Saturday, October 03, 2015


Still stranded outside Carly's, I couldn't even go out the building because I had a night gown on, no shoes, no bra, no nothing! You know how it is! I went to one of the windows on the hallway, sat there and regrouped while I enjoyed the sunrise. I found a nice, pink rubber bracelet written BELIEVE!  I took that as a sign that things would work out in the end as they always do.

I went back to the door with new gusto. I knocked and knocked and knocked, NOTHING! BELIEVE it or not! There was nobody in the hallway, it was so early, I felt so bad that I wasn't even an official resident and I was waking the neighbors up but who wants to sit in the hallway not knowing their future. The longer I was stuck out there, the more I needed to pee. I had to distract myself and not thing about that because there was nowhere I could go pee.

Eventually, I thought to go downstairs just to see if someone could come up with a better idea than  just knocking on the door. I found a kind gentleman about to head out on his bicycle. I asked if he knew the manager's number.I was going to ask for Carly's phone number, then call her and ask her to open. That's hoping her phone wasn't on silent. Also, she screens her calls, there was a high chance she wasn't going to pick up when I called but I had to have faith, and BELIEVE! The kind man called the manager and asked for Carly's number. The manager asked who I was. I told him I was Bee, I didn't want to complicate things more than they already were. Apparently, Carly tried not to disclose that she had a roommate when Bee moved in, management went for inspection and found an entire bed and stuff showing that there was a roommate, they started charging Carly $100 extra per month for having an extra person in her apartment. I didn't want them charging her another additional $100 because of me.

I should've told them, that would teach her not to leave people soaking in their own urine outside when it would only take her a minute to get up and open the door. Come to think of it, Maybe she used that time to go through my stuff while I was out there, because I left everything carelessly on the coffee table, thinking I would be right back. That was the only chance she had with my journal and stuff, she must have been having withdrawal symptoms since  I started hiding my stuff from her.

The manager texted the man Carly's number. We called Carly. She didn't pick up. I left her a voicemail. Nothing! I wasn't going to make the poor man wait there for a diva that was probably never going to get out of bed for a peasant like me. I then asked the Good Samaritan if I could send Carly a text telling her that I was locked out to please let me in. She called as soon as she got the text. I told her I was on my way up. She opened for me. I didn't even want to get to it and be all confrontational and sht. That was just another sign that that was not my home. It was another reminder that I shouldn't relax there. I had to find my own place fast and GTFO (get the fck out).

When she opened, she was like, hey girl, how are you? I  was just like, I was like, I wold be so much better if you didn't ignore me for two hours outside your apartment like some second hand citizen. She was like, 'What do you mean?' I told her I was locked out, I had been knocking for hours! She replied, 'Awwwwww, I didn't hear it! I'm making breakfast, would you like some?' I was like, wow, that's how we're going to end the conversation? I didn't say that but I thought it. Stuff like that causes resentment. It makes you crave an opportunity to get back at a bitch. Doesn't it?

We had to act like there wasn't an elephant in the room. At least I had to act, I think Carly was doing just fine!

One afternoon, I got a missed calls from Bee while in Hollywood, she had locked herself out. It was very easy to get out of Carly's apartment. I was too far and on set, so I couldn't help. For whatever reason, Carly couldn't help either. In fact, I think Bee had forgotten her key at school. She had to drive all the way back, she wanted to get ready for work. She ended up being late.

By the way, the key that I had left inside the apartment, I had cut for myself with my own money. When I first moved in, I had to work with Carly's schedule, which I totally respected. I usually work in Hollywood, she works in Beverly hills and the apartment is downtown. I wouldn't always get hold of her on the phone because she doesn't like it when people blow up her phone, so, sometimes she just ignores everybody's calls. I personally haven't seen her ignore calls when she's around me, but I have had my calls be ignored. Just saying. People forget that when you're around them a lot, you know what their MO (modus operandi or method of operation) is.

One day, she left the key with me. I was going to go to the store while she went to school but I was going to get back before her and had no plans to go anywhere else that day. First thing I did was go to a locksmith and get myself spare keys. What she would do was, she would live her life like she didn't have someone extra in her house who is paying and just go all the way to Beverly Hills without telling me anything and then when  I get out of a show, Carly is at work and can't get to the phone. Or she would send me a text telling me that if I needed the key, she was at work. Meaning, btch, feel free to come get the key all the way in Beverly hills. Good like driving 45 minutes in traffic to come pick up a $1.50 key from me that I could have just cut you a spare of forever ago!  I would then have to drive an hour to her apartment from her job.

