Saturday, December 21, 2013

Got License?

I had ample time between my two exams and the testing locations were near each other albeit I'd never been to either.

I took the bus to the next location. A very big college building, with theatre halls and all kinds of stuff! I had more than an hour to kill, so I made my way to Mc Donald's and had me something to eat from the dollar menu. Don't judge me, I make my dollar stretch! Far! After that, I headed back to the school, I met a cool chick from my school, we hung out for a bit amongst homeless people who were lying on the lawn in the shade. Her exam time was before mine. The invigilator asked if I wanted to get in with her. I appreciated her offering but needed more time to go over everything, so I politely declined.

We had 150 questions, pass mark was 75%. Problem is, it was only multiple choice questions. You know how they are! All answers look like possible answers. I took my time, checked what I thought was right. They hardly asked anything we had studies, a lot of it was general knowledge. I left there feeling less confident than I did walking in. They were going to send the papers to the department for grading, we would find out in two weeks whether or not we had passed by receiving a certificate in the mail or a voucher to reschedule exam. Question is, would I receive any of those at all in my mailbox, what with my history! I didn't hold my breath.

I still had my job with Ted. It was still challenging. He fell two or so more times, averaging once a week. No fun! He watched a lot of Porn, you know, the playboy channel; couples swapping partners, licking, sucking, you name it, all on camera! He invited me to sit and watch with him a few times. I refused a few times. He once told me it feels nice when I touch him there! OK Ted! Let's keep some things to ourselves! He asked me over and over to move in with him and use the spare bedroom. He wasn't going to charge me rent. Thing is, I really enjoy my independence, something I hadn't had in a while. I was enjoying to pay for my own things, plus his condo still needed some work. I told him all that.

I had an interview at a nursing home right next door to Ted's. It went very well, they promised to call. They never did! I called them a few times to which they promised to call me back which they still never did! After three or so days, I started checking the Nursing  Registry of Utah's website to see if my name was listed there. As soon as you get licensed, they list  you over there. I wasn't going to keep checking the mail because of my history with that. I wasn't in the mood to get depressed. I literally had their website open all the time on my internet browser, I would just keep refreshing and refreshing, morning, noon and night. Daily. On the fifth day, I punched my name in and IT SHOWED UP! I was so happy, I was shaking! The first person I called was my supervisor. He had told me my job was mine as long as I had my license. He told me to meet him at work the following day. I called my sisters (By the way, I have brothers too, fyi but my sisters are my best friends. How are you doing bros?), they were just as happy for me as I was for myself. It had only been about two weeks or so since I was let go from work.

I went to meet up with the sup the following day. He told me to bring him the license as soon as I got it. I told him to look me up because that's what they do anyway to verify. He told me that one of the new girls had gotten her nursing license and had put in her notice, she was going to leave as soon as they found replacement for her. I asked him to tell her to leave, I was available to start that very night. He promised to call me. He didn't.

I called him almost everyday ever since, he told me he and the girl had agreed, she was going to serve a week's notice instead of two. I could start early. YESSSSSS! A week came and went, I called him, he told me he didn't have any position for me. I asked about the girl who was going to quit early for me. He told me he had filled that position. I was devastated! He had just given my job away, again! Why? Why? Why? I lost all faith in him. I got to the point where I didn't know if I was going to get the job back.

He called me after a week or so and told me a position had opened up. He wanted me to go to the office to sign a contract. After my three month probationary period, I qualified for benefits, they let me go, so I no longer did. He told me I wasn't fired, I assumed I would pick up where I left off, instead they made me sign a new contract with a new start date. I stopped liking them completely. I was on probation, again! What in the hell!

From then, I stopped having that thing that I had for that place, you know doing whatever it takes because I felt like they deserved it. They were a nice company to work for. I didn't care anymore, they had screwed me over one too many times! I signed the contract, peed in a cup, and all that. Then, he told me to be back the following night. I didn't call to confirm, I just showed up at 10pm that night. I wasn't going to risk hearing another story.

It was so good to be back! My friends were working that night, my fave nurse, remember the one who once offered to let me use her car to drive home instead of sleeping in the office? It was a nice first night. Good to back!

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