Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Law of Attraction

Saturday evening, the day I did not go on a date with Calvin, he called. We talked for a while. Nothing about going on a date. Being the loudmouth that I am, I told him there's something that's been bugging me. He asked what it was. I asked if we are going to meet up in person or is he just enjoying talking on the phone with me. His response was: You wanna see me? He sounded so excited that I would want to see him. I was flattered at the same time, I was thinking to myself, why else would I invest so much time in this relationship if I had no intentions to meet you? He told me that he thought of asking me out that Saturday but didn't know if I was going to think it was too soon. He told me he is not accustomed to online dating, he went on one date with someone he met on that site months prior, that didn't go well. Apparently, the lady wanted to get married and was looking for a father for her kid asap.

Calvin told me that he had talked to another lady on that site who seemed fine but one night, he received a picture of boobs from the lady. I was like, the hell? Anyway, as if that was not alarming, the same lady  sent him the same picture in the wee hours of the following morning, which gave him the impression, she forgot she sent it to him. He stopped talking to that woman. Which, I was grateful for because the more I got to know him, the more I wanted him for myself. I liked the person he was deep down more than your usual, talk, dark and handsomeness. I felt connected to his soul. I found it amazing that a black girl from a farm in Africa found so many things in common with a white guy from Los Angeles, America, of all places.

Calvin went on to ask me on a date the following Sunday, which I gladly accepted. I was so excited! The suspense was one of the things that made the whole thing really a thrill. We went on to talk everyday for the following week. I was getting to know this guy and he seemed like such a gem. He didn't compare to any of the guys I had dated before. I could see myself actually having a lasting relationship with him that wasn't based on anything but just the fact that I wanted to be with him. It wasn't about the fact that I would like to get married before I turn 40, which I do! Or the fact that, I don't have a place to stay or a job and he was offering me those, none of that. I was in a great space emotionally, I was living in my dream apartment in an amazing location, I was driving the car of my dreams, I had just come from a great vacation, life was great! I was loving every minute of it!

Now, this amazing man just stepped into my life, on paper, he seemed to be everything I had hoped for and then some!  I was excited! I would find a nice spot with signal in my bedroom at night when he called, turn the fan towards me, it was in the middle of summer and hot as heck! I would then sit there in the dark and talk to him. We would totally lose track of time. Calvin had to get up early for work, he started work at 6am,so he would have to get up very early to water his plants. Yup, he had plants, one of the things I thought was cool. One time, after going for a nice walk around Beverly Hills. I remember, thinking about the law of attraction and thinking about my favorite flower, the calla lily, or white lily, I went for a walk, and spotted one growing randomly outside a house. I immediately remembered that exercise where they say, if you want to test the law of attraction, try to attract simple things. Think of something really random that you would want to happen so that when it does happen, you know for sure that the universe brought that your way. That you attracted that yourself into your life. I had thought of the flower but I wasn't doing the exercise, I had already attracted so many bigger things into my life but when I saw the flower, I knew it was because I had thought about it earlier that day.
My favorite Flower, Calla Lily

That very night, Calvin and I were talking about flowers. He asked what my favorite color was. He wanted to bring me a flower in my favorite color. Because I had had Calla lilies on my mind all day, I asked if I could just tell him what my favorite flower was...  I had also recently talked to one of my sisters and told them that I have received so many flowers from men but have yet to receive my favorite flowers. I mean, I love all flowers and absolutely appreciate the gesture.I told him about that story. I thought it was pretty amazing how the Calla lily kept popping up on me that day. When I told Calvin what my favorite flower was, he told me that he has them in his back yard but they hadn't bloomed yet. I thought that was cool. I asked what else he has in the backyard, he told me: a mango tree, blackberries, gooseberries, some nut tree, to name a few.
During my walk around town

I couldn't wait to see his backyard, haha, that sounds dirty, doesn't it?

I still hadn't told anyone about Calvin. I was dying to, but  I didn't want to jinx it and have to eat my words if it didn't work out.

The following Sunday came! I was about to meet who the guy who was fast becoming the man of my dreams! I had to get ready! I already knew what I was going to wear, don't we always? Actually, not really! I see how some women take out the entire closet contents just to find an outfit to wear on a date. I never have that problem! Maybe that's why my closet is always neat. I knew I was going to wear my wine dress. I just had to start getting ready early so that I wouldn't sweat all my make up off. I wanted to look really cute for Calvin. I wanted the date to not only be special to me but to him as well.

Just before the date, it must have been Friday or so, he told me that he wanted to take me to the beach in Torrance. He asked where I wanted to meet up. By then, I had developed a certain degree of trust towards him and , you know me! I had already looked his ass up! I knew where he lived, I knew all his business details, the works. He went on to say, or I could meet him in Torrance. I thought to myself, there's no way, I'm driving all the way to Torrance to meet a guy. I am so not into that! I told him, not to be high maintenance or anything, but I was hoping you were going to pick me up! He told me he would love to but he didn't want to be forward and invite himself over. That was not what I was saying either. I was saying, meet me outside!

We agreed, he would pick me up form my place. The morning of the date, he called me, he was up early, watering his plants and doing his morning routine. He would then go to the nursery to buy me flowers, etc. We agreed on 3pm. I didn't want to meet up late. My ideal date for my future guy was going to last all day. It wouldn't last all day if we met at 8pm, and I wasn't trying to spend the night for anybody!

I got ready early, put on my new make up that I got with my surprise box from PopSugar, I had gone to the tv show, The Talk on a day they were giving away three months subscription to PopSugar. I got eye shadow, amongst other things in my first box. I used it for the first time for our first date. I was so excited, while sitting on the couch waiting for Calvin that I sent him a text.

The text said something along the lines of, I can't wait to meet you, after today, we may never see each other again or this will be the beginning of the greatest story ever told. I felt good about my text, so I sent it.

I really have to get going, to be continued.......


Unknown said...

Yooo you look stunning. Yooo the suspense. I am using my imagination to see exactly how excited you are at that moment.

The suspense though!!!

Brook said...

Thank you!
Right? It was a photoshoot, I was doing all kinds of poses. So pumped up!