Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Not In Your League!

Jen called the evening after Lewis and I talked. She wanted to know how it went. I talked her we talked for an hour. She was like, ‘An hour? Wow, you guys get along already! What did you talk about that long?’ Normal everyday things people who’ve never talked about talk about! She sure seemed surprised for someone who was convinced we have a lot in common. She asked when we were going to meet up. He wanted to meet up that weekend, Friday or Saturday, he was going to confirm closer to the day.

We agreed on meeting up Saturday evening. He wanted me to take the Metro (train) to meet him in his neighbourhood. I thought that was not gentlemanly so of course I told him I would rather we meet up in Hollywood. I mean what kind of man tells a girl to take the train to go to him? He told me I live close to the metro, he thought it would be easier for me to get to him than it would be for him driving to Hollywood. He then came up with another brilliant idea, he was going to take the metro and come meet me in Hollywood. What? I am not used to this kind of behaviour! Where I come from, a guy picks up the girl, takes her out on a date and drops her off, unless she insists on meeting up somewhere neutral. He is my friend’s ‘friend’, so I was ok with him picking me up. Only, he wasn’t! He told me that he doesn’t mind driving to Hollywood (really? I thought that was your problem. Traffic.), it’s just that, there’s no parking space where I live. I told him there was outside my apartment, plus he won’t have to park, I would be ready when he got there. He finally succumbed after which I told him to think about it, he could still change his mind if he felt he didn’t want to drive all the way to me. In which case, we wouldn’t meet cos I wasn’t about to dress cute, and then run to the metro, heck no!

Jen and I talked, I told her about the picking up/dropping off situation. She was so mad at me. She yelled at me for being high maintenance, she told me that I may have turned him off (cos I really care about not turning a cheap guy off). She was like, when someone sets you up, you do whatever it takes to meet up. I was like, no you don’t! When someone does you a favour, you return the favour, simple! You don’t go against your own principles to please you friend’s cheap ex-boyfriend. At least not in my books. If he doesn’t want to meet up, fine by me, great, actually! She was disappointed. I didn’t care. I asked for his picture, she told me she didn’t have it. So of course, I asked him to send me a picture, he did, He looked ok, more normal than I had expected. I sent him mine, he didn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt. He just went quiet. I didn’t hear from him for two days or so, third day, he called. I was about to switch my phone off, I was on set. No, hello, how are you, this is Lewis, or anything, just ‘so when do you wanna meet?’ I was like, who’s this? I knew who it was. I wanted him to slow down a second. I asked to call him back. I called him after the show, this was before we confirmed to meet on Saturday.

Saturday morning, he sent a text about how his sister isn’t well, he was going to spend time with her in the hospital because she is family and family comes first, all they have is each other, blah blah blah. When I told Jen that, she told me he probably is no longer interested in meeting up because of the car thing and because we exchanged pictures.  He didn’t think that was a good idea, that’s why he lied and told me that he didn’t have his picture. Why don’t I listen to her yada yada yada. Because I am old enough to make my own decisions, Jen. Relax. The world will not come to an end just because you are not in control. S-s-s-s-sl-l-l-l-l-o-o-o-ow-w-w-w-w down! She told me that the guy has been turned off, that was my doing. I subconsciously self sabotage. I push people away. I was like The f*ck’s that all about? She told me she has a background in Psychology. B*tch, get off my d*ck, WTF! This chick was getting all personal, I felt claustrophobic. Leave me alone! You don’t know me! From the looks of things, you never will, presumptuous freak!
Lewis called Saturday night, after spending time with his sister. They thought it was something serious. False alarm. We talked about diet and stuff, he told me how he is vegetarian, about how he lost some weight and still counting. He told me what the best way is to lose weight and keep it off, the problem is not the amount of calories you consume per day but blah blah blah yada yada ya. He was literally shoving his opinions down my throat, regardless of the fact that I told him I had already lost 30lb counting calories (+-15kg). I thought to myself, this guy and Jen have way more in common than I do with either of them. They like to ram their ideas down people’s throats.
He went on to ask how big I am. I told him I weigh 389lb (180kg). He was like, THAT’S HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH?  Yup! Is that a deal breaker for you, Lewis? Hahaha. He told me it doesn’t matter to him, he is looking for what’s inside than anything else. I’m thinking to myself, dude, I’ve seen what you look like, it shouldn’t matter what I look like. We were on the phone for two hours that night. We talked about people’s types. He asked me if I don’t think I am too old and fat to be pursuing acting? Isn’t it more for younger, blond haired, blue eyed, model types? I was like, I don’t think so. I think it’s for all kinds of people. If they are looking for a 62 year old black lady, they are not going to hire an 18 year old model, are they? He said they won’t but they will hire someone who has been in the industry since they were young, not someone who is starting out. He told me that every channel he tunes into has younger, skinny, white model type actresses. I told him I don’t know which channels he watches but I’ve seen all kinds of actors on tv. I’ve been on tv myself. I kind of have an idea how it works. He was like, ‘who doesn’t like blondes? Hell, given a chance I would be with a blonde model. I love blondes, but I am not their type! I once messaged this blonde girl online. She messaged me back, [sorry, I’m out of your league!] AND SHE WAS RIGHT!’ I was sitting there listening to this guy yapping on the phone about how he basically is not attracted to me and my friend for that matter. And he still wanted us to meet. I mean! He told me that he left the online blonde alone because she was right. She is out of his league. He will never date a blonde. I told him he can be with whomever he wants. If he wants a younger blonde, he should be ‘generous’ and he can be with whomever he wants. He told me he will never do that. He wants someone who will love him for him. I thought, oh well, good luck to you! I am helping you fulfil your wishes. You think an 18 year old model is going to love you for you? I am not saying that will never happen, but what are the chances? And where would he meet this girl? Driving the bus? Never mind, I just remembered that was Jen’s bad, he isn’t a bus driver haha.
He was to call me again and set a date.

I talked to Jen, updated her. She wasn’t very impressed. First she was shocked that we were on the phone that long. She was like, I hardly talked to that guy for five minutes collectively in the time that I have known him! What do you guys talk about? I told her any and everything including types. She said, ‘I told you not to exchange pictures!’ She Seemed shocked at some of the stuff he said but turned around and defended him saying that’s the down side of talking over the phone especially with someone you have never met. She told me that he is actually a very nice guy, if we had talked about that stuff in person, I would have understood that he was just sharing his insecurities with me from his body language yada yada ya #RollingEyes. Jen said commented on Lewis and I talking on the phone for two hours when we could have just met up in person and had more of a normal conversation in person within those two hours. She had a point there, but oh well, it’s still different. He could have got stuck in traffic and and and

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