Friday, August 04, 2017

Shopping in Las Vegas

Having survived our haunted Las Vegas Hotel room,  and good buffet food, shopping was the next logical step. Shopping in Las Vegas! Let's go! I know a few Vegas Malls, so it wasn't a train smash finding one. or three. There are also the Las Vegas Outlets. Two of them, one on each end of Vegas. I am not a big fan because I may or may not know of Outlets in Los Angeles too that are
more worth my while.

hard rock care, mariah care's mic
Mariah Carey's Diamond Mic

I had been wishing for a Michael Kors handbag for a minute and a half. I wanted something neutral in color. It would have been nice to find one in our shopping trip in Vegas. We went to one mall, saw a bunch of things but nothing stood out. Also, my sister, Pumla, had already done so much shopping in LA, that something would have to really stand out for her to grab it in Vegas. I did see a Michael Kors Hamilton bag though! Unfortunately, it wasn't a color I liked. It was navy. Which is an ok color, no offence to all the navy bag owners of the world, but I wanted a different color.
blonde dreadlocks
Vacation mode

There's a friend of mine, Tortoise, remember him? He still lives in Vegas. I was hoping to be able to see him while out there. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately? He bought himself a new car. It's a 2 seater, so there wasn't going to be enough room for all three of us to go somewhere. I told him that I wanted to see him anyway, asked if he wanted to meet up at our hotel on The Strip. He was down. We were to let him know when we were back there.

Next mall, on The Strip! Everything is beautiful but not a bargain hunter's dream. We continued, up The Strip, where I found two pairs of Guess High Tops that I was interested in. I wanted to buy only one of them but couldn't decide between black and brown. I'm not a big fan of black but the ones they had were cute in both colors. (I'll link to this blog when I have a photo of those sneakers on. I can't find the photo right now. It's somewhere on Facebook). Long story, short, I went with the brown ones.

Next door, more shopping! Lo and behold, they had the bag I liked in all kinds of colors. Shoot! Now what? I took a photo and sent it to my lovely husband, Calvin. Speaking of which, he had been calling me ever hour, asking what I was doing, telling me how much he missed me. It was cute at first...but I bent over and took it like a champ! That's married life, isn't it? You have the privilege of having someone check up on you constantly!

michael kors bag, hamilton bag
Michael Kors Hamilton Bag
How do you like the bag? It's more dusty pink in real life, if you can't tell from the picture.

Husband called again.I kinda mentioned that I would like that bag. He laughed and told me he didn't mind buying it for me if I would buy him the gun he wants. 

So, that didn't happen! 

Next stop, Hard Rock Cafe where they have all things rock! 
 The Mic up top was in there. 
hard rock cafe las vegas
More on Mariah Carey
We took a ton of photos here.
hard rock cafe, elvis presley
Dabbing in front of Elvis Presley's outfit

There's a restaurant right across from where we had one of our photo shoots, but whatevs.

kfc taste kitchen, pumlas food
Pumla, looking cute as always
More photos upstairs!

elvis presley, hard rock hotel
Sitting o the throne like the queen that I am. 

If you've been to Vegas, do share about your experiences under the comments section.

'til next time!

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