Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tour of The Playboy Mansion

All these places are 8-10 minutes from my house and each other, so I didn't have to drive that far.

I headed over to The Playboy Mansion. There I was, driving by myself, getting closer to my destination, excited as heck that I was going to see The Girl's  Next Door's (Girls of the Playboy Mansion's) house. I used to watch that show back in the day when I still lived in South Africa. It was one of my guilty pleasures. I never really thought I would be just outside the mansion one day! And yet, there I was!

As I was about to face the house, there are so many trees around there and the house are so big that one house can occupy an entire block. There came this convoy from the Mansion. My heart beat fas! There was  a stretch Limo, two Porches, and a Bentley. I tell ya, my pupils dilated! I was so hyped up! I was like shoot, Hugh Hefner is probably in one of those cars! Probably the Limo because it was heavily tinted. I looked inside all the cars, the drivers were looking at me like they are CIA or something, take it easy yall! Mhh, come to think of it! Maybe they were the CIA! Haha. By the way, I tried to take pictures of the Convoy but my phone froze. THE ENTIRE TIME!

I slowed down, getting ready to park and walk as close as possible to the house. As soon as I put my signal (indicator) on, boom! A parking police car showed up! He parked right in front of me. I had my phone phone in my hand ready to snap away but that thing was frozen and the cop person was looking straight at me. I had no chance! In fact, I couldn't even park where I was! There are clear signs that you are not to park anywhere at any time!

I drove further around the bend, trees everywhere, really dark as if it's not sunny out. The trees sheltered the entire street. I took a few pictures and as I was going to make a U-Turn and try again, I looked at my map to check if I wasn't close to anyone famous' house. Boom! The Spelling Manor! It was right in front of me! That's where I was turning! I have never seen such a big house! That thing has like 127 bedrooms or so! Anyway, I took a picture or two of the part of the house I could see, what with all the tall fences and trees. I made my U-turn and went back to Hugh's lol as if we're acquainted!

As I was getting closer, I started taking pictures  to make sure my camera isn't frozen. The police guy was still there! He looked at me as if to say, 'I knew you'd be back!' Dang it! A TMZ bus showed up as I pulled up. I could hear the tour guide saying, 'To our right, is the Playboy Mansion!'

The Playboy Mansion to the right

I found a spot to park up the street. I got out of the car to take a picture, I was going to zoom in as much as possible. The dude got out of his car and went towards the gate. Oh dang! What the Eff?!?!!?!?!?!? It became a dangerous game of Cat and Mouse!  No words spoken, just actions.

I couldn't take one picture with that man standing there staring at me, daring to try!

Entrance to The Playboy Mansion
I can assure you and that police man, I will be back! Haha, The mansion may have since been sold but Hugh still lives there! I wanna talk on the talking rock outside.

Can I tell you, all the pictures I took out there disappeared? The pictures from outside Spelling Manor, that house no longer belongs to Tori Spelling's mom, disappeared too! What in the freaking Eff is that all about?

Random Fact: Hugh Hefner and I almost share a birthday. His is April 9th. Mine, April 10th.

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