Sunday, July 09, 2017

Shopping Sisters

She's here! Now what? Just kidding!
This was a great period in my life, first the engagement, then shot gun wedding, now my person is in town! Talk about having the time of one's life! As my sister and I were walking to the care with me secretly wishing to bump into a celebrity or two. Why not? We are in LA after all, right? TMZ! Where you at? We'll just follow your lead!
This was her first time seeing my car in 'person', so she was excited for me. So was I!
Now, let me take her to my hood in a little bit! Let me show you how I live, in a little bit! - 50 cent!
We're on the freeway, I did the tour guide thing, I do on my Youtube Channel. My sister had just done a book tour in South Africa, several cities in different provinces. I think that by the time she got here in LA, she didn't know Martha from Arthur. She was talking about, 'here in Cape Town!' She flew in from Johannesburg, so I think in her mind, she was back in Cape Town? Haha! Funny! I was like, WHERE? We had a good laugh about that. Calvin was working, so we had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours until he got home. It was nice to just sit and catch up. She was as tired as can be though. Jet lag and all that.

I cooked, we ate, we farted; a good day was had by all! I finally got a copy of her cookbook: PumlasFood, get yourself a copy, check her out on her FB Page and learn some amazing recipes on there. Hubby bought two copies as well: one for himself and one for his mom. Remember Calvin's friend? The one who stayed with him when the snake when missing? He came over, I tried selling him, amongst others, a copy of the book and he blatantly said NO! I thought he was joking. I was wrong. Fair enough, we're still cool. I can appreciate a straight talker.

My sis kept dozing off on the recliner. That was her seat, the whole time she was here. Who doesn't love a recliner, right? We watched some of my favorite reality shows, shopped till she dropped. That chick can shop! I ain't mad though, she pretty much used to be my personal shopper when I lived in South Africa. She would then ship my stuff to wherever I was. It was awesome. She has great taste, so nothing to worry about.

I took her to the grocery stores around here. She was obsessed over how fresh and well displayed the meat was in the butcher of one of the Asian Malls here. She took tons of photos for her 'foodies'.

This is us at Walmart:

sisters, dreadlock sisters, dreads
Sisters: I'm the one with the tongue out
Goofing around!

sisters, dreadlocks
I'm the one with the tongue out 
Speaking of tongues! Remember when I weighed myself and didn't like what I saw, so I decided to do something about it? Well, by the time my sister came to visit, I was down 20 pounds ( that's just under 10kg). Not too bad for a little girl from Africa. One of those statements is true.

I tried, without telling her, to get us both booked on a TV show or something but nothing came through. Good thing, I didn't say anything to her. I guess I'll just have to take her to Hollywood!

home gardening,
Fresh fruit from our garden
Pumla loved the fresh fruit and veggies from our backyard. I picked up the above for her. She made us a smoothie.

rose garden, home gardening
Fresh roses from the front yard

My favorite roses. Best smell, ever! I wish you could smell them through the screen!

Since moving in with my now husband, Calvin, I have been familiarizing myself with the neighborhood. I found a bunch of good stores. This was of great benefit to my sis. I took her to all of them. And more than twice to some.

Sisters with New Bags
She bought the above bag the previous day... And the shoes, both are Tommy Hilfiger. Of course, my Coach back from my wedding gift registry from myself to myself. We were on our way shopping here. She bought more stuff,  we got tired and hungry, headed to Popeyes to buy fried chicken because, what could be better. I also wanted her to try it. I now understand why people think it's better than KFC, Kentucky who?

All this fried chicken talk, and I haven't eaten all day. It's 10am. I usually eat between 7 and 8. I've been up since 3:30. 

Random question: Do you believe that full moon messes up with technology? If that's true, that'll explain a lot today!

 I'm marking a ton of stuff down in my eBay Store. Check it out here.

Love you for reading! 

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