Friday, April 24, 2020

Kissing on a Non-Date

After my week with my online boyfriend, Martin: I'm back in the dating scene for the second again in a few months. Someone wanted to meet me. I thought it best to arrange to meet not to far from my place. Turned out he didn't live that far from me. That was an interesting twist! Definitely a better deal than Mr  Ohio over there. We had one Facetime call, because Catfish are real! He looked like his photos... even better actually! He works in the entertainment business and had worked on some South African focused films before. When he found out I was South African, he was really excited. He wanted to do coffee. I don't drink coffee nor am I a big fan of coffee dates. When  I mentioned this to him, he told me
that we weren't going on a date. He just wanted to meet me and then, I guess it would be established whether we were going to go on a first date. Alright! Sure!

Non-Date outfit on the right
I wore the outfit pictured right to the non date, sans the shoes. It was probably my first time going on a first date in shorts, oh wait! It wasn't a date!

I set it up at the Star bucks by my apartment intersection. He didn't know that my apartment was feet away from there. I told him to call me when he got there. He did. I walked to the next block and he met me at the stop light. Nice guy. Funny, with a friendly  disposition. Before my ass hit my seat, he showed me a project he had worked on. It was a very well known movie that I saw a screening of  in Hollywood a few years ago. Not a problem with showing off but the thing was 10 minutes long and he hold on to his phone the whole time. I was thinking shoot! At what point do I go back to my seat? Such a Hollywood move. Look at what I've done! No offense, my Hollywood friends, just saying! 

He had a coffee, I had some kind of herbal delicious tea. We had some basic, sorta first date. He told me about how he was going to go for major surgery in a couple weeks. He was gonna be bedridden for weeks thereafter. He didn't really have someone to take care of he and his cats. Cats? You have not one cat but two? Yes! He has two cats that he adores. That was different and sweet. Upon hearing that, I thought to myself, Is this guy in the search for someone to nurse him to health post surgery? What is this? If that were the case, he wouldn't have been barking at the wrong tree as I have some caregiving experience under my belt. Granted, some of my experience was sh*t, no pun intended, but...

The non date didn't last that long. An hour tops! I let him walk me home because I wasn't picking up weird vibes, plus, I think he had more pressing issues to worry about, like his surgery in a couple of weeks, than to be doing weird sh*t. He said he liked my neighborhood. I don't blame him. It's likable! Wink, wink! It's life after divorce! You have to make you life likable!

Apartment tour

I didn't let the guy into my new place though. Side bar: This dude I went on a non date with has a personal blog! I found this out when I was doing my little background check on him. You know I don't meet up with someone until I have vetted them. We didn't discuss blogging. I didn't tell him I have one, but who knows? Maybe he knows as well. On his, he talks about dating after divorce, being a singleparent-ish. blah blah blah. I love a blog. 

Right now, I'm coming to you from a rest area somewhere between Iowa and Nebraska. I started this entry ten days ago in Salt Lake City 10 days ago but have gotten busy. I thought it fair to quickly finish it up before the end of April as I have yet to post one this month. Ironically, I am on my way to Utah again. By the way, please do click on the different colored text, it's links to entries to my blog entries related to whatever I am talking  about.. 

I totally digress! We arrive outside my place. He thanks me for a nice evening. I reciprocate. He looks me deep in the eye. I could tell he wanted to seal it with a kiss. He comes close. I clench my lips and move back and tell him: You are not about to kiss me when we didn't even go on a date! Not a date, remember? I don't think he liked that very much! Well, such is life Mr! He did have super soft lips. Not in an OMG, I can't wait to kiss those lips again. But they were not bad. 

I walked into my apartment thinking wow! Within a week of returning from Nightmare Ohio, I just got back from a date with another dude! Look at my life! This wasn't necessarily a proud moment, just a thing, thing!.

Dude set up a real date a few days after Starbucks. Before his big surgery. He's a very funny guy, so I was looking forward to hanging out. I spend a lot of time by myself and I like it that way but every now and then I can appreciate company. Not all company is good though, hence my spending my  time with my company, cos that, I have full control over! No, unexpected bullsh*t

Our date was going to be in an Indian restaurant that I've been to before. I may have been there with an ex. As a result of that, I remember thinking, me and my socializing with the staff, what if these guys remember me from the couple times I've been here with someone else before? Do I care? Not too deeply! (That's what she said!)

Date was OK. I think I was still in the East coast in my head; a little bit. Not because of anything other than the fact that, you kind of have expectations and when things go a completely weird direction, you may need a moment to get that Ohiod out of your mind. Feel me? 
I ordered some pork whatever. The waiter warned me that it was very spicy. The thing wasn't even mild, dude! I may have mentioned this in a complaining tone, once or twice, to my date... or thrice! I could read on his face that he wasn't pleased with my displeasure. I just wish the guy wouldn't have warned me that something bland was going to be anything but, if it wasn't going to be. Enough with the lame surprises already! He talked a little about his life, his kids, cats, I talked a little about mine. Not cats nor kids as I have neither. At some point, it got super deep and we exchanged stories about loved ones who are addicts. That was something I hardly even ever talk about. It wasn't even weird talking about that with him. In fact, looking back at that moment now, I can still feel the comfort and warmth he exuded that made me comfortable enough to go there. And for him to reciprocate made for a very tender moment. Take some pointers, Martin from Ohio! 

He asked if I wanted desert. I didn't even finish my food. I took half of it home and I didn't eat the rice. He ordered dessert. The few times I'd been at this particular restaurant with nice staff and a nice view, I had buffet. I'm a big foodie and will always grab the chance to try more options of food in a restaurant if I can. I always loved what was in the buffet menu. This is a very classy, tasteful buffet in a small sized, white tablecloth restaurant. 

After dinner, we went for a walk down the street. The restaurant is downtown, so nice walk. It was evening, so, the streets weren't hectic. I walked in heels and a dress. Talk about a streetwalker! 

He dropped me off at my place. He didn't try to kiss me. Thank goodness! Sorry guy, just saying! I think he still had PTSD from the previous time he tried to come for a smooch. We hugged and he said something funny along the lines of, 'we are too very full people hugging!' I thanked him for dinner and that was the end of that chapter. I hope his surgery went well.

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