Saturday, January 18, 2014

At The Movies

I am glad Man got furniture the day I moved before I had to camp on the floor. Before I moved in, He was sleeping on the red carpet. Literally! From some red carpet event. He told me he has to sleep on the floor for health reasons. When  he got the sofas, he slept on the sofa and didn’t have any complaints. Go figure! He also moved his cat in with us, so that was fun! Cat fur all over the place, my nice clothes, everything! The smell of its crap in the apartment! The windows were always close cos it was cold. Man had the heater on 24/7 even when it was warm outside, well, he only went out to smoke, he never really left the house! The smell of poo, dirty cats, humans who haven’t showered in days, stuffiness from fart, heat from the heater, it was unbearable to me. I made sure I left everyday whether or not I had somewhere to go.

My friend Jen, called one day and told me that she had an extra ticket for a movie. I took her up on the offer (she did offer J). I got ready  and left early the following day, called her when I was on the bus to confirm. She told me she was at work and wouldn’t be able to go to the movie. Well, thanks for telling me that now that I’m calling you at 11 instead of when you checked in at work at 8am! She told me she thought she would let me go ahead and enjoy the movie by myself anyway. I’m like, in future, let me make my own decisions. I’m pretty capable of that. I was no longer that psyched about going to the movies, but I went along, what else was there to do?

She gave me both tickets and told me to ask like a random person to go to the movies with me. I was like, yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do! NOT. The line at the Chinese Theatre was long, but we all got in. I met a nice lady in line. She was Mexican, looked and sounded more European than Mexican, apparently she was half Polish. She’s an actress. She wanted to swap numbers after the show. Nice! By the way the tickets were for the Nelson Mandela Movie – Long Walk to Freedom. That was a nice surprise. Nice movie, good acting. But I still think South African Actors would have done an even better job. I mean they could have still Cast Idris Elba as the Lead and maybe Vathiswa Ndarha as Winnie or anyone else for that matter. Just my two cents! IT brought a lot of bad memories, I’m glad most of those are in the past. Needless to say, we still have a long way to go as the Country and the world in general.

After the movie, I went to my friend’s job, she was about to knock off (get off work), she told me to wait for her, she had a few more tickets for that day. WHAT?!?!?!? Yay! She freshened up and we went back to the Chinese Theatre. We saw Short movies – Seven of them! All nice, different Genres. Thereafter, we went and saw some documentary/movie about Republicans in Iowa or something like that. Everybody seemed to like it. My friend was so into it, she was laughing out loud, having  a blast. I was yawning, bored like a mutha f*cker! Thankfully, halfway through that we had to go watch a Nigerian movie she really wanted to see. She’s Nigerian. I’m not a big Nigerian Movie fan but anything was going to be better than that political docie I was watching. The Nigerian movie was entitled Half of a Yellow Moon. Anika Noni Rose who was of the Dream Girls (Beyonce, Anika and Jennifer Hudson), White Chicks and a whole lot others is in this movie. She was at the Screening with the Director. They did Q&A’s afterwards. We also got a chance to go down and meet then and talk with them. We hung out for quite a while with her, Jen and I. She liked that we’re Africans. She loves Africa. I got to take a picture with her and she signed my ticket.

Ten movies in one day! Top that! It was a good day, for sure. Thanks Jen! Man and I spent a lot of time together, either at home, listening to his stories about himself or helping him with his autograph business. Fun times! All stuff I wouldn’t normally do anywhere else but in Hollywood. Every now and again, I would call Ted and check on him. No answer on his house phone. Oh well.

