Wednesday, September 08, 2021

How I Quit | Cold Turkey

Buying gum AGAIN

I allowed myself to be hooked on something without even realizing it was happening. I guess that's how addiction goes, huh? I was chewing a pack of gum in two days! I felt like how a smoker must feel. In a way. No offense smokers. 

Just some of my lip stuff

I keep all the necessities for during driving in arm's reach. These are the lip glosses that I have around, just in case my lips get dry. God forbid, right? No, seriously. I have really dry skin, especially lips and hands. This is not an addiction. haha. Some of this stuff, if not most of it; has been around too long. But when you find good lip gloss, it's hard to part with it.
Me, in some of the above. This pic was taken after the above haha

I love to mix my glosses up. I stick a hand in the holder and use whichever lip gloss I end up grabbing. It's a habit I've had for years. People will compliment my lip color and I won't know what to tell them the color is, cos it would always be a concoction of some sort.

Press Pray to see a How To Video I did on lip gloss may moons ago

More Gum. Lord help me!

It got to the point that I had tried all the sugar free flavors in certain truck stops. I'd be so thrilled to find a truck stop with new or different flavors. SMDH (shaking my damn head)

Chocolate Tea
When, one day, I have my own line of Chocolate Tea, know that you saw it here first! A Fellow Trucker Gave me that Dagoba can. Well, she had boxes of it left over in her truck. I took one in her insistence as I am always counting calories and it's not calorie free. So I had to be careful. It's really good but I just googled it, it looks like they closed down. 

And there goes my chocolate tea! Spillages and dropping sht happens more often if you're not careful. And they happen more so after you've cleaned up or on a freshly washed mat. Welcome to life on a moving house! I was ready to get unloaded but they came and asked me to move it just a hair. Well, I moved it a hair and a jug of tea. Phew!


Phoenix Arizona

They've a Walmart walking distance from company yard but why walk if you'll be carrying a ton of groceries? Also, whenever I'm there, I usually just have enough time time to sleep, shower and go. No down time. So, I always drop trailer and bobtail to Walmart. Great Rotisserie chicken.

One of the longest drives I've done in a day

617 miles is 987,2km. That was within 10 hours and 13 minutes. If you're new to trucking and can't drive that long yet. Be patient, stamina builds up over time.

No caption needed smdh
Around the time I bought all this gum and took photos. I don't always do but I did these few times. That somehow helped me quit. I think it made it sink in that I really was chewing that much gum on a regular basis. I stopped the best way I know how to quit anything: cold turkey. How do you do quit anything? Do you slowly wean yourself off or...?

Beautiful fellow trucker

I met this unphotogenic cutie at the Phoenix company yard. I'll tell you more about her. Gotta hurry up and got to bed now.

Someone was at Hershey's
Like I told you in the previous blog: Free Candy!

It's beautiful behind me but didn't get captured in this pic

Freshly done finger and toe nails

There was an issue with my truck, so I did my nails while waiting to get serviced at the shop. I ended up leaving in the evening for California. I'll tell you more about that drive where something that had never happened before happened. It was scary! BOLO! (Be on the lookout for that blog)

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love ya, mean it!


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