Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bank Roberry

One afternoon, while minding my own business, I got a call from The head of nursing. The one who had texted me before about the sexual harassment claims. I was about to go to bed, just got home from visiting Ted in the hospital. She wanted me to go to the office, she needed to talk to me. I was tired, I needed whatever little bit of sleep I could get before going back to work that night. I went to sleep. If it were that important, she would call. I still don't get this thing of professionals using text messaging! I couldn't help but wonder what she wanted to talk to me about. Nothing happened that night at work.

The following afternoon, I got a call  from the supervisor. He told me management wanted to talk to me, he was going to pick me up if I needed a ride. CRAP! Why won't these people leave me alone! He wouldn't tell me what it was about. He told me he wasn't allowed to tell. Uhm, excuse you! Youŕe going to disturb my peace and then tell me youŕe not at liberty to tell me what it's about! Really? He came by to pick me up and hinted that it was about the resident who had an issue with me, I talked about it here. I thought to myself, awesome, I am going to get fired again! Just what I need. I'm gonna be homeless and jobless.

When I arrived at the office, head of nursing was in there, the company social worker and my supervisor. IT was serious! I just wanted to wrap it up and go to bed. There was nothing I could do to change anybody's mind, might as well get some rest. They wanted to hear my side. I don't have high opinions of those people, I won't lie to you. After they let me go, I didn't care anymore, I will say, though that, I felt like they really listened to me when I gave them my side of the story. They told me they would forward the paperwork to the Department of Health and let me know the following week their findings. In the meantime, I wasn't allowed in that room. That was one more room I wasn't allowed in. Inasmuch as I was relieved not to have to see that woman's face, It wasn't a good look for me to have more and more people not wanting me to work on them. Maybe I should move to LA and start afresh!

One afternoon, on the bus home from Ted's, I saw the Jamaican lady who started just before I was let go from work? She looked rather miserable. I asked her what was going on? She told me that she got hurt at work. Not my story to tell but she couldn't find another job because of the injury and she wasn't getting paid workmen's compensation. I told her that I did hear about it when I returned to work. She told me that she was o longer talking to my friend from work. The lady they were the biggest fans of when they started out. I was like, really no? Why on earth is that? (in an accent haha). She told me the lady is two faced, she will sell you out in a flash. WWwaaahhhhhahahahahahahah #EvilLaugh Now you tell me! They were all acting cute, following her like loyal puppies, telling her all their secrets. Throwing me under the bus in front of the supervisor thinking that they were the world's best CNA, it was all a facade! Waahahahahaha! Serves you right! Enjoy your never ending sick leave biiiaaatttcchhh! I got off two stops after she got on the bus, lucky! I didn't have to listen to the rest of her depressing story. See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!

I was glad that they didn't fire or suspend me for that lady's report. I was looking for a job in LA, just in case I ended up moving. I had an over the phone interview with an agency who deals with Home health care for the elderly. The interview lasted about a month. I Was on my way to view an apartment when they called. Try trying to impress someone while trying to find a place you have never been to and trying not to doze off cos youŕe so tired too. As my niece said this morning, I'm taking the phrase juggling things to the next level. I didn't get the place. It was too depressing, I think the guy was disappointed to see me, and vice versa, so c ya!

I started looking up hotels and other temporary accommodation in Los Angeles as my plan C. The guy who interviewed me asked to do a Skype interview the following morning with his business partner and I. I waited for their call the following morning. Partner was a no show! I ended up being interviewed by the same guy all over again. Same amount of time. Talk about redundancy! He told me that he liked me and wanted me to work for his agency, he was going to email me the contract which I was to email back to him and to call him when I arrived in LA. I was excited! Things were going the right direction! I got a call from an assisted living (old age home), they asked for my Resume (CV), I sent it to them, lady called me back, I missed her call, I called her back, she missed mine, #PhoneTag. Not cute, aint nobody gut time for dat!

While busy with all the drama of work and Ted and moving and and and, I got an email from my bank confirming the change of email address I had requested. I never requested any changes! I called to find out what the kcuf was going on. They assured me it was nothing, I had a feeling it wasn't nothing, I asked them to double check my balance and tell me what they say. The money hadn't been touched, thank goodness! That very night, I got an email from the bank again, telling me that someone tried to make a transaction on my account, they wanted me to call the bank asap. I did, I kept getting disconnected. I was torn because the lady from the bank had previously told me that that wasn't the bank contacting me, to disregard those emails. I went ahead and forwarded the emails to their Scam email address, just in case.