I did a few more Talk and Game Shows, one had that guy Jeff Something something of Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Big fan! I got a chance to shake his hand, that was nice. Kirk Franklin and his choir do the music for the show, so we spent an entire day with them. Kirk is so cute, so petite, he can break dance! They had a group of Mormons VS Priests, the show is called American Bible Challenge. I never watched the episode or any of the shows I’ve been too, so I don’t know if you can actually see me. Let me know if you do, ok? J

After the movies, Jen told me that she would like to set me up with a friend of hers who is a bus driver.
Me:        Is he short? I’ve a feeling he’s short.
Jen:        Well....
Me:        Ok, so he’s short, great!
Jen:        That’s the problem with you! You jump to conclusions! You don’t even know anything about this guy and you’re already ruling him out!
Me:        I didn’t rule him out, I’m just saying! How do you know this guy any way?
Jen:        He’s a friend of mine.
Me:        Why don’t you date him?
Jen:        He’s too short for me.
Me:        And too tall for me?
Jen:        You’re shorter than me, he’s taller than you but shorter than me
Me:        Ok, so we’re talking about a short guy here. Awesome.
(Jen is 5’10 {175metres} which is kind of average for men. Don’t get me wrong, I never said I wouldn’t go on a date with the guy. Jen is the one who jumped conclusions about me not wanting to date this guy.)
Jen: He is a very nice guy, you guys will get along.
Me: And you couldn’t? I don’t understand why you are praising this guy and yet he’s not good enough for you to date him!
Jen: Let Me finish!...

Apparently dude has his own apartment, no roommates, in a nice neighbourhood, Jen said it things work out with this guy and I, we could live together (dude and I). Because that’s what I am trying to do; move in with yet another man. Heck no! She told me that she would arrange for him and I to meet up, asked if I wanted her to be there when we met. I was like, yeah, NO! No chaperones! Why don’t you just give him my number, then we’ll take it from there? She told me that he is painfully shy, almost never talks (I guess that’s why she thought we’d get along, we’d have a lot to not talk about), he is always working, he is very lonely, doesn’t have a life, so he goes to work even on his days off, blah blah blah. Oh and they met on a dating site and went on two dates but didn’t have anything in common because, well, I guess, of his height and according to Jen,he’s too old for her. She’s younger than me. I don’t know why she agreed to go on two dates with a guy who is both shorter and older than her considering they have those details on his profile on the dating site. First of all, I don’t what anybody’s hand me downs. That’s just weird. Why would you look at me and think, oh yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do! Imo hook her up with that short, old, bald bus driver dude I went out with and didn’t like. WTF! I agreed to go out with him because she wouldn’t take no as an answer and I owed her one.

The following day, dude calls, we’ll call him Lewis. We talked for an hour over the phone. He works for Metro (The bus company in their IT department). He asked me what Jen told me about him, I told him that he is a bus driver, he was like WHAT? The guy isn’t shy at all. He talks like any regular person. Nothing painfully shy about him. He hates working weekends. He only does so when he is on standby, other than that, he loves his weekends off. Basically, everything Jen told me about Lewis was not true. Who does that? Who goes on two dates with a guy and still knows nothing about him? A girl who is a friend of mine and knows nothing about me! The fact that she thought she’d hook me up with her ex is a sure sign that she knows nothing about me, cos I am not that girl and I don’t know anybody who is anyway. Lewis proposed a meeting. I accepted. I didn’t have a choice.  


  1. Lol its funny how Jen hands this guy down to you because he is short yet she doesn't seem to understand you prefer taller men. Oh and mixing IT and bus driver...just odd lol. Can't wait to read a follow up about Lewis.

    1. She seems to know what's best for me better than I do and she wants me to trust her on that. Uhm, we just met. How do you think I've managed all along without your 'help'?
      Will update in a few hours

  2. interesting sis. how the guys too old for her yet she! is younger than you. what does Jen really take u for? a friend who supposed to take anything basically all breadcrumbs falling off her table right! learning that everything she told u about this dude wasnt true might just mean she turns to contractdict herself all the time. Same reason shed go on a second date with a person she clearly isnt intersted in. My verdict! Jen needs help more than u need a date!

  3. You have a point there. Who agrees to go on a second date with someone they are not interested in and how come after two dates, she still knows not hing about him. I learnt more about him on a phone conversation, than she did on two dates.
    Plus, I'd never told her I was looking! You're right, she needs help more than I need a date haha, love that!