Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tour of Beverly Hills

Calvin has been asking me to move in with me. I told him that it would be best if we waited until my lease ended. That would also give me more time to enjoy my dream apartment.

Once the new year came, it was time to revisit things. There were only a few months left before the lease ended and I would have to put in a month's notice before moving out. Things, all of a sudden, seemed to move so fast! I started getting all sentimental about living in Beverly Hills. I thought to myself, if I do move in with this man, I will be moving far, far away from The Hills of Beverly. What will I miss the most about this great neighborhood?

My Street

They were doing street sweeping day, at least on my side of the street. Hence, no cars.

A block away from me

That's when I decided to go for a drive around town just for the heck of it. It always triggers some feel good-ery. I started off in Rodeo Drive. That's always fun! You know what? It's always sunny on Rodeo Drive! I don't know if it's me tripping but that's always been my experience! I then headed to a spot I had always wanted to check out; Greyston Mansion. I believe a lot of movies were filmed there. It's beautiful and open to the pubic! That's what I read on the reviews. On my way from Rodeo to Greyston, I passed SUR (Sexy, Unique, Restaurant; If you've seen Vanderpump Rules, the reality TV show, or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know about SUR. Or if you've been there, because it's not just on TV shows, it's a real restaurant. I have never eaten there because the reviews are so bad but I like driving past, knowing that that spot is  a TV spot haha.

SUR Restaurant (Sexy Unique Restaurant)
I stole a quick shot of the back of SUR. If you've seen the show, you've seen the purple and white back of the building where the staff usually goes during break. Mainly, to smoke, haha. One day, I passed it and Lisa Vanderpump's Rolls Royce was in the driveway.

I made a wrong turn and ended up facing Hollywood instead of further up the hills in Beverly Hills. SUR is in West Hollywood. Right on the edge of BH. 

I found myself on Sunset Strip. 

Sunset Plaza on Sunset Strip
Nice views of LA from Sunset Strip. Sunset Strip is amazing period.

View of LA from Sunset Strip
From Sunset Strip, I headed toward Greyston Mansion. Knowing how many Famous people I know of live in Beverly Hills, always makes me wonder when I drive through the homes whose houses I may be driving past.

Greystone Mansion

It was a nice and sunny afternoon as you can see.

Sadly, the actual mansion was closed
The pictures I have don't do the entire place any justice. It looks like it would be the perfect venue for an amazing outdoors wedding. There are so many places that can be the isle and the alter!

Pretty waterfall. Probably man made


There are notices all over the places that photography is not allowed. I didn't know if that included photography with cellphone or flash or what?

Security guard or soldier walked past me as I was taking this selfie. He didn't say anything though. But there was a lady who was a professional photographer having a full on photo shoot with a model. That didn't end well. Security stopped her. The place is full of cameras, so they can bust you nicely while. There's a clear notice that people should get a clearance if they want to have photo shoots there. Maybe she thought she wasn't going to get busted.

This picture won't rotate. 
All the trees are well manicured!

My fave shot

There was a cute couple on a date in a hidden spot, between Some Blue Italian Cypress trees.  First, the trees are forming an isle and when you get to the other side, the couple was sitting on the wall, the girl had a bouquet of flowers in her hand and the guy was serenading her with ukuele, playing Isn't she lovely. It was so adorable, I couldn't!

Blue Italian Cypress
I had a nice, zen time at the Greyston Mansion then decided, I felt too good to go home yet, so  I looked on my map to see what else was close to where I was. Not knowing that Tom Cruise's house and Halle Berry's were right across the mansion, (or used to be, I don't know how up to date my source is), I headed for The Playboy Mansion.......

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