The following morning, I tried to access my account online and couldn't! I freaked out! I went outside work and called the bank, the guy was like, mam, I'm so glad you called, we've been looking for you! What? Why is the bank looking for me? He told me that someone did in fact try to wire money from my account, he wouldn't tell me how much. I was dying! IT was freezing outside and I was feeling hot. This is like 5 oclock in the morning! He put me through to his supervisor who in turn put me through to the fraud department. What the heyl! The cool took what seemed like forever, they still wouldn't tell me anything. They just told me that the account was blocked, I wasn't going to access it at all until I went to the branch with my ID. Lordy! I asked if my money was still there, it was like pulling teeth, those people wouldn't tell me anything. Eventually, I found out that my money hadn't been touched, praise the Lord!

I had to put that in my already tight schedule! One more thing to do. I needed my bank account to do everything I was going to be doing the next few days. Those fools picked the perfect time to mess things up for me!  On my off days, I went to the bank to apply for a new card, that took forever because it was totally an application for a new account altogether. Fools had changed my contact details, they even had a new email address with my full name @yahoo, cute s holes, very cute! They also changed my mobile number and put a South African number on there, claiming that I had gone back home in South Africa and was going to need all my money. Apparently they tried to transfer all the money to their account! All of it! Who does that? Never mind, I've already had that happen before, I know who does that! The people who took all my money when I was a struggling actress in South Africa, I had an equivalent of $2 000, they cleaned me up! I didn't need that happening to me again, I really didn't, once was way more than enough. I don't even wanna go there, can't think about that and what it did to me. But I survived it! Here I ARE!

The new card was going to take 5 business day to get delivered to my branch. Until then, I couldn't do anything! I could use an online account, but I wasn't about to activate an online account, sorry! Not again!

I emailed the guy, sent him a message on skype and texted him, nothing! Oh well! I booked a room in a hostel/hotel on Hollywood boulevard. Go big or go home, right? If I'm gonna be in LA, might as well be in Hollywood and if I'm going to be in Hollywood, might as well be on the boulevard, right by the walk of fame! IT doesn't get any more inspirational than that! I only booked one night, I didn't know if I was going to end up going to LA, in case I didn't, I didn't lose a lot of money in deposit. Time drew closer, the closer it drew, the more it looked like it was all systems go to LA. I was getting more and more excited about the change too.

I remember I had been telling my friend at work that I was due for a vacation, I felt like going somewhere far away, Vegas Maybe? I even brought it up while talking to Cindy. She was like, OMG, I was thinking the same thing too! Let's do it! Let's go to Vegas together, WHAATTTT??????? Why would you think I wanna go anywhere with you? That's not gonna happen, snap out of it! That was before she asked me for a loan. I guess I would have had to pay for the trip to Vegas too smdh.

My friend was like, you can't stay in one place for a long time, huh? You get bored easily. I was like, gurl, I've been in Utah for six months! That's the longest I've stayed in the same place in four years! Just saying! I decided to take the bus to LA, instead of flying. I wanted to make a road trip of it and see the states in between Utah and California. I knew that the route went via Vegas, that was going to be my chance to set foot in Vegas, even for a minute!

I booked a Greyhound bus the night before, I was packed - almost, because I had to move either way, so my stuff was already in bags. I had to give a ton of my stuff away though when I decided to move to LA because I wasn't going to take all that with me across three different states. That sucked. I had accumulated so much in the time I lived in that condo because I was under the impression I was going to be there for a while. Alas, I had to give most of it away. Some of the stuff, I never used. There was no time to get sentimental, I was running out of time.

I quit my job on the way to the bus station. My landlords (the roommate's parents) are so precious, they offered to drop my stuff off to charity. I didn't care which charity, so they took it to one of their choice. They then took me to the station. First to work, to resign, then to the station. It was rush rush, but we made it. Just about! I got my deposit back, yay! I still never got my deposit back from Laura! Remember her? Lady in the closet?

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