Saturday, May 11, 2013

Downtown San Diego

Perry, decided it would be a brilliant idea for me to go downtown, to one of the places he had promised to take me, by myself, using public transportation. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. I wasn’t in the mood to go sight seeing. I was running out of time, sight seeing was the last thing on my mind. Especially because it was his idea. “Come on! You’re in Southern California, enjoy it! Sunny San Diego, blah blah blah” Gosh, why don’t you shoot me in the head instead?
He told me I had ten minutes to get ready, he was going to drop me off. Fck! Why does he care what I do with myself, he dumped me. Ugh! I got ready, he said it was pretty straight forward, he was going to take me to the door of the train and it was suppose to be easy from there on. He brought the small dog along. His favourite. He was so happy for me, Perry, not the dog haha. Awww, Brook is going out, she is going to make new friends, she’s gonna have so much fun, woooowwwwww, Brook! You’re such a socialite. WTFFFFFFF! Shut the fck up! Grrrrrrrr.
The train stop was at the Chargers Stadium. I had never been there before. On our way there, we drove past people walking towards the same direction. Which is not abnormal in any roads, right? He went, All these people are going there, but Brook is so special, she is being driven, whoa, look at you. Ugh, I don’t know how many times I must have thrown up in my mouth on that trip alone. We got into the stadium, he found a random spot, dropped me off there and told me I’m a smart girl, to figure it out from there. Great! Just Awe fcking some!
I had a great mind to just sit there, chat with my sister on Whatsapp, until she went to bed (time difference was 10 hours, between us, South Africa ahead), then call him and tell him I was ready to go back. Just for the fun of it. But I didn’t want to make matters worse. I could tell dude was trying to get rid of me. I guess he needed space. What do I know! I walked up a few flights of stairs trying to find the tracks. As I saw which way to go, I missed one by seconds. I got so frustrated. They had the schedule on a glass thingy right there. When I checked it out, I realised I had just missed the last train. Awesome! What am I gonna do now? Now that I have a valid reason to go back home?
It was midday, he asked if he should dish up dinner for me that night. He felt he had to ask because he knew I was going to have so much fun, I probably would go back home very late. I was thinking to myself, what kind of a psycho am I dealing with here? It’s midday, what the heck will I be doing downtown that will keep me there for more than 12 hours. I mean really now!
I wandered about the trax until someone else arrived, I asked them about the schedule, turned out that was not the last one, the schedule wasn’t complete. Whew! I got on the train to nowhere. I didn’t really know which stop I was going to get off or anything. I was just going because I was being coerced to. I got off near the bay. Beautiful! But I wasn’t in the mood for any of that. San Diego is a beautiful city with nice weather all year round.
I walked up and down, deep in thought, hoping I was dreaming, ready to wake up and enjoy the reality that was my life. Sad part was, the reality of my life was a nightmare. I kept walking, I wasn’t even in the mood to take pictures. I was just fumbling about. I went to an Indian Buffet place and had me some Indian food. Favorite cuisine! Quite honestly, I wasn’t hungry. But I was killing time. I had to do something! I then walked a bit more until it started getting dark. That’s when I headed back for the bus. On my way back, I bought Perry some dinner; fish and chips (fries), which he gobbled down in seconds.

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