Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The move!

Sunday 31July cont...
So this was some kind of a holiday where people splash each other with loads of water! When I got off my marshrutka in Akhaltsikhe, I walked through the park and these young man came and poured some water over my head. If he only knew how complicated it is to maintain my hair:( I hit ignore button, and on with my life I moved.
I was really nervous about going back home in case they've found out that I'm moving out. That could be really awkward for all concerned. When I got home, my host dad was in my room and my host mom walked in. I thought great, we're about to have a meeting! What am I going to say to these people! I didn't care much for my host mom's feelings, she's the driving force behind my move, it's my 'dad' I was worried about! He was kind to me the entire time.
They asked me where I went for the weekend even though I did tell them beforehand. My room reeked of cigarette smoke and my bed was made differently to how I make it. That gave me an impression they used my room while I was away. Maybe they did every weekend I was away. Which would be soooooo creepy, but that's their middle name.
Fortunately it was really very hot that night, and I managed to sleep on top of the blankets. I wouldn't have made it in between knowing what I did, ew!
I left them in my room, because I didn't get why we were all in there, kind of uncomfortable if you ask me. When I got back they'd left. I watched some stuff on my pc, talked on the phone a bit (a few hours) and slept.
Monday, 1 August
I woke up with a lower back pain, as I usually do when I wake up frm that bed. I packed, without any hassles, got ready for work, and left. The entire family was still asleep when I did. I waslked past the host 'grandmother's office' she asked me if my host mom who is a housewife and is always at home, was home. As soon as I got to the office, the grandma called. She's the one that speaks English, this meant that they saw my packed luggage and had questions. I did the only thing you do in that situation and didn't take the call.
She called about 15more times all of which I didn't answer.
Only 2 students showed up for class, they both got calls to go back to work, I had no class. My assistant and I went upstairs and bumped into my new host dad. Surprise! He's supposed to be in Tbilisi cos they have a newborn. He asked what time I wanted to move, I told him right away would've been perfect as I didn't have a class. I asked the sheriff to call my host fam and explain to them that I'd be moving. He said not to worry, and to get going. It took me 15 minutes to explain to them that I needed to know what they would tell the family as I didn't want to offend them. This is with my assistant/translater present. When put on the spot, she blanks out and forgets every single English words, she's ever know. Which helps!

We drove to the house in the Landcruiser I've been eyeing. Man, that car's awesome! When we arrived, my host mom was on the phone, and the baby was bouncing all over the show. I'm not sure why he wasn't at school. I had something for him, I gave him that, he was sooo chuffed! I've a feeling the mother smashed it and threw it as far away as possible as soon as I left.
She stood right by my door and stared. My assistant and I took the bags out, I asked her for my cd that was in the dvd player when she took it out of my room while I was at work, without my consent. She told me it must be in the village and she would fetch it the next day or so. Surely she doesn't expect me to call her thereafter and arrange for a meeting.
We moved to the new home with the biggest dog! I have a theory, dogs don't like me.
I tripped on the stairs and thankfully landed on my s. I met my host grand ma who's adorable and doesn't speak English. My host dad does. He's one of my better students. We had walnuts, chocolate and coffee and I got a call that my new roster has been changed and I had a class. We rushed back, a few people showed up. One said she's going to get the rest and didn't return. The ones that stayed wanted to chat about random stuff and one of them asked me to buy him lunch. He bought me last week. I guess it was time to return the favour. I gave him a 5 cent coin (South African).
One of my groupd returned fron holiday and I had a full class. A class full of people who missed 4modules of work, so I had to do some revision. My young kids gave me a lift home. I love them, they're so cute. One's 20, the other's 21 and a Georgian dancer. I still want to see him dance. I did my reports, which I couldn't send. Long story, hung out with the host mom, watched some stuff on the pc and slept.

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