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Enrique Iglesias Concert

Tuesday, 2 August.
I got up at 4:30. Soooo tired! Unpacked, and showered. My new room is sooooo hot! Literally! I have to sleep with my door open. It's almost half of my previous room. But then again, the previous room was the master bedroom. I'm happy with my new home so far. We have (slow) internet and I've my own room, we don't share a closet. I have only met 50 % of my family. My host dad, who's my student and his mom. The wife's still out of town and his dad.

Giorgi, my GE friend called me and was at the meeting point at 6:15. Really! Already! At 6:20 am, we left for Batumi. Nice drive there. 5 of us in the car, Gio, his wife, his cousin and his friend, another Giorgi.
We started in Kobuleti, met Gio's aunt. She has a tattoo on the chest her son has a temp tattoo of the middle finger on the arm. She's a chain smoker and she's Georgian! How different! Cos 'Georgian women don't smoke!'. *rolling eyes*
From there, we met up with Michelle and got surprised to see Cheyenne, one of our group members. Michelle can keep a secret, sorry, you couldn't be there to see the expression on my face when I saw him Mishel!
It was lovely to see them both. I 'withdrew' some money at the atm to pay Gio and after the transaction was 'complete', I got a notification in Georgian. The transaction was in English. Of course, I didn't even understand that I had a notification, I just stood there waiting for my money. There was a lady standing to why left, so close to me. She saw my pin, everything! It's Georgia! She told my friends that there's no money in the atm. The lady from the bank, came out for a different reason and also confirmed that there's no money in the atm. To make it clear, the atm, is just outside the actual bank, and doesn't have any cash in it. When I told Michelle that, she said it hasn't had money for days! Interesting!

