Monday, September 19, 2011

Last day in Akhaltsikhe

 Friday, 9 Sept 2011

Thursday  the last groups took their final test and their final exam. I stayed at work, marking, until 6pm. After work, Tiko (my 2nd assistant) and I  headed for her village home.
I met her beautiful mom, she looks just like Tiko! Her 6year old daughter was not so shy this time around. I've met her on a few occasions, she could hardly say hi, she was so shy.

We had a supra for 4, Tiko, her dad, the baby and I. The food was absolutely delicious. I talked to friends over the phone, one left Georgia because of how his case was treated by the police at the station. He wanted to file a police report and apparently had to wait 4hours for that not to happen.

Michelle and a few others left for Turkey on Friday, I talked to her one last time before that.

Tiko introduced me to the Epilator. Just what I need, seeing as it's hard to find Hair remover creams like Veet  here and I'm not a big fan of Gillette blades or whatever they're called. I have one, but...

We went to sleep around 11. That house is COLD! It was so warm outside and yet freezing in the house. I cringe to think what it must be like in Winter. We spent about half an hour, trying to find me something to wear to bed. Nothing fit! Tiko said: Brook, you're fat! I was like "ya think?". We finally found pyjama bottoms and I wore the top I had on during the day to bed.
I slept like a baby and didn't want to get up. I did get up around 3 to use the outside toilet. I took my phone with me for light and locked myself outside! I went all around the house, trying to find a door that may have been mistakenly left unlocked. No such luck! I called Tiko. Thank God Georgian cellphones don't have Vibrate/Silent profiles nor the off button or else, she may have missed my call! She opened for me and I headed straight for bed. And was woken up at 8 by T. We had leftovers for breakfast, I just had chicken and cake. Yup, cake for breakfast. And it was divine!

Tiko dropped me off. I was on the phone for a while, texting my sister  who's on vacation in Europe. I eventually left for work around 12 to go mark the exams and finish off my work with the police. More and more tests came in from people I've never met before! Most of which were in the same handwriting. I marked, scored, uploaded on the system, printed 150 tests that day.
I finished around 5, with the help of Tiko. I cleared my class and left them a thank you note on the board and said goodbye to everybody all teary-eyed . Tiko took me home in her car, Lia came along. They went shopping for a gift for me. They found the shop closed. The next door shop owner gave them the number of the shop owner, they called them and went to pick them up at home so they can open the shop up for them. I went to Clintina to finally tell them I  was moving to Batumi to next day. Tiko and Lia were to catch up with me at Martyna's.

We had some caramel coated peanuts at Martyna's that Clint made. They were quite good as is everything Clint makes. He rocks in the kitchen, he'll make someone a very good wife someday. After breaking the news, they told me they were going to take the same marshrutka Saturday morning as well. Clint was going to Kutaisi, Martyna to Kobuleti.

Tiko picked me up and took me home. They bought me Georgian souvenirs. An original georgian house made of stone, two drinking horns and a drinking bowl. Really pretty!

She dropped me off and of course, waterworks again:(
I'm really going to miss my Akhaltsikhe network. I'm glad and honoured to have first lived there in my time in Georgia. I couldn't have asked for better friends, colleagues and students.

They're special people and will always have a place in my heart.

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