?
Click below for us in Fremont.

We got on the bus from downtown Las Vegas, which is where Fremont Street Experience is. From there, the bus took us South on The Las Vegas Boulevard also known as Las Vegas Strip or The Strip

Here's a video of The Strip. Enjoy!


For those of you who understand my mother tongue, Xhosa, I hope we didn't say anything incriminating in our conversation in the above videos.

We went all the way up until the end of the Strip. Then, we got off for breakfast. That's when I saw my guy, Robert Irvine. The guy who's show I have worked on a number of times. 

Above is me on Robert Irvine's TV Show

You should be able to see Burbank Studios in the above clip. That's where he films his show. It's a talk show where he helps people resolve issues. Kinda like Jerry Springer, but toned down several notches. 

Robert has background in the culinary world, fitness, the whole shebang. I believe he has other shows out, other than the talk show. He also has his line of healthy foods and all that. 

Robert Irvine
There he is on the Tropicana Hotel / Resort on the Vegas Strip! Wouldn't it be nice to have your picture blown up like that in the middle of the Strip? That thing is gigantic! That's what she said 

We didn't find what we wanted inside The Tropicana. Some of the places weren't really open yet, considering the hour we showed up?

We got back on the bus and did what any self respecting American would have done... we went to a fast food restaurant. The food sucked but it was open! So that helped! We got what we wanted. Food! 

This was around the corner from my old Vegas place. It brought back memories. 

From there, we really we feeling tired. We decided to go see if they would let us check in early. We had some food left over. That, we took to the hotel with us. 

Fortunately, they let us check in early. It was around ten or so by then. 

Vegas hotel room
Bathe, then bed.

I will try to update about the rest of our trip tomorrow, check back in then.
Thanks for reading, and thanks to all my new readers for tuning in, your support means a lot to this little girl from Africa! I see you!

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