Michelle and Cheyenne left, we went for a swim! I sat on the beach chair in a 32 Degree celsius sun and tried not to get sun burn, go figure! Gio's wife lay next to me catching a sun tan. The guys went swimming. Envy! I had pea nuts. One scoop, R4 (1L). Gio bought us Mealies R4 (1L). After the swim, we went to a restaurant and had khachapuri (cheese bread). And pear lemonade. Go figure!
Then we drove to Batumi. We drove around for hourse! Trying to find a spot to camp that night. We drove as far as the Turkish border, which was nice to see.
We found a few possible spots for the night and went back to the city. I met up with my friends and we went to the concert.
we were told 'doors' would open at 5. The concert was to commence at 7 and they would only let the first 8 000 people in. We were outside just before 5. We stood there for an hour or a little more. Vance, from a different joined us. He's from Batumi, I had got his number from my fb friend, one of his group members. When we got in, I saw this black mean, so of course I said, 'hi, Black person!'. He greeted back and asked me where I was from, south Africa! Ngempela, maphi nesouth Africa? (Where about?). Johannesburg! I'm so used to saying Johannesburg here that that's the first city to come to mind. We talked a bit in Zulu, he smuggled my water in for me as we were not allowed to take in anything. I believe the ladies' make up was being confiscated. Ladies were getting searched by men, etc. None of this happened to me. When inside, Michelle and I tried to make our way in. It was surprisingly packed, strange because we were some of the first people to arrive. We pushed our way to the front, yelling 'bodishi' (sorry and madloba (thank you) most people bought it. They thought it was cute coming frm an African American (me) and a Russian/German (Michelle. Who's an Asian frm Canada get your facts straight, Georgians!). We finally, got to the front, maybe 3rows frm the front row. By this time, we were so sweaty and gross! Our sweat and that of everyone we passed on our way to the front. It was 32 degrees celcius outside and probably way more in there. And the lights!
An hour later and the show had still not started. Ever heard of GMT (Georgian Maybe Time? Maybe the show will start, maybe not. And maybe it will do so on time, maybe not!). The show started at 8, 3 or four different performances frm people I didn't know who were clearly Georgian favourites. The first band, reminded me of the Supremes before Diana Ross was Diana Ross! One of the girls, had a body suit on and a Jacket. How Rihanna! She may have had a good night pad underneath there as well. The second, was a rock band, led by an Amy winehouse lookalike. Third one was a girl, whom everyone seemed to like a lot. Apparently she's beautiful and sexy. Well, from where I was standing, it looked like she didn't have underwear on because qwe could see her bum cheeks. She sang very well. She sounds like, never mind, I forgot her name. The Oprah Show kid frm the Philippines. There were huge gaps in between the performances. Dj played a lot of Michael Jackson and a song entitled You sexy Mutha fucker! That was a good track, I'd never heard it before. Oh and he played a little bit of phatha phatha! Of course, I sang along and screamed and and and!
Michelle left way before the show started. She went to the back and joined the guys. I ended up right at the front. It turned out the 'security' crew was a company from South africa. How random was that? I met most of them. We spoke in Zulu and Xhosa and it was fabulous. I got water whenever I wanted, and they'd pour some on my face to cool me off. I tell you, it was great fun, speaking in my own language infront of Georgians. Let them feel what I go through everyday in their country. They should be glad they had each other, I usually have nobody.
It was rather interesting how the crowd demanded water at the concert. As if it's not enough that the show was free, they wanted freebies on top of that! Oh and they got their water! Whenever they wanted it, someone would bring them some! What? Where else in the world does that happen? If you thought black South Africans have a sense of entitlement, think again! Everyone around me expected me to get them water, and this and that cos those were my black friend. One of the boys called me Black when I wouldn't move and let me stand infront of me. Like I would be offended, I've been called worse my Georgian friend! Way worse than black, I call myself black for that matter.
At this stage, we were all soaking wet, I was sweating, everyone around me was, so their sweat rubbed off on me, my dress was soaking wet and my legs were dripping of sweat. It's the most I've ever sweated in my entire life without being in a sauna or a steam room. People were passing out, and getting lifted off the crowd. It was hectic! More than 20 people were removed near me.
Enrique showed up at 11. The show was supposed to be 7-10. He just got on stage and started walking up and down. When I saw him, I almost passed out! I was soooooo happy! Oh my Gosh! what! I'm the same room as Enrique Iglesias? I never thought that could ever happen. I've loved his music since the first album and I'm a fan of his dad's too. Julio Iglesias.
He started performing, and using random Georgian phrases and had Georgian Wine and toasted in Georgian, it was all too neat! He probably got the wine from the president cos my connections told me he met up with the pres just before his performance.
The first song was I like it! And so was the last. Of course he kissed a girl. Very awkward! Cos Georgian girls don't kiss boys. Quote, unquote! He should've just kissed me! I kiss boys! And I'm clearly not Georgian!
I know most of his songs, especially the choruses cos I have them. So I'd pitch in and go completely insane! He looked at me while I sang along, I sang the first 2lines of the chorus and froze! I was sooo excited! He came down TO ME! Okay, wait, I don't think you got that! ENRIQUE IGLESIAS GOT OFF STAGE AND CAME TO ME! I freaked out! My arms were stretched out cos I don't know! That's what you do at a concert when you want to catch the performer's attention? he stretched his arms out, I touched them, rubbed them and kissed my hands, rubbed his legs and thighs, I did a total body search on the guy! I was so psyched and and and!
I stood right by some random steps to the crowd, he got on the steps, the crowd around me got wild, he almost fell off the stairs and of course I held him! OmG! I had my hands around his waist, it was insane! A complete dream come true and then some. The security wasn't so strict with me cos they were my connection, they'd act like they're taking my hands off, but not really! Oh man! Perfect moment! Just perfect!
After that, I got a high 5 frm my South african peeps. They were like, are you happy now? Yesssssss! Manje, yini indabukhala? (Why are you crying). I didn't even realise I was! I was trembling from head to toe with excitement. Wanting to die. That would've been the perfect way to end a life!
Enrique's guitarist was cute too! The kids were blowing him kisses, he was blowing them kissed, it was nice! I did show him the heart sign every now and then, when Enrique went to the other side of the crowd;). All in good fun! I could never cheat on Enrique! A few more songs, and the show was over!
The guitarist threw us his stick, the thing he uses to play his guitar. Unfortunately it never got to us. My hook ups, tried to find it for me to no avail.
After the show, I tried to find my group. They had my bag and my cell. I couldn't call anybody and I don't know anyone's number, not even mine. Note to self: memorise your own number!
My connections are staying at 2 hotels. There were 30 of them. Some were staying at the Sheraton, where Enrique was staying and the others elsewhere. Not to far frm the Sheraton. They told me I was welcome to join the ladies at the other hotel. I was more than happy to. I just had to find my friends first. Fortunately Gio and his wife were looking for me, and they found me! How often does that happen? We called Michelle. I memorised Gio's number, it's easier than mine, I can always ask him for mine or Michelle's in future, should we end up in a similar situation again, God forbid! My friends saw me on tv!
So did my cute friend from Ninotsminda! The show was an MTVlive production, so yeah!
Hopefully I'll see myself on youtube!
Michelle had my SA friends SA numbers. I called them, and both were on voicemail. Great! I had to go back to Kobuleti.
We drove back to the Tattooed aunt's house. The boys slept next door, the wife, on the couch, I slept outside! On a bed in the balcony. The balcony is hube, bigger than some houses, they had some laundry (washing) on the lines around the bed, not long enoug to hide my lower half when taking the clothes off. Which I was forced to do right there! I mean they could've let me take my clothes off in the house, or even in the bathroom. They wouldn't! Oh well! I did what I had to and clearly, didn't die, cos here we are!
I was up around 6, went to sleep around 2. Some lady, came and chatted with me. She didn't understand a word I said and yet was able to express herself and tell me all about herself in English. I don't know if she memorised It.
She left and came back to ask me if her character was interesting. I told her I didn't know. She said she has a nice character and doesn't like bad people. Really, you don't?
We went to the beach. The boys swam, we had pizza and left.
The ride was longer than on our way there. There was a bit of traffic and rain. I got home, watched a bit of a Dubbed Russian move with Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis. By the way, my host gran knows bruce willis!
We had dinner, I went to bed

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