Friday, August 11, 2017

Hollywood And Beverly Hills Tour

Our time in Vegas is running out, we won't be able to meet up with Tortoise. I called and let him know that. We made our way to the bus station. A little waiting and we were on the road back to The City of Angels. Calvin picked us up from Union Station. He took us to the famous Phillippe's for breakfast, downtown LA. I was too tired to care, so I waited in the car for them. We took the food home. There was so much
food, you would swear we were having a party!  Pumla, my sister, loved the sandwiches. It's thick sandwiches with real meat inside and gravy on the side to dunk the whole thing in. I, personally, am not a fan of wet bread, so just the sandwich does the trick. I was already on diet then, so I had the meat only.

I had to take my sister to Hollywood! What's a trip to LA without a visit to Hollywood, right? I had to show her my old hood! It was a nice day, the sun was out! Honey, we're going to Hollywood! We started off with the studios, I showed her The Dr Phil / The Doctors Studios, we took photos outside. The nice thing about this studio is that, you can see the Hollywood sign all the way up from there. Pumla, is pretty sharp, you don't have to tell her where everything is, some of these places, she spots herself before I even show her. It's kinda fun!

After the studios, as you can imagine, there are many of them in Hollywood, we headed to The Boulevard, aka Hollywood Boulevard. It was packed! As Usual! I realized that my meter was going to run out of credit, so I rand back to the car and let Pumla do the rest of sight seeing by herself. By then, we had already seen the most important things and signs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We had taken several photos etc. There's a nice view of The Hollywood Sign from Hollywood and Highland mall, which is right along The Boulevard, I showed her that as well. 

We had no way of calling each other, so I told her where to wait for me, I was going to rush back to the car, and drive to our meeting spot. That happened and there she was, in her cuteness! Do you know how nice it is to pick up your family in a foreign country you have not seen your family in for years? You don't get used to the feeling, even if you had just parted ways  minutes prior. 

When we were done with Hollywood, the next logical thing was to show herReal Housewives of Beverly Hills  Lisa VanderPump's restaurants in West Hollywood. SUR and PUMP are both in West Hollywood and Villa Blanca is in Beverly Hills. Needless to say, from WeHo, we headed to The Hills of Beverly! We did, Rodeo Drive, of course! A few other spots, guess who spotted Villa Blanca first? Yup! My sister did! We drove around that block twice so she can take photos both there and at Kyle from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Store next door. In fact, there's another business between the two of their businesses; KLS by Kimora Lee Simmons, if you remember her from the reality show, Fabulousity, Tyra Banks' bff from their modeling days?

beverly hills sign, beverly hills logo
Two Brooks in Beverly Hills
Mama, we made it!

We made a large family that sounded African when we got there, that may be them in the background behind Pumla's head. I didn't want to ask, we were too busy having fun. Pumla's so sweet, she turned around and gave me a kiss as we got off the car at the Beverly Hills Sign. She thanked me and told me she was having a good time. I tear up just thinking about that because, so was I. I was having the time of my life!

playboy mansion, playboy mansion picture
This is outside Playboy Mansion
I had to take her to the Playboy Mansion because she and I were big fans of the Girls of the playboy mansion show back in the day.

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