Sunday, September 04, 2011

French kisses and Blind Massage Therapists

Wednesday, 31 August
I've been asking around for massage therapists in my hood since I got here cos for some reason, a good night's rest Is hard to come by and the beds an uncomfy so I need a massage really badly.
One of my students told me she knows someone who knows someone.
After work, she took me to some apartment, nice apartment. Where there was a lady who's eyes I couldn't figure out. Turns out she's blind. She was with a really old lady, who apparently is her mother. I'm not sure who's looking after who in there, but that's their deal. The blind seems pretty efficient actually. All women are!

As my student was discussing with this lady, I kept wondering where this massage therapist is. So it was my student, her 2kids, the lady and her mom. Turns out the massagist (as they put it) is the blind lady, she's a trained therapist. She told me to lie on the bed like feature. I asked if everyone's going to leave. They asked if they could watch. I politely declined. The student said this seems interesting, I suggested she books a session. It's 10Lari (R40) for an hour's massage, full body. That's way less than I charge back home! And the lady's good. She knows what she's doing. She did slap me really hard, harder than the Chinese and the Chinese slap hard!
She also asked why I'm so fat, apparently my thighs and arms are way bigger than her hands are used to. She told me to return in 2days.

From there, I went to my new fave spot, the internet café. Watched more of The bachelor. Harriet came over. She sat next to me and we did our thing. Not long thereafter some guy showed up and the shop assistant needed our assistance. He didn't speak Georgian. We speak Genglish (Georgian English). That's really slow English, a few Georgian words and tons of hand gestures and weird sounds. Look it up on a dictionary near you!
He sat across the room from me. He asked us a bit about ourselves and HOW OLD WE ARE! How Georgian of him to ask someone their age on the first meeting!
He's 24, I told him I'm 57, when he acted surprised, I was like! I know, I look very good for my age. What can I say, I take care of myself.
He asked us out for drinks. We obliged. He's French and is motorcycling through Georgia well, and other Countries for 3mnths. He killed me every time he said Azerbaijan (so French! death!).
We drank Lemonatis (Lemonades, that may or may not be lemon flavoured), talked, and talked posed for pictures for his blog check it out if you can read French or have google translate.
Apparently, I'm the first person ever to tell him, the only world I recognised in. The blog name is bondages. Oh well.
After the lemonatis, we went to Clintyna's and hung out some more with Frenchman, Maxim. He managed to get a back massage from Yours Truly. Apparently, the massage was 'unbelievable'. Yup, French certified! Don't hate!
I owe him French kisses, or he does me, something to that effect! He asked if I wanted to take pics on his Bike, I thought he'd never ask! I was there in a flash! I was excited about being outside, in the dark with a Frenchman that I apparently owed French kisses. Harriet, thought it'd be a good idea to take the pics in her camera, 'there goes the alone time and French kisses'.
It became a family affair, as everyone came out. I hopped on, Harrie snapped some shots. Man that thing is huge! And comfortable! It's a kawasaki. I hadn't heard that name since forever ago!
He also took some pics in his camera.

Martyna offered him a placed to sleep at hers, we exchanged contacts. Harriet and I walked home.
He said he might go to Vardzia, the cave city, the next day. I was to hear from him.

Thursday, 1st Sept
Spring day! In South Africa! The facebook, twitter and bbm posts were all colourful! I'm happy for them that the winter's over. It was freezing! I know! I experienced 2months of it!
None of my students showed up because we didn't have the schedule for Sept. I was on the phone with Michelle when I saw a lime green Huge motorbike with tons of luggage and a French driving away. I called Clint and asked where he decided to go. He said, he's leaving the city. I called my girlfriend Martyna, to wallow, and said, how could he not come say bye? She said, 'errr, I don't know! Why don't you call and ask him?'. Ooooooowwwwwww kkkkkaaayyyy then!

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