Sunday, July 16, 2017

My Cooking Husband

shopping sisters
Shopping Time!
Speaking of Shopping! Here we are with our new bags. I'm the one with glasses on! Haha! Kidding aside, the bag my sister is carrying, she bought the previous day. The one she had on in the previous post, she must've have bought the day before that. The shoes she has on are new too! They are cute rose gold Steve Maddens. You already know my Calvins from this blog. The orange top I have on, she brought me from South Africa. She brought me a pink one and this orange one amongst other things. I did pick up a new watch one of those days,

rocawear watch
Rocawear Watch
One of my favorite things about the watch is that it comes with three different straps, a royal blue one, white and the one I ave on.
Pumla shopped for everybody from her partner, to family to everybdy! I did sneak in some stuff for family back home too for her to lug with her. 
caught red handed
Caught Red handed!
There she is! This was our first stop in this particular mall.

How are you redboxing?
We may have rented a movie and watched it with Calvin. He is the one into Redbox anyway. I do everything online, heeelloooo!

Calvin was nice enough to cook for us one of the days. I'm glad he did because I always tell Pru about how great a cook my man is and all that. She got a taste for herself. The picture doesn't do it justice, but here goes it!

Dinner is Served!

He barbecued the meat, cooked some, picked some stuff from our garden and made the sauce is the small bowl from scratch. It was all amazing! I was amazed! Proud moment!

Calvin also took us, more my sister to his parents' house for a tour of their backyard, read: Botanical garden. I kid you not! That place is dense with plants, from trees to flowers, to fruits. They even have water fountains! And they have quails and a guinea pig... to name a few. It's pretty awesome. I love their oranges, Calvin picks some for me when they are in season. I am still getting used to having access to so much fresh fruit. I still mistakenly buy fruits, when I could get them either in our own backyard, the parents in laws or the neighbors.

I initially would have loved to take Pru to Vegas and to Northern California (LA is in Southern California, aka SoCal). With all the shopping we had been doing, I didn't think we were going to have time to do both trips. Also, I'm cheap, so I would have wanted to take the bus. That's an 8hour trip to San Francisco (NoCal) or is it NorCal? Does anybody know? Let me know in the comments section. Vegas is closer, maybe we should do that for now and see what happens. Also, having lived in Las Vegas, I am very familiar with it. I've been to San Francisco and will jump at the opportunity to revisit, but time! 

I will update soon, gotta be somewhere in an hour and a half.
Happy Day! 
I love you for reading!

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