Sunday, September 01, 2013

Romantic Repertoire

One night, daddy decided to take me out. He told me to dress up, it was going to be a romantic surprise. I got excited!  It was a cool winter night, as wintery as a Southern Californian night can be. He wore his usual; blue Levi's, a t-shirt and the leather jacket. We drove off into the night. The atmosphere was  neither here nor there. We drove through LA, he showed me the Hustler Casino, and the house he and his brother owned;  for the umpteenth time! I just went with it.
We had Tommy's burgers and fries, in the parking lot. Soon thereafter, we drove off. It was late, nine-ish. I did wonder, quietly inside, if he wasn't going to kill me, whether I should alert someone. You never know!

We drove past another one of his old places, a house, he used to rent an apartment upstairs. He told me that was when he was his brokest ('that a word?) The neighbourhood is different, didn't look that scary. He had shown me that before too, but who's counting? We soon arrived in Long Beach. Speaking of long, the drive seemed looooong, El's driving! No comment! Yay, the beach! The parking was packed! There was a hotel, or two, and a restaurant... or two! I was wondering where he was going to take me.

We found parking. He opened the back door and told me to get my sweater, as I'd mentioned, it was a bit cool. While getting something to drink at the back, he found a packet of Bounce, coconut and dark choc bars. He loves that stuff! I hate that stuff! He was so excited. You should see the back of that car. It can't be healthy eating anything coming from there, but okay. He locked the car, grabbed my hand, looked me in the eye and breathed deeply, "What do you think?" about? (that's what I thought) but of course, I went with it, and was like, 'wow! It's pretty out here!'. I mean, I was still waiting for the main event.

We walked all the way across the parking. To our left, was the beach, we could see the lights from the ships, ugh, love it! And there was The Queen Mary, google it, if you will. I saw it on one of the Housewives' shows thereafter, and it was weird that I know where that is now and I have seen it. Anyway, I thought to myself, is he taking me there? Are we going to the hotel? The restaurant?

I tried to take pictures, he did tell me to take the camera along. Thing is, the pictures didn't come out that great, it was dark after all. He pointed at The Queen Mary and told me to take a picture of that. You know there's one thing about me, I don't know about you, but I hate it when someone tells me what to take a picture of with my own camera that I spent so much money on, making my own memories! Why should someone care which pictures I will have as my memories? I don't get it, #ControlFreaks! Perry used to do the same thing. I don't know if it's men of a certain age or what.

We walked towards the beach, away from the Buildings. It became evident that I was not going to a restaurant nor a hotel, at least not that night. We walked further away from everything really. I began to wonder. He seemed excited that he was making my day. That he was giving me something to tell my family about on Skype, next time we talked. That's another thing! Do things; for me; because you want to not to impress my family! You should try to impress me, why do you care about my family at this point in the game?

We found a bench, a lonely worn out, sad bench! Next to which was a lonely, sad bicycle! He told me to have a seat, with a big, satisfied smile on his face. My expression inside couldn't me farther from his. Talk about polar opposites. On the outside, I was all smiles, just like him. #Happiness #NOT

He couldn't wait to unwrap his chocolates and munch away, in no time, he was dark brown all around his mouth. Bleh! He put his arm around my neck, "So, tell me! Is this not the most romantic date you have ever been on?"

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