Friday, August 19, 2011

Borjomi Weekend.

Michelle came over for the weekend. She arrived Friday afternoon. I introduced her to my students and we hung around the station a bit waiting for our transport. The police boss had promised to provide us with a car and a driver. He arrived an hour later. We drove to Borjomi, an hour away. On our way there, my assistant made a few phone calls and told me that her police friend from Borjomi will meet us at the park with an English speaking friend to help us with translation. Great!
As we got to Borjomi, we hopped out of the car and boom! My host family! What? Where did they come from? Apparently they saw the police car, (my host dad's a policeman) and thought they'd stop to say hi. They proceeded and left us waiting for the English speaking person and the friend. Eventually, the friend arrived, with 2 young men. None of which spoke English. To their defence, one of them were cute, so apology accepted!
We drove around, slowly, two police officers were now with us in the car, the cuties were driving the other car. The police asked everyone who cared to listen if they spoke English. They didn't! Eventually, at the entrance to the park, a cab driver admitted to speaking a bit of English, they asked him to come with us. He parked his cab, got in the car with us. Just like that!

We walked around, the parks beautiful! A real attraction. We took a cable car to the top and took some scooter type thingies for a ride. The police friend drove Michelle and I, one at a time. It was so fun. First, I asked if I could ride one, they thought I knew how and let me. I, of course made a fool of myself and given more time, would've killed myself and or someone else.

They asked what we wanted to eat, we told them what we liked. The friend got on the phone and sort of placed an order. He's from Borjomi, so I thought it was to his wife that he called. I later realised when we arrived at a restaurant, with a table already set, who he made the call to. We had the corn/maize cakes, khachapuri (cheese bread), meat and stuff. And the sun brought dessert. Heaven knows where from. It was delish, but the stomachs were full.
Drinks. They asked what I wanted to drink, wine? No! Cognac? No! Coca Cola? No! Milk? Maybe! Therefore a few minutes later, someone showed up with a litre of milk.
I had already filled myself up with water, as nobody told me they're bringing milk. I had a small glass and was so done.
While drinking, the friend, thought it a good idea to give Mich a peck on the lips. Err, gross! As if that wasn't awkward enough, she got another one. And another one, with spit and she had to fight his tongue from making its way into her mouth. Georgians! Georgians! That's a crime everywhere else in the world!

After Dinner, we drove back to the park and took pictures and drank some mineral water. Luke warm and gross in my opinion. But then I don't even enjoy it when it's ice cold.

Around 8, we drove back home. Martyna texted and told me to head straight to hers on our arrival back in town. We listened to good old school music. The likes of Living on my own by Freddie Mercury and 4Non blondes - What's going on. Martyna wasn't home. Our driver took us to mine. My host dad and his friends were drinking in the verandah. We sat with them, Clint called. I invited them over. They showed up in not time. Clintyna, and the Polish couple. Martyna's friends. Drinks, more drinksz, sarcasm, from my host dad. Don't know whether he just didn't like Clint or what, but oh well. More drinking and toasting. Our driver had to go to work, around 11pm. Clint and the gang caught a lift with him. My host dad and his 2friends named David, asked if Mich and I wanted to do anything. A friend of mine had promised to take us dancing but couldn't because he got busy at his businesses. So Mich said she wanted to go dancing, of course! We drove to the supermarket, bought more alc, I believe. I got M&M's and we were off DANCING! We drove up a dirt road. All the way up to a small mountain where there was no one else. But us, no lighting, nothing. Just grass and us! We pumped music, Georgian and English and danced for like an hour. I got tired and bored. My host dad made his move on Mich. He's married.
She wasn't interested, he didn't care, and didn't understand what her problem was. He loves her and her love for him should surpass the fact that he's married. Go figure!
I slept in the car while they finished drinking, singing, dancing and making passes at each other. We eventually left. By this time, everyone was sloshed. That includes, EVERYBODY! Michelle wanted to drive, my host dad wanted her to sit on his lap and drive. I wasn't interested, I opened the door and was ready to get off the car. While Michelle jumped over to the front from the back of the car, she knocked the 2Litre bottle of beer over from David's hand and it spilt all over me. Fabulous! Now I reek of beer. More than the people that actually drank it!
We drove home, the friends were dropped off on the way. My host dad asked Mich not to sleep because he loves her. My host gran had fixed the guest bedroom for Mich. The host dad sat on her bad and waited for me to leave so he could 'talk' to Michelle. Mich said not to leave her. So I thought the best would be for her to come to my room until she was ready to go sleep. The host dad went to his room and started texting me, wanting to chat with Mich. More drunk behaviour in my room. Long story short, I had to lock Mich in my room. 2 hrs or so later, I pretended to be asleep. That worked. Mich finally stopped talking and slept.

Next morning, I was so embarrassed and humiliated by the drama in my room the night before. From my first overnight guest at the new host family. I almost knew I'd get kicked out. I apologised to the host gran, she didn't know what I was talking about. Mich also apologised. Everyone was happy.
Molly and Harriet came over. My host dad offered to take us to the cave city. Vardzia. He brought his friend Dave along. It was hot, we were tired. Some were hung over. It was miserable. But we did it. It felt more like punishment than anything else.

From the caves, we went to yet another castle. Then back home. We dropped Molly home. Harriet, Mich and I hung out at mine.
we went to the supermarket, bought different flavours of Pringles, hid them in our bags, sat on my bad, watched a bad movie (confessions of an American bride), talked about boys and stuffed our faces with Pringles. Fun times. God forbid someone walks in on us and finds out we bought food. For shame! Why didn't you say you were hungry? Fortunately, no such thing happened.
Mich and I walked Harriet home. We went to my room, chatted a bit. Listened to random music. She went to her room. The host dad, started with the text. This time to both Mich and I. Wanting to talk to Mich. I put my phone on silent and went to sleep. He had the whole day to talk to her, you didn't he say anything? Beats me!

Next morning, I had muscle pain from walking up the hill to the caves and I was super tired. Mich, Harrie and I got a lift from one of my students. Well, I kinda told him to make a U-turn and take us to the station (rank). He did. We were an hour early. So we windo shopped. I bought 'Nike' flip flops and wore them right away. We had breakfast upstairs at the 'lovers' restaurant. We had Acharuli (the boat like bread with cheese, egg and butter inside). And 'Lemonade'. Back to the marshrutka. We saw mich off and got a lift back frm Harrie's student. Thank Goodness!
I stayed in bed for the rest of the afternoon. I watched a bit of desperate housewives and slept.

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