Sunday, September 04, 2011

Lazy weekend at home

We have to pay a certain percentage of our stipend to the host families to cover some of their expenses on us.
My old host families refused to take the money.
Last week, I finished my first month with the new family. I texted the host dad and told him I want to see him. He was at work and asked what it was about. I told him I needed to give him some money. He said 'I'm at work, give the money to my mother!'. I went downstairs and found a thousand other cousins I'd never met, there's like a new cousin and 5 others everytime I go to the lounge! The host sis was here as well. I gave the money to the mother. She took it with a smile and asked what it was for after! I told the sister. She tried to hold herself from smiling, and said, we didn't know you had to pay. The mother thanked me so much.

The next morning, I was greeted with a huge smile and breakfast was prepared for me. In the afternoon, the mother cooked my favourites meat, fish and stuff. There have been tons and tons of wide smiles all over here since that night.

Friday, 2 Sept
No classes again, my students just didn't pitch. Apparently they were all either at work or tired from 48 hour shifts. I hung around the police station, eating and playing PC games AND listening to music on my iPod.
One of the police bosses said he has a friend he'd like me to marry. Yep, they don't play here, they hook you up for marriage, none of that dating crap.
I asked if he's rich. I know! I know! I'm shallow, bite me! They said yeah, he has 3cars, a Jaguar, a Merc and whatever else, he's a footballer and a businessman. Ok, deal, when do I meet him. Like really? What happened to warm personality, kind heart, loyalty and all those dating clichés?
I asked the boss when I'll get to meet this guy, he said no problem.

Friday night, Clint called and said to join them at the restaurant. His friends brought him 2.5kg of Crayfish. It was still live when we got in the car, they prepared it in the restaurant. It was really nice. I've never had it from the shell before.

Saturday, 3rd Sept, it was just the grandma and I at the house. I watched Kourtney and Khloé take Miami, and one episode of the bachelor. I talked on the phone for about three hours. The grandma thought I went to bed, she switched the pc off. She was shocked when I told her I was on the phone the entire time. We had dinner, my phone beeped. She yelled at me about how I'm always on the phone or something. I just smiled. More Kourtney and Khloe. Later on, around 6, I went to my room and watched Brothers and Sisters.

4th Sept (Sunday)
Kourtney and khloe in the morning. Just for an hour. Back upstairs for more Bros and Sis'. I sorted out my hard drives, you know, the boring stuff. I fell asleep for a bit, as soon as woke up, i head tiny foot steps coming upstairs. Something said to go lock my door, but I decided against It. Lo and behold, they budged right into my room! Good thing they're cute! You can't be mad at them. The host sister was right behind them. She apologised, told me she likes my hair and told me to go join them for birthday cake. The host dad's daughter's bday. I felt badly that nobody informed me in advance so I can buy her something. She assured me they also didn't buy any gifts. Only cake. I went downstairs for my shower and saw so many people eating in the lounge. I eventually joined the gang, there were around 10 people in there. And gifts all over the lounge!
Everyone had already eaten. I really wasn't in the mood to be the centre of attention. I quickly ate and asked to be excused. Of course, I made up some excuse about how one of my family members is very ill and therefore I'm not supposed to celebrate. I'd say I don't think they bought it if I thought they understood it.
Back to my room, more Brothers and sisters, I blogged a bit. Clint called and said to join them at the restaurant. I walked forever. We had khinkali's. Well, they did! I just tried the potato one. They were with their new friend they met while hiking in Borjomi over the weekend.
I got back home after midnight. It was freezing in my room. I should get an extra blanket. If it's this cold now, how much more in winter!

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