Friday, January 29, 2016

In Other News

After accidentally spending the night at Calvin's from out kayaking date, he called in to work the following day and told them he wasn't going to make it. He wanted to spend a little more time with me. I thought that was sweet. We were famished because we didn't even have dinner the previous night. It was around 6am when we wanted to go out for breakfast and everywhere was still closed, except good ole Mc Donald's. I was like, whatever you do, do not take me to Mc Donald's, that's not cute! We found a Mexican spot that was open and had pig skin burritos. They were very filling. Both of us couldn't finish them.

I left around noon. I didn't want to overstay my welcome. I drove home thinking, did I just go on three very successful dates with the same person? Yay, me!

A few more things that happened around that time in my life:
- I found a sh*t load of Law Of Attraction videos on YouTube and plaid them to death. They're awesome! They put me in high spirits! I read a wad of books. I haven't stopped reading since I started towards the end of 2014 in Vegas.
- I was booked (background work) in Whittier.
Whittier Country Club. Gorgeous! 

 Kind of a drive from where I live, fortunately, I found someone on Facebook whose daughter was booked for the same gig. They live 2miles (3.2km) from my house, so we carpooled. We used their car, less gas.She's a nice 18 year old girl who says she's shy and quiet but we talked about all kinds of things on our one hour drive to set. She's a cool kid. I always get along with kids, all ages, from infant to infinity. It's fun!
Might as well pose!

The shoot was ok, there were a lot of people, they fed us lunch at the end of the day, more than 7 hours later. At least, they paid us meal penalty to make up for that.
Cameraman, Brook haha

- I worked on a set in North Hollywood, on a plane with dummies that look like plane crash victims that were not found for years.
That's me...and them

 It was eerie.
Here they are again

 That was a nice gig, I was booked for two days. I could use more of that!
They booked me off my headshot and asked me to wear the outfit I had on in the headshot. Fortunately, I still have it. This was me on set.

- I worked around Hollywood and had a nice time, meeting new people, catching up with old folks I've worked with before.
- My three month popsugar subscription expired. I must have only used three things from all three of the boxes I got from them. I'm glad I didn't pay for those three months.
- My beloved Vogue sunglasses I got from my Vegas landlord broke, I still mourn their loss.
That's me with them on outside the Kardasian store Dash
Outside Lisa Vanderpump of the Real housewives of Beverly hills restaurant SUR,also featured on Vanderpump rules
- I subsequently got a pair from popsugar, one of the few things I found to be useful, I wore those everyday, for about three days, they broke on around the third day. So much for that!
Before these newbies broke, they have a nice matte finish frame. On my way to set in Hollywood
- Two or so, more of my sunglasses broke. I wear sunglasses almost all the time, so.
Just left The Doctors taping in Paramount Studios - Hollywood. New sunnies
- I bought a nice pair of Rocawear sunglasses, they were really fancy! The kind that looks like a mirror. They broke at the end of week one. I paid more for those sunglasses than all the shades I have. Oh well!
New Rocawear Shades, on the way to set in Hollywood

- I went to American idol, randomly, got lucky to find the last free parking spot near the Kodak theatre. the odds are incredible! I knew that the episode was going to be a concert, but then aren't all episodes of Idol? Turned out, it was going to be a real concert! JLo performed! PitBull Performed! Ricky Freaking Martin performed a mashup of all his hits, #treat ! And most of all, Chris Brown performed!
American Idol Wrist Band
Not that you didn't already know this but Chris Brown is an amazing dancer and JLo has a great body. That was my second or third time seeing JLo.

- My kitchen sink got blocked. I think it was the food dispenser. Time for a repacement! 
Leaking food dispenser

I tried to fixed the clogged sink myself while waiting for management to send plumber

As you can imagine, that wasn't a nice smelling situation. I am capable of taking care of most things around the house, so I had to try. I wasn't going to wait forever whose house is not smelling, or is, to come and take care of it.

I managed to get rid of the smelliness. I took the food dispenser apart and put it back up
Unfortunately, all my work didn't fix the sink. The plumber came over in about three days of reporting the issue. He fixed it in no time flat!

- This happened!

Leaking tap / faucet
I had to send for a plumber for that as well. They took care of it much faster than the drain. They just replaced the leaking one with a new one.

- As I was taking care of my Beverly hills apartment's renovations, clearly! I was also taking care of my condo in South Africa. I was waking up at odd hours of the morning to catch people while they were still up and in the office, or whatever the case may be. A log of work was done in my condo last year!

- I drove around the neighborhood for the heck of it.
On my way home from set. Wilshire Boulevard. 

I will definitely miss this neighborhood when I no longer live here. It sure is beautiful!

Beverly hills library. I think the city hall is behind me

Next door. I want this car! Navy Porsche Carrera Cabriolet. 

- One day something said to open the cupboard above the fridge in the kitchen, so I did and guess what I found?

Great Find!

Remember the prophet I told you about that I met doing background for Pharrell Williams' Music video for Freedom in this blog?

The prophet and I

I had my black lipstick on for that shoot.

Black Lipstick

We did a church scene where we sang along and did what you do when the spirit moves you. We had to look like we were sweaty, so...
Fake sweat. Real on my face and the rest is fake

-I drank a lot of smoothies, made with all kinds of concoctions.

Chocolate shake and pear

Strawberry, banana and yogurt

- I went to the talk a couple of times or so. It was ok.
At CBS in Studio City. The Talk
It's always nice to see celebs you never dreamt of seeing. One of the days at  The Talk, I saw Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from friends. She's so beautiful and so slim. 

Last Comic Standing's Tony Baker and I at the Improv comdey club that day!

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