Is it me, or is that whole arrangement mean? I did that twice and thought to myself, I can't be doing this. My car is a V8, it's a gas guzzler, I didn't want to find myself resenting my amazing car because I was dealing with a very mean, selfish, diva! So I did what any self respecting human being would do and got myself spare keys. I even got the main door key cut. That took me a while because not all people will do that for you because it's written DO NOT COPY on it. But I found someone. That cost me $5 but it was worth it! I thought to myself that when I move out, I would throw away the keys as far as possible. I was not going to give that girl keys I had worked so hard to get for free. Fck that!

The day I was locked out, when we called the manager, he told me that they don't have spares for Carly's apartment because she locked herself out once, they gave her those keys and told her to return them and she never did. Turns out Carly gave those keys to Bee because she was too cheap to spend $6.50. She works in a restaurant, that's tips to her. Come on!

Anyway, she soon found out that I had my keys because I was no longer blowing up her phone trying to find out where she was when I wanted to go home. She gets home at midnight or sometimes 1 am from work, so there was no way of waiting for her in the car after work. That's why  I had to drive all the way to her job.

One day, it was at noon. I wanted to get my mail, I took the mailbox key, that too was another mission. Carly only had one, she never even made spare for Bee. Bee had been living there for half a year when I got there. I had to have my mail forwarded from my old Vegas address, so I used Carly's address, with her permission. We all had to wait for her to check the mail. So controlling! I asked her to leave the key somewhere in the house in case someone needed something urgently and she wasn't home. She did. I tried to get a spare cut, the guy didn't have the material they use to make that particular key. Bummer!

This one afternoon, I took the mailbox key and then locked the door behind me. I forgot the dog on apartment key! My mind was so focusing on the Mailbox key! Fck! The elevator wasn't working. I didn't want to walk all the way down five flights of stairs and back to get the mailbox key, so I ended up forgetting the door key. Fck it! The thing I wanted had arrived in the mail but how was I going to get back inside? I had to go through the same process again, getting Carly's key. Luckily, this time, I saw a lady in the hallway, she seemed nice. I greeted her, introduced myself and told her what I had just done. She invited me over to her apartment, which was just next door. She offered me something to drink and some pumpkin pie! I know! Talk about hospitality! We called the manager, got Carly's number, texted her and asked for Bee's number. They were both at school, so no hope there. I had a show in an hour and a half and hadn't showered yet.

I had to think fast. The lady let me use her internet. I went on Youtube and searched for ways to break in. None worked. The neighbor was so sweet, she was breaking in with me. Eventually, I was like, let me go downstairs. I didn't have a key, so I couldn't get out of the apartment block, or else I would be locked out of that too. I had my night gown on, a blazer and shoes, go figure. It was quicker to put that on than a bra. I opened the main door and saw a guy leaning by the wall waiting for the bus. I was peeping out just with my head because I didn't want to risk getting locked out. I asked the guy if he could do me a favor. He said yes without even asking me what it was. What an angel! I told him what my situation was, he came all the way up with me, used a knife to chip off part of the door that was in line with the lock. He noticed that that part was not wood, apparently someone had already broken in before and used some other material to patch the thing which made it that much easier for us to re-break in. What a silly system!

The guy let me in in less than ten minutes. I was so happy, I literally jumped up and down for joy. I grabbed my wallet and tried to pay him but he blatantly refused my money. He told me to take that money and fix the door, lmao. I gave him a hug and asked for his number, I wanted to take him out some time. He didn't have a phone. He told me I didn't owe me anything and left. Thank you guy, you saved my life! The lady from next door told me to buy her sweet potato pie as a thank you, so that was our deal.

I took a quick shower and headed for Hollywood. I didn't even tell Carly what happened. Why bother. Bee's response to my text about being locked out was: I'm at school! So clearly I was alone on that one. I still think she thought I was around when she was locked out, maybe she thought I could've done more. Oh well!

The following week, I was booked at Warner Brothers. That didn't last long, so I headed back home. There was so much traffic, I found a 99 cents store in Studio City and went in there to kill time. Best 99 cents store ever! While wandering about their isles, I got a call from Carly. She locked herself out! Buuaaahhhahahahah! Evil laugh - in my head. She was so stressed out, she had two hours to kill, needed to pee and wanted to eat. I told her that I was in Studio City, I didn't even feel bad or try to rush downtown ASAP. If she couldn't get out of bed to open the door, why should I drive in traffic and waste gas to save her ass? She tried to keep me on the phone to kill time, I was like, listen, I'm kind of in the middle of something, can we talk later? I wanted her to feel every minute of being locked out!


Unknown said...

Yuuu I have never seen selfishness like that. I would have made sure that it was discussed.

Brook said...

I knew that nothing would've come out of it. I was just saving myself more frustration by sweeping it under the rug.