Saturday, August 20, 2011

'Alone' Weekend

This has been one of those weeks for me. I wasn't in the mood for anything. I just needed to be left alone. It doesn't help that my host family has tons of guests. There are about a half a dozen guests ranging from grandparents to kids, to grand kids.

Whenever My host dad's sister is around, she asks me the same questions: hold old are you, to which I always reply, I'm 57. What do you eat in Africa? Do you want Wine? You must drink some wine, it's good for the brain! Please drink this, it's Cherry juice (it's not, it's alcohol!). Wine will help you sleep better. Mind you, I didn't complain to her about any sleeping disorder. It can get to a person. She's asked me the same questions on about 4 different occasions. Lately, there's a new tendency of people coming to wake me up for food. It can be 9pm or 11. They will wake me up. I have to eat, even if it's just to taste. But I must. To which, I usually say, 'Ara, madloba'. (No thanks).
It got to a point where I'd just keep to myself in my room because I'm tired of saying the same thing to the same people every single time I see them.
When I go to my room, it's another thing 'are you ok? Do you want tea? Coffee? Is it a headache? Your stomach? Do you like to sleep? Everything's got to be accompanied by an explanation.
At work, one of my groups just doesn't want to learn. When they're in class, they hang out, chat, talk on the phone, put their cellphones on speaker, play music on their cells. You know, the works!
Michelle asked me to go visit in Kobuleti this weekend. Even though, I really like to spend time with her, I just wanted to be alone. I saw Clint on Thursday, he came to my station. We walked back to Martyna's together. he invited me over for dinner. Unfortunately, I'd just eaten.
They made pasta and bacon. It was nice. Non-Georgian food. I stayed for about an hour or so, and left. I talked to some friends to find out about hotel prices, they are from R80 (GEL20) per night. Unfortunately non of those have internet. then there's a nice one for R200 (GEL 50) with internet and warm water etc. I wasn't about to splurge in my own town. Martyna offered to let me stay at her house when her friends, who are here on vac, but were out of town, return. She said they had planned to all spend the weekend at Clint's.
Clint invited me as well,i I declined. I wouldn't have been good complany, considering my mood. Plus, it would've been 2couples and I. What would that have made me a 5th wheel?
Martyna insisted I stay over at hers when they're gone for the weekend. I thought about it for five seconds and texted her on my way out that I'd love to stay there, if she will still let me. She has her own apartment with Wi-Fi. I felt slightly uncomfortable as I'm not good with accepting favours from people. Especially friends. That's just me.
Anyway, I texted her on Thursday night to confirm. She responded this afternoon, (Saturday): sorry i write just now
i'm sorry but i can't host u this weekend in my flat. i talked with my
organizaiton and because we had problem with the owner of this flat
(one week ago he wanted to kick me out from the flat, cuz he wanted
back; his argument was that i was supposed to live here alone and
there are also other people - who are my guests). So just not to make
him angry it;s better that i have guests here when i'm here.
i'm really sorry. i wanted to help but it occured that i can't.
i hope you will get rest this weekend.
hugs and kisses

By this time, I'd already forgot about the whole arrangement. I mean it had been 3days since I texted her.
I'd since decided to stay at my home, and spend the day at the internet cafe, to escape from it all. I slept in, watched a bit of Glee and left the house at 1 for the internet cafe. I took a 35minute walk in the sun, listening to my ipod. I was alone at first at the cafe, it's pretty decent, almost across the road from my police station. It's L1 (R4) per hour. I watched Jerseylicious online.
Jennifer called and said she'd be in my town, then she called and said they couldn't stay, they're on their way to Adigeni, her student's home and to join them if I wish. I declined. I got a call frm my assistant inviting me over to Vardzia (cave city). Apparently she was with an english teacher from Canada blah, unfortunately, I wasn't up for it. And I'd just been to Vardzia last week. After about 3 hours at the internet cafe, I got a call from my Georgian lady friends. They invited me over to a 'party' for 2 at a restaurant. I told them I wasn't up for being in public and being stared at. Apparently they were alone. They paid for my cab, I logged off and made my way there.
Just before I did, I met a couple (or not), a Polish guy and a Ukrainian woman. They're on their way to Adigeni. We talked a bit while they were waiting for their marshrutka to get full. It did, I left for the restaurant.
When I got there a random guy came out and paid for the cab. Apparently that's the restaurant owner. He's a friend of my friends. After they got over the initial forcing Brook to drink alcohol, we all chilled, and had a good time. My 2 friends and their guy friend. Did I mention, it was a set up? Some kind of a blind date thing between the restaurant owner and myself. He's married. They told me not to worry about that. He has money, that's all that matters.

The waiter brought us the stereo and we played some Georgian music. This guy and I were forced to get up and dance. With each other. Holding hands. My hands were, at one stage moved from his waistline to his butt. I refused to fondle his butt, so I just held back. Our heads were pushed towards each other many a times in order for us to kiss. I guess to my friend, our relationship was at that stage, (this guy and my relationship). We pulled back. There were a lot of awkward moments like this throughout our time there. At one point, they turned the lights off and both went to the toilet, leaving this man and I alone in a dark room. they also pushed his and my groin area toward each other, once or twice. The friend that was playing ambassador is +-30, married. With kids. I asked how she'd feel if her man would 'love' another woman. As I was told this guy loves me. He said I make him feel hot. That's what they said. I don't believe them. Her response was, 'Let him! If it makes my husband happy to love someone else, let him!'. I told her to quit forcing this guy and I to each other. She said it was a joke.
That's the Georgian excuse for anything that makes you uncomfortable. It was a joke.
We finally left around 9pm.

Yesterday, after work, one of my student, who's been asking to take me out for khinkali (the dumplings) or something. Not as a date, just cos he loves his teacher. (Is what he says), asked me again. I thought, you know what! Let's get this over and done with already. So I agreed. Also because one of the female officers went with us. I personaly think they would have gone out together anywa, but decided to ask me to join them at the last minute. I was done for the day, we all left right after class.

They bought food for the picnic, we drove about 15minutes outside Akhaltsikhe to Uraveli and set up. Basically, they moved huge rocks to ine spot to serve as chairs. This guy and the female officer are friends.
She had a dress on, when we got to the picnic spot, she took the top part of the dress on, and tucked the sleeves into the bra. Then she's sit on the rock with her legs wide open exposing her black underwear. It was weird for me. But then again, I don't know everything about this place yet. In SA, a woman wouldn't dare sit like that, especially a married woman. Infront of a married man.
We ate and drank and later on, the guy decided to take his shoes off. And his socks. And to rub his sticky, sweaty feet with his hands and then offer me some bread. Needless to say, I was full from then on.

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