Friday, September 24, 2021

Who Moved My Cheese?

Because I was switching from one account to another, I had to move trucks. I mentioned in the previous blog that I told my driver manager what time I would be at the location to do the swap. When I arrived at the location, being dropped off by Derek, because I happened to have spent yet another night in his place. I get there and I cannot find my old truck anywhere! I’m telling you I was looking underneath other  trucks and trailers for that thing. My whole life was in that truck! I was bothered by everything this represented! Somebody had gotten into my truck in my absence. And not only that, they moved it! Why would you get in the truck, see that someone else lives here, and still do as you wish with it? So rude! So disrespectful! I called my driver manager to find out what happened to my truck. He told me that I should contact the shop. It made sense that I should because it was scheduled for service. But not yet. Even if I were late, don’t take my apartment in my absence without even as much as contacting me. They can see out contact details when they punch in the truck number on the system. The fact that there wasn’t even a courtesy call to me about this really bugged me!

 I made my way to the shop.  Lo and behold my truck was in there! It was already inside the shop the doors were open, the hood was open, somebody was working on that thing! I told them that I needed to take my stuff out. They told me they're not allowed to let driver's into the trucks when they're working on them. I needed to wait. They had just gotten started, like, who has the time? My stomach was starting to turn, I was getting really frustrated. Why is this happening right now? I Felt so alone! Who was I going to run to? At the point, I hardly even had a manager! The one who was managing me when I had the truck in question was useless as my manager; how much more now? I couldn't really talk to the new manager about this because she gave me a new truck for her account. The assholes at the shop told me that as far as they were concerned the truck wasn't assigned to me, so, they were free to do as they pleased with it. Wow! These guys are really not trying to put themselves in my shoes. I went to the window to talk to the Shop Go to person. He knows me (remember, I'm well known by mechanics. Just my luck with trucks!) The moment I opened my mouth, it was as if I had just opened up the flood gates. I cried! He was like, 'what's the matter?' I told him what was going on. He told me, 'bring your other truck and get your stuff out! But they told me I'm not allowed into that truck while it's in the shop! I said sheepishly. Window guy was like, I AM TELLING YOU YOU NOW! BRING YOUR TRUCK AND MOVE YOUR STUFF, NOBODY IS GOING TO TELL YOU OTHERWISE! I was like dang! Is this guy single? 

I brought my new Volvo truck around and did the dreaded job of moving from one truck to another, only, this time, I didn't have the two trucks side by side. That makes all the difference due to how tall trucks are. When they're right next to each other, you can even step from one into another. They also have a step thing that was designed for switching trucks. It's like a step ladder, with a platform to put your stuff after one truck, before the next one. I had parked the Volvo right by this appendage, but I was wrong. It wasn't going to be that easy this time! This was my last day at this terminal as one of their own, my first day with them was just as shitty. I had to keep positive thoughtsing myself. Negativity was no way to start a new situation, or end another.

Grab heavy microwave, hold onto handle, tight! bite lips, step out, carefully, don't hit anything, don't drop microwave, now walk to the next truck, repeat in reverse. Next heavy item! Gosh! 

This must have been both the slowest move I've ever made and the fastest. Does that make sense? Those guys from the shop, probably would've rejoiced in my missing a step or dropping something. It's just  feeling I have. It was just so awkward out there. I don't understand why that whole thing had to be the way it was. There's a long list of trucks waiting for attention outside. They could've let me have that one for a couple of hours while they worked on another one. But what do I know? I'm just a driver who brought them this truck that they have semi erections over all of a sudden. What If I hadn't gotten a newer truck? That thing would've still been in Utah! 

OK, now that I'm all moved in, I couldn't settle in yet. My new truck was a pig sty. Plot twist! I was so used to the fact that the shop checks out a truck before it's handed to a driver, and then they send it to the truck wash. This time, I got a pig sty, what gives? I asked the new manager where I could take the filthy thing to. She gave me the address. I looked the place up and it had the worst reviews. People even posted their dirty trucks AFTER they were detailed by this place. I just had to positive think my way into that situation as well. What other choice did I have? Well, I could've taken it to one of the company yards that has a truck wash, but always long lines. 

I went to the wash place, not a long line. Charmed the pants off the guys and begged them to make my day. They promised they would and they delivered. Thank you, stars. 
The truck didn't have a fridge, so I asked manager if they would supply me with one. She told me she never heard of such a thing. I told her I have, it was done for me before. She said she would find out and let me know. I could tell she wasn't going to. I brought this story up to my ex, Derrick. I told him, I could tell from the way that manager lady was looking at me that she was shocked at the audacity! For me to even think I deserved a fridge! I told  Derrick, the lady was looking at me like like I was black. He was like, yeah, she's like, don't you know you're black?  We had a laugh over that. Of course, nobody knows what the lady was thinking, other than the fact that, she was thinking, fck off! You ain't getting sht. Or, in the words of my other ex, Calvin, 'I don't owe you shit!"

Tour of the Nee Volvo before and after it was cleaned

Before they sent me on my first load, they had me go through safety training.

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