Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Our first Thanksgiving together

While in Jew Jersey, Perry told me that for Thanksgiving, they normally have dinner at his sister's. He told me he and the sister don't get along, apparently nobody gets along with her. I don't know why they all go to someone's house whom they all don't like. Typical Thanksgiving behavior, right?

He wanted me to go along, I told her, I wasn't sure I'd be comfortable seeing as I would have been in San Diego only for two weeks. He then said he would buy turkey and we'd have our own Thanksgiving at home.  That was sweet but I didn't want to be the reason he was going to break family tradition. He insisted. 

He promised that after the divorce, when he got his settlement, he is going to buy himself a truck and I could have the car he is currently driving. He bought that car after the ex took both the cars they had when she left. Talk about taking someone to the cleaners! I wasn't crazy about that car, it's too big, too long both back and front. Maybe we could sell it and buy me a smaller car. preferably a convertible or SUV. Just saying!

Day before Thanksgiving, he told me he would have to give his mom a ride to the sister's. he has 8 siblings, I asked if nobody else could. He told me, he made a deal with his mom WHEN SHE GAVE HIM HER CAR that he would drive her wherever she needed to go. Gave you her car? Interesting, I know that's not what you told me, but ok. He told me he would drop her off, come hang out with me and then go pick her up. I was like, nah dude, don't do that, that's weird. Plus he was going to tell them he had to be somewhere with his business partner. If you were ok with me spending Thanksgiving with your family, why can't you tell them you are with me at home?

I also noticed how he made sure the blinds were closed whenever I turned the lights on at night, or how he got all nervous when I was roaming in the backyard and one of the neighbours was outside, or when we were either going to or coming out of the car, he'd be like, hurry up. You knew it was a slip of the tongue or he'd be like leave the grocery bags, get inside, I will bring them in myself, kinda like he didn't want anybody to see me. He wanted me there without me actually being there, make sense?

We went shopping for Thanksgiving after he decided we were going to have out own celebration at the house after their family's. He told me they usually are done around 6pm, so we could still have dinner at the house afterwards. He bought turkey for us. I was excited. My first Thanksgiving in America! With my future husband, what could be better, right?

Thanksgiving morning, he worked, then had lunch, then left for dinner which was supposed to start around 3 pm. He had lunch around 1 pm, which I thought was interesting, but what do I know about Thanksgiving dinners? I'm just a girl from Africa. He went to pick up his mom from the old age home, then off to his sister's they went.

I must say, I did enjoy being home alone for a change. I hung out on the comfy sofa in the living room and watched some stuff on the PC. I was expecting him around 7 latest. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten, nothing! No call, no nothing! He came home after ten pm so  stuffed he couldn't even breathe. He brought 'me' some dinner along. Pumpkin pie which I never had before, turkey, prepared all kinds of ways, lots of food in ziploc bags. It was too late for me to eat, I told him I'd have it the following day. He put it in the fridge. 

He couldn't even sit down, he was so full. All he kept saying was, I'm so stuffed! I'm so stuffed Whew! Uh, I can't breathe. I shouldn't have eaten so much. Gluttony is a sin. I was sitting there thinking to myself, 'Is this happening? Am I dreaming? WTF'
I went to bed and heard him throwing up in the bathroom. Nice!

I got up, all freaked out, went back to the living room, got on the phone with my sister and talked. I had to! I needed to. I was totally weirded out by this bulimic, middle aged man.

I must have been on the phone until early hours of the following day. It was already midnight when I got on the phone, so. So much for my first romantic Thanksgiving.

The next morning, he had the entire pumpkin pie before I even woke up. I'm talking about the entire thing, not a slice. You know the size of a milk tart? Yeah that. So I never got to even taste it, he had the rest of the food the following day or so. 

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