Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Haunted Hotel in Las Vegas

Happy New Month of August, everyone!

We're in Vegas, they let us check in early, thank goodness! Our room did smell like cigarette smoke though! We turned on the A/C as soon as we got in there, to try and, I guess, kill the smell? My sister, Pumla, took a bath first. I was walking around, taking videos. Here's a video of our hotel room...

Our Las Vegas Hotel Room, Circus Circus

The A/C was amazingly cold. This is Vegas we're talking about, hot as hot can be! I took a bath and changed into night gown. Nap time! But first, I sent the photo in the bottom of the previous blog to my husband Calvin and he loved it! So much that, he kept telling me how it's his favorite photo of me. He hadn't seen me that happy, etc. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder! What do you think? You've seen me in photos, and some of you in person, do you agree about that photo?

Good thing, we took some snacks to the hotel room with us! We were in there for a while! We woke up at alternate times, I would wake up and see that my sister was still asleep, I'm sure, vice versa. By the evening, we contemplated going to The Strip but were too tired to care. Back to sleep, it was! I tell ya, I had never been that tired in my life! I've been on short trips where I don't spend the entire trip in bed! This was different! It must have been all the shopping trips we had been embarking on in Los Angeles.

It's the middle of the night, we're both awake. I was feeling guilty that my sister, who, by the way, paid for the entire trip! Yup, she treated me to a trip to Vegas, how lucky am I? I was feeling some kind of way that we were wasting her trip on sleeping. I was glad she woke up, so, I was like, I know it's 2am, but this is a city that doesn't sleep; would you like to go for a stroll on The Strip? She told me, she was fine taking care of that the following day, no rush. Let's all just rest it out, it's not the end of the world. I love that girl! She is the chillest chick you will ever met! I just like that, she wasn't those people that are always in your face, pressurizing you to entertain her. With someone like her, you have to be considerate, and ask questions. Of course, she's not a mime, she can speak up if need be.

While we were up around 1am, Pumla told me that she felt some kind of a weird presence, IN OUR ROOM! It felt like it was going towards her, she woke up and, saw nothing! The reason that freaked me out is because we don't believe in ghosts. I knew that she wouldn't (A) make something like that up, or (B) be paranoid to a point where she believes there's a ghost in a room.  I freaked out but wasn't scared to the point that I couldn't be in the room in the dark, fearing that there's a ghost in our room because I'm not superstitious. Eventually, we went back to sleep. Are you counting the hours? We're surpassed 12 hours of sleep at this point! When have you ever slept that long and why?

I woke up, screaming Pumla's name! I had goosebumps all over my body! It was still the middle of the night and the same thing that happened to my sister, was happening to me. What?!?!?!?! It was like there was an uninvited person in our room and he was approaching me! We ended up talking about all things scary for a couple of hours. Which should be a sure way not to be able to go back to a peaceful sleep but it didn't have that effect.

Breakfast time! We were famished, took baths, I looked around for a buffet close by. I love buffets because, Vegas! Secondly, you get to sample a ton of different foods at a price of one meal.

ticket machine in vegas
But first! Tickets!
I'm the one in white! Haha!
Walk to the bus stop. Check out the souvenir store right by the stop, miss our bus, wait a little longer in the sun because our bus left a few minutes ahead of schedule. 

isn't she lovely
Isn't she so cute!
Upstairs the casino/resort we were going to lunch at, joined the membership program in order for us to qualify for a discounted meal. Why not, right?

Vegas buffet

Las vegas buffet
Some of our plates

I never have just one plate of buffet.  Why? When I can keep going, and have a bit of everything? 

dessert buffet las vegas
Someone's enjoying her food!
Yup! The food was that good!

We complimented the food to the waitress, she was nice enough to call the chef for Pumla to meet him. He came out, big, tall guy, he looked like a chef. Or an Opera singer. Sweetest guy. They talked a bit and he went back to the kitchen. Pumla took a photo with him. You'll have to ask her for that photo :). Speaking of cooking, if you're in South Africa, I hope you're watching her cooking TV Show, KFC Taste Kitchen, Fridays at 7pm, repeats Saturday and Sunday at 2pm on Mzansi Magic, channel 161. Do let me know what you think of it. Press Play Below!

Thanks to everyone who's been watching and for your feedback on all our social media and WhatsApp. I see you! 

dessert buffet in vegas
German Chocolate Cake, mhhh!
I remember when I first had German Chocolate cake. I lived in San Diego with Perry. Remember him?

desserts in las vegas
More dessert!
Everything was so good here! Of course, nobody finished everything. A little bit of each item, except the super delicious ones, well then...

'Til next time!

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