Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hospitals and German Yogi's

Tuesday 23 August
Work as usual.
I went to the hospital, to have my ankle, heel and shoulder checked out. My shoulder was dislocated a few times in one day about a month ago. Since then, I've been in pain on and off. Lia, My assistant was kind enough to go to the hospital with me and to arrange transport for us.
They took us in a huge police van. The guy drove like a maniac, I thought we'd fly out the window and die! The hospital is depressing. It's Pink, faded pink. And the parking lot is all muddy. It looks almost like a deserted building. There were people inside though, it was cold! Some wings more so than others.
We went in to the doctor's room, there was a nurse and his doctor in there. The doctor must be about 10 years old. She had a huge smile on her face, like she couldn't believe her luck, when she saw me. They both stood in there and stared throughout my consultation. My assistance helped with translation. So we had a full house in there. Fortunately, I didn't have to take my clothes off.

We went to x-ray, we left Harriet and the driver at the waiting area, Lia and I made our way to x-ray. The room was SCARY! Dingy! And dodgy! It looked more like a prison cell, what with the small bed with a grey blanket and grey blankets used as curtains and doors.
The Dr and his assistant went through one of the grey blanket doors, Lia and I, waited a bit, not knowing what to expect next! I was told to sit on the thing, it looked like a steel desk/bed. I did, they took photos of my feet. The thing wasn't stable, I was told to be still. When they told me that, for some reason, I found it really hard to be still. Weird!
They went back in the other room, another lady, magically appeared. She seemed shocked to see me. She had the x-ray, turned the heater on, and heated/dried the x-ray. She almost burnt it because all her attention was on me. While waiting for the exray to heat or dry, there were two women outside the room, randomly standing and staring at me.
Dr came out, took the x-ray from the lady, and told us to follow him. We walked right behind him, when he arrived at the waiting area, his Dr friends came out and checked the x-ray out. So did everyone else at the waiting area, except for Harriet. That would never happen in South Africa!

We went into another room! There were 3Doctors in there. Our driver came and stood by the door. He wanted to hear what was wrong with me, I guess. They asked him to close the door, he came in and closed. I don't think that's what the Dr's meant, but oh well.
Done! They didn't see anything wrong with my ankle, and something was poking out of my heel. It looks exactly as it feels. They told me I need to lose weight. News flash!
They said it's too much salt in my system, due to being overweight. If I can loose 25 or so kg, I'll be fine. I know Doc! Believe me, I DO!

They wrote me a prescription on a random page and referred me to the Poly clinic for physiotherapy.
I got dropped off home.

My host dad's sister was home. She doesn't live with us. Well, not officially. she asked me about the x-ray. I explained to her. She said she might have the same problem. I asked what made her think that. She said because she can't walk. I asked what happens when she does. She said she gets tired therefore she thinks she's sick. Ooooowwwww kkkkaaayyyyy then!

We hung out outside. I got an email from home about a sick close family member. I told the host sister about that. She said, wow, nice watch! Did you buy it here in Georgia! My response was: I'm very worried about my sick family right now, I don't have time to discuss jewellery! I took my phone and left.

I'd met a German tourist over the weekend at the internet café. He said to do dinner when he gets back to the city. He texted that he's back in the city and told me where he was staying. I asked the host sister where that was, the name rang a bell, but what do I know? It was the hotel up the road from here. I went back to my room and chilled. Lately, I've been spending a lot of time at the internet café. Mainly because, I never get a chance to use the internet at the house and partly for peace of mind. I usually, tell the family, I'm going for a walk. Then I'll be gone for no less that 6 hours. Joe, the guy from the internet café, called. It was time to go for dinner.
I told the host sister, I'll see them later, she asked if I'm going to the hotel. I told her no, she sarcastically went, 'oh, you're going for a walk?' I said 'yup!'.

We met at the hotel, I was surprised how nice and normal that hotel looks inside. From outside, it's really not promising at all. and it's affordable.
We went to the pizzeria, sat and talked and laughed and ate margarita pizza. Joe's one of those cool, perfect people. He's a yogi, spiritual person, qualified psychologist, well travelled and generally is a nice person, who had a smile on his face the entire time.
He walked me home around 10pm. We exchanged Contacts and he left, He had to catch a bus to Armenia the next morning